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This section is all about Diana Spencer, formerly HRH Princess of Wales, whose Earthbound Spirit (the Lower Diana) is permanently fused with her voice channel, Christian.

Please find on the right of the screen a link to the DianaSpeaks site of channeled messages with links to many podcast posthumous interviews in which you can hear Diana speaking. Diana also reads out her posthumous autobiography on the main site. Also a direct link to a Diana posthumous podcast archive where most of the interviews can be accessed and also a video of Christian channeling her in the USA.

Diana has also added comments and updates to this page and my various blogs on Diana and the after-life.


To see all such blogs do a search on ‘Diana’ or ‘after-life’, ‘Spiritualism’, etc. and you should be able to scroll down and read them plus any comments.

(When Diana or anyone else refers to Andrew Russell-Davis, this is her voice channel who uses the name ‘Christian’ now for the Diana channeling because it is less than a mouthful and easier to remember and to spell.)

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2 Responses to “Diana Speaks”

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    Tony Says:

    ” Hello Everyone,
    I do hope people are opening their minds a little to at least considering the fact that I might be speaking through my personal voice-channel Christian (Andrew Russell-Davis)? I would not expect people to instantly believe it naturally, human nature is cynical, I learnt this personally of course being thought, conveniently so of course at the time, to be deluded when making it known to friends and family members that I was aware my husband was having an affair during our marriage. Similarly finding myself accused in the press of being the blonde caught visiting the royal train near Wiltshire prior to our marriage, this later revealed as being the still then Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles who lived in that vicinity! I residing in the London borough of Chelsea at the time with the girls.

    My own affair with James, James Hewitt of course later being something I made known to my husband and which he raised no objections to happening as it lessened his personal guilt I suppose and we could again bear to be in eachother’s company, something of a relief to both of us as well as the family (Firm) naturally.

    We were a good team as I said in life but for the most part stayed the course, so meaning married, for as long as we could for the sake of the children mainly who’m we both adored and ideally did not want to see come from a broken home though an environment where Mummy and Daddy didn’t love eachother hardly much better for them to endure.

    How grateful I was in this respect that William and Harry were at school so missed witnessing a lot but of course were privy to seeing enough during holidays. Ultimately of course the actors took their final curtain bows soon after our final Korean tour and left the stage having exhausted their parts and the audience (The Public) no longer being fooled, thanks largely to extensive media coverage detailing the atmosphere we made so clearly apparent. The Dimbleby (His) and Panorama (Mine) each providing us with the perfect escape route we both so clearly needed, we could hardly stay officially married after them could we as Her Majesty was no doubt wisely advised but Charles and I were friends when I died and I am so happy to see that he and the boys have such a genuine relationship with eachother and that in spite of his cold, almost clinical upbringing he has seen to it personally that William and Harry have not been afforded a similar one themselves. This clearly demonstrated by how they now both are seen to be very down to earth responsible young men so a credit to him.

    Do please if you have the time and more importantly of course inclination, read my book in the last pages of the Forum Area at and the channelled messages as well as hear me interviewed albeit through Christian of course at and realise that I meant what I said in life about myself … ” She Won’t Go Quietly ”

    Thank you for listening to me,

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    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    “Hello Everyone.
    By all means as Tony suggests do visit my site which incidentally has changed to being but it is a marvellous reference point for all things related to me as it would be naturally being my personal website, so the only one of its kind on the net or like me “Unique” lol.
    You will have to be open – minded of course to appreciate it as by the fact there is life after death and dead ex princesses can talk but I did say about myself in life “She won’t go quietly!” did I not and so I’m still around unfortunately for some!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

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