Channeled Messages

Usha* from 7th Level of Spirit – November 25th, 2011:

Tuning in process: righteousness, humility, kindness, thoughtlessness, cruelty, positive and negative emotions, you are truly tuned in my friend.

This is Usha from the 7th Level. I wish to convey the Truth of matters which concern your world in the coming eons. Starting very soon, my friends, you will all see clear evidence of the Spiritual world which has been hidden for so long to so many. Even the most obstinate and blinkered will have to admit they were wrong. Great wonders will be seen in the laboratories and seance rooms, on TV screens, it will be everywhere. Like the dew in the morning, it will be undeniable and all around you. I cannot say exactly when this will be, the new Era is starting now.

My friend, you are a chosen channel to disseminate and analyze information, but it is not given to you to make predictions about individuals. It is true human free-will will delay, hinder and interfere, but
this Project is so huge it will transcend human free-will. If Diana does not succeed, and she has Earthly traits manifested thru her voice-channel, other Spirits will prove conclusively life after death and much more.

Mr Pearson will be vindicated very soon. His theories and those of others which have remained hidden or undercover will reveal the true nature of things which, alongside the physical manifestations
and the instrumental ones, will prove undeniable.

TV will be an important medium. The transition to digital transmission in your country is a great opportunity to advance this technique, what you call ITC. You will see Diana and others like Bertrand
Russell on your screens. It will be proved not to be fakery. There will be two-way conversations. All this and much more. Great teachers will come thru so the New Order can come about. What you call ‘communism’**, my friend, will be achieved with the help of Spirit guidance.

You were directed to this small group***, which will become influential when united with others of similar mind.

*Probably an acronym such as Unified Spirit - Highest Aspects.

**Not what existed in Soviet Union, etc. in 20th Century. An idyllic society without artificial regulators such as the State and all its paraphernalia of army, police, money, etc. In fact something like what we are told exists on the Earth-like Third Level of Spirit.

***CPGB-PCC. I no longer have any association with this group who are reportedly MI5/MI6 agents monitoring the Far Left, but I did have several letters published in their publication including one about Spirituality. I was told I was meant to educate them about certain political and other matters. Some of their ideas could well be influential as they serve as a debating society for many Far Left groups

Later: 2014. CPGB-PCC is now affiliated to Left Unity, a new political party which I have joined. Kate Hudson, former Chair of CND, and the film director Ken Loach are founder members. 2015 (July) I have resigned from Left Unity. It hasn’t united the Left, and militant feminists have taken over and are trying to stifle all democratic debate.

MARCH 29TH, 2012 – Two more channeled messages, from my guide Little Star and from my partner-in-Spirit (my former life-partner) George:

Little Star: I am ready to impart some information about the nature of certain forthcoming events. There will be many communications from Spirit via various sources, including Diana’s Earthbound essence, and they will come in a flood via various means. Not just human mediums and channelers. ITC and other methods will be used to bombard the Earth with messages which will be hard to ignore. This is to set the planet on the road to the Light side and dispel the forces of darkness once and for all.

The timescale for this project is open ended, but it is due to begin very soon, and indeed has started in a small way. Science and Spirituality need to come together and sweep away the old ideas of materialism and orthodox religion. Corruption and the manipulation of peoples via religion and politics also need to be discontinued. New leaders will emerge, new spiritual leaders as well as political ones and leaders in the fields of science and other disciplines which will all come together to set the world on a new path of enlightenment and widen the present paradigms.

Always there will be those who drag their feet and do not accept the new ideas, but increasingly they will become marginalized and left behind as what you might term ‘cranks’. Spirituality and knowledge of the afterlife will become the norm.

This will as I say be an open-ended process over the next century or so, but exciting things will happen in the next months and years.

Diana is ready, her channeler Andrew is ready, we now await the preliminary events to kick start the whole process  in what will be the Third stage of Andrew’s Diana channeling. The first was the written word, then came the podcast interviews and oral channeling, the third stage will be much wider recognition that it is Diana speaking, the Earthbound essence of her, while her Higher aspect will increasingly come thru via Andrew and also other mediums and ITC. Other Spirits will also communicate, as I say, friends, a bombardment of the Earth from various sources.

I cannot give an exact timescale of when all this will begin in earnest, but it is very soon. So patience just a little longer is necessary.

I now hand you over to George who has a few words to say.

Blessings to all who walk in the Light in order to show the way to others.

The Truth will become known to all and confusion dispelled for the majority of humankind.

Enrich the Earth plane with spiritual knowledge.


George communicating:

Hallo to you Tony and all Lightworkers. I can only endorse what Little Star has already said, and perhaps to add this little addendum: Those of you who sometimes want to weep and cry with despair because so many have deaf ears or bury their heads in the sand, don’t be disheartened. The preparations have been long in the making and the time must be right, too often in the past teachings have been distorted and caused as much or more harm than good. Now the real Truth about the nature of reality must be told. Even Jesus Christ had his message distorted to justify the Crusades, endless wars, the Inquisition and other terrible things. This must not happen again. The knowledge of karma must be made clear to all.

I’m not speaking specifically of the Diana project here, but of the much wider project Little Star has talked about above. The project for the next few decades which may take a century before it is fully assimilated, by which time there will indeed be a New World Order, but one guided and ruled by the Light.

These are exciting times for this is the beginning of the New Era for Humankind. Diana always was a Way-shower, and will be in this Greater Project of Enlightenment. Imagine a wedge – the narrow end slips in and then the thicker part pushes the door open further. This is how men’s and women’s minds will be opened. First by startling evidence such as the Earthbound Diana being clearly recognizable, along with other personalities who have left the Earth plane. All will have roles to play, the Mother Teresas and Gandhis as well as those like Elvis, Marilyn, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson. All these must be recognized in their Earth personalities before the afterlife is widely accepted. Only then can their Higher Selves and Higher Spiritual Guides and Teachers start to come through and be believed.

However they will not impart dogma which can be distorted as in the past, but will simply give guidance and help people on Earth to make their own decisions. A Spiritual democracy, not a dictatorship. Evolution not revolution, this was a slogan of mine in life, which I often said to Tony, and which I repeat now. So no new church of this, that or the other, no great Prophet to dictate new books or commandments, just gentle Spiritual guidance from many sources to enable humankind to find their own way and make wise decisions which will ultimately lead to a world without wars, poverty, famines and environmental damage. Or rather further environmental damage, for much has been done already, so soon must begin the work of repair.

I’ll leave you now with this thought: The pear tree bears fruit,as does the apple tree, the various citrus trees, etc. All are unique, there are even many varieties of pear, apple, citrus fruits, etc. But all are essential to a truly valuable choice of diet. Similarly many different varieties of Spirituality will be made manifest – for instance those coming through to Eastern and Southern cultures may be different to those in the Western or Northern areas of Earth. A bombardment indeed, as Little Star has said, from many different Spiritual sources, but all will be conveying the same message of continuous existence and the law of karma, of cause and effect. No room will be allowed for misinterpretation, what you reap, that you will have sown. I reverse the proverb deliberately, what you reap you will have sown, that is the inviolable law of karmic justice which cannot be avoided.

Don’t worry, all is well, all will come through eventually. The trials of this planet have been great, but the darker periods are now at an end. The Era of the Light is commencing.

This is the George energy Tony knew speaking through him but guided by the Greater Soul or Higher Self if you like. We are now combined. So many times I have spoken to Tony as the Earthbound George would have, but this and some other messages will contain more elements of the Higher aspects of what you all now refer to as the George energy.

I leave you now with this thought: tomorrow’s tears are dried by yesterday’s lessons learnt. It was hard for Tony to receive this, had to be done word by word, it did not flow, but I will explain. Much progress has been made by what you have all learnt from past mistakes, so when things seem to go wrong in future the despair will be short-lived as you have learnt from your mistakes. I speak of everyone on the Earth plane. The 20th Century was a terrible one with great world wars and terrible inventions which could have destroyed the planet were it not for the intervention of Spirit and other forces, what you call ‘alien forces’ from other planets and dimensions in your physical Universe. The 21st Century is a new beginning, and in the second decade of this century the New Era of Light really begins, learning from the mistakes of the past.

Have faith, all is well. The greater plan for all humankind is unfolding as it should. Farewell till we communicate again.


4 thoughts on “Channeled Messages

  1. I just fond your website again.
    There have been many predictions put on Face Book and the All Things Spiritual Group.
    They state there will be a nuclear attack at the Olympic Games destroying over 100 thousand people.The security has been doubled.The earth has to cut down the population.There are people behind all this. Also there will be three days of darkness starting December 21st while the earth shifts back on its axil.
    I wondered what your information is on all this.

  2. Pat: No information I have received from Spirit indicates such dark happenings. On the contrary, I and associates of mine who also channel Spirit have been led to believe a Spiritual Enlightenment of our planet is about to get really underway.

    Some believe the Illuminati and similar secret organizations, such as the higher echelons of Freemasonry, are planning very dark deeds. Even if this is the case, we have been told that Spirit is about to intervene to turn the Earth on to a new path and expose all corruption.

    I live in London, so any nuclear attack on the Olympics would obliterate my city. I don’t think this will happen. Wait and see if I’m still around after the Olympics, or only communicating from Spirit!

  3. Still here after the Olympics and after December 21st. so the scaremongers were wrong. If you want evidence of the new Era of knowledge just peruse the Internet where scientists and medical men are all over it discussing the true nature of consciousness, reality, etc. Spirituality and science are coming very close together. Orthodox atheistic science and orthodox organized religion based on ancient texts are on the way out.

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