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Reincarnation – The Boy Who Lived Before

19 Aug

A TV program on Five Life tonite investigated the case of a little boy, Cameron, from Glasgow who ever since he learnt to talk had persistent memories of a previous life on the Scottish island of Barra.

At the end of the program, after a visit to the island and tracing a surviving family member from his alleged previous life, there were some remarkable discoveries. The little boy correctly described how planes landed on the beach, the house he lived in, the name of the family (the Robertsons), the kind of phone they had, the gate to the beach, and the dog which lived next door. All this was 100% accurate, and there is no way the little boy could have known any of this.

Two things they were not able to verify. The boy claimed his father in the previous lifetime was named Shane or Sean Robertson (I’m not sure of the spelling) and that he (the father) was killed by a car.

The surviving relative, Gillian Robertson who lived in Glasgow, verified that for about 20 years the house by the beach on Barra was used by the Robertson family as a holiday home. But she had no knowledge of a Shane/Sean Robertson, of anyone being killed by a car or any boy who died. However it was never verified just how close this Gillian Robertson was to the branch of the family Cameron remembered. It was just assumed she might have been his sister, as he said he had several brothers and sisters in the previous lifetime.

I would count this as strong evidence for reincarnation. There is no way the little boy could have known all these facts – the family had never visited Barra. It took a lot of searching island records to find the house in question and any trace of the Robertsons.

The fact that Gillian Robertson had no knowledge of a Shane/Sean Robertson in the family who died in a car accident, or of a boy who died, is not necessarily conclusive. How many of us keep in touch with all our family members? I certainly don’t. We don’t even know when the boy died in his previous life, he could well have grown up to be a man and died in his 30s or 40s. There were two James Robertsons in the family, so he could have got the name slightly wrong. We just don’t know how big this Robertson family was, or how many of them spent time in the house on Barra.

There is also the very real possibility that Gillian Robertson knew more than she admitted, but couldn’t face up to the traumatic possibility of reincarnation maybe involving a brother or another member of her family. I think this is extremely likely. Who would want the past dragged up in this way, especially if one’s religious or atheistic beliefs didn’t hold with reincarnation?

What was discovered is that the Robertson family came from Glasgow, and only spent summers in the Barra house. Therefore looking thru the records of the island would not necessarily throw up the death of either the boy in a previous life or that of his father, which could well have occurred in Glasgow, or elsewhere.

There were definitely more facts which fitted than those which didn’t appear to. And the program also dealt with the case of another boy in the States who had memories of a previous life as his grandfather, correctly identifying his grandfather in a school group photograph, and the first car his grandfather owned.

There are many such cases of children remembering previous lives, memories which tend to fade away by the age of about 6. They cannot all be put down to remarkable ‘coincidence’. Something very strange is happening here.  An investigator suggested the boy from Glasgow could have been getting confused by two previous lives. Who knows?

The fact remains that a little boy in Glasgow correctly ‘remembered’ a house on a remote island and details of the surroundings and who lived there. How on Earth did he get this information? The mystery remains.

12 Responses to “Reincarnation – The Boy Who Lived Before”

  1. 1
    Nunyabeezwax Says:

    James sounds a lot like Shane to me.

  2. 2
    Sherry Says:

    Hi there,

    I so agree with everything you’ve written here. I too am confused about ‘Gillian Robertson’, and her connection to this. I don’t understand why there is not more about who she is, who were Gillian’s Parents? I get the feeling like there is a big gap in information here, like; something that is not being said.

    I felt strongly about the case, after watching the video on You Tube, and reading about it. On my Mothers side of the Family in particular, runs some ‘psychic sensitive abilities’. We are not a bunch of crack pots or anything like that though. I am just a regular Mom of a six year old little girl, My Mom is much stronger than I am, and My Little Girl seems to pick things up too.

    None of us are professionals or anything like that, I just sometimes get feelings about things.

    I wrote a mixed bag of feelings I got from Cameron’s case, because I got alot of feelings about it, that seemed like they could be important to somebody. Even if there were nothing in my thoughts, at least if they coincided with someone else on the case, it might help. I have since learned from a Friend that is very strong, and from a thing called, ‘remote viewing’, where you basically are drawing every random thought that comes to your mind, (what seems like the insignificant details, or random thoughts), are often useful. So a picture you draw for instance from thougths popping in your mind about something your trying to find out; might only come out like ie. two straight lines with a broken or digited line in the center, (thought)…and it might wind up representing a ‘road’….that is an important piece of a puzzle….So before I get too off-track….My Mother verified for me, that when I have thoughts, its ‘exactly the same’. I can’t dismiss the random thoughts either, so now I put everything down. It doesn’t matter if they are all 100% in accuracy, as something of it, may relate to something else I need to look at.

    I can post the immediate thoughts I had, (which I sent to the investigative team if you want)…: )

    Again, I am NOT a professional Psychic though….Just felt like I picked some things up with this. I also get that there was definately a ‘Shane’, and its NOT mixed up with James, (although that makes sense too)….

    Take Care For Now…Sherry

  3. 3
    Diana Spencer Says:

    Thanks, Sherry. I too sometimes get psychic messages in my head. After my partner died in 1991 he sent me several very clear telepathic messages, two of which helped me find things I didn’t know he’d hidden or where.

    I write him posthumous letters which I’m sure he reads, but once when I suggested perhaps I should stop writing them so we could both moved on, he answered me the next day. I got an urge to play his vinyl albums (our musical tastes were quite different, so I wasn’t familiar with his record collection). I picked out an album blindly without looking at the sleeve or label, stuck it on the turntable and put the stylus down anywhere. Immediately Dorothy Squires answered the question I had asked in my letter the nite before: ‘Should I stop writing these letters?’ Dorothy sang: ‘Love letters straight from your heart keep us so near while apart’.

    As to reincarnation, I’ve read a lot more about it from Spirits like Silver Birch. It is very complicated. It seems we are all part of soul groups, and different aspects come to Earth and share experiences with their soul group. We are much bigger than the individuals we are on Earth. We all have Higher Selves in the Spirit world, and we are part of these larger soul groups who share experiences.

    The program was some time ago, but I see no reason why you shouldn’t contact the people involved with any information you’ve gathered. Gillian Robertson didn’t seem to be fully cooperative, for whatever reason. Things like reincarnation scare some people, they don’t want to think about such things.

  4. 4
    Chyna Says:

    Ok. So I have noticed that the update of the comments was last entried in 2011. Im sorry for how late I am replying.
    I recently watched the video about the little boy Cameron. I search up on some websites and discovered, there was a man named James Robertson, who was born somewhere near that area in Scotland. However, he had died in Barra around the late 1800′s. I was thinking, maybe that was Cameron’s grandfather in a past life?
    So, perhaps if we find out if he has any kids, that was born a little later, maybe a little earlier before he had died,say around 1890′s.. so that might’ve been another ancester to Cameron, or it could’ve been his father? But, in the video Cameron describes he was a child when he died, and that he would remember planes landing on the beach, but didnt planes come a little later in time? Like the 1920′s? So it could have been Cameron’s great Grandfather.
    All these asumptions add up a great deal. I dont think when they created the video, that they were thinking their best. Clearly, more information was found out even by normal regular people who arent “Professionals.” That obviously shows that they were not trying their best.
    Point proven.

  5. 5
    Tony Papard Says:

    This blog was written a long time ago. My previous comment above should have been under my name, not Diana Spencer’s.

    I now have learnt a lot more about reincarnation. I’m not certain about children who die, but usually they grow to adulthood in the Spirit world. I have doubts than any individual on Earth, even if stillborn, is actually reincarnated.

    According to high Spirit sources it is much more complex than that. The Higher Soul has many facets. It is as though it creates individual personalities, who then incarnate, and experiences/memories are shared by all the personalities in that Higher Soul. So you, as an individual, will continue to exist as that person in the afterlife, where you may well meet up with other incarnations of your Higher Soul. It is also possible, I read recently, for two or more incarnations of your Higher Soul to be present on the Earth at the same time. I read of at least one case where a woman in Spirit met a previous incarnation of her own Higher Soul.

    As to planes not being invented til the 1920s, this is obviously incorrect. They were used extensively in the First World War which ended in 1918. I think the first powered flight by the Wright Bros was about 1908.

  6. 6
    Anya Says:

    I watched this video on Youtube a year ago – and again today (23rd of May 2014)

    I believe that Cameron was indeed a part of his family from a past life – and witnessed everything around him on the island – The planes landing on the beach – and playing with his brothers and sisters – as well as the black and white dog we saw in the film.

    However, I believe that Cameron was possibly a child who died shortly after birth – or that his mother miscarried him, late during her pregnancy. Unbenown to Cameron that he was dead or had dies – he still played and ‘grew-up’ with his siblings and in the house on Barra – with all of his familiar surroundings.

    I wondered too – if the old cine-film of the family were archives from the Robertson family’s holiday films (provided by Gillian Robertson?) or if they were re-enacted – and made to look old – in order to help create a ‘past imagery’ just for the documentary.

    Fascinating stuff. I’ve no idea what year this documentary was made and I would love to know of futher information was discovered – or indeed, how Cameron, his mother and brother are now.

    I enjoyed reading this page which I stumbled across after Googling ‘Shane Robertson, Barra’


  7. 7
    Jake Says:

    Hi All.

    I know this blog is quite old but after watching the video about Cameron for the first time It made me think that could reincarnation be real? Most people who have watched the video would probably think it’s a hoax. But to correctly get how planes landed on the beach, the white house he lived in, the name of the family, the secret gate to the beach, and the dog which lived next door. All this was 100% accurate, and there is no way the little boy could have known any of this UNLESS it’s just a big hoax (which I think is less believable!)

    Also, anyone else notice how Gillian Robertson acted quite odd in the video? As if she was telling everything she knew?

    I do truly believe though that this story has some truth behind it and they is A LOT more to it. Jake, 13

  8. 8
    Jenna Says:

    What makes the most sense to me is that Cameron is reincarnated from a grown man who died with those memories, not a little boy, hence Gillian’s confusion. Her brother (or however she’s related) probably died around the time Cameron was born but the later stuff got erased.

    Also, Cameron just said his dad was knocked over by a car, not that he died that way per se. He also said his mother cut her hair and no one assumes she died from that, haha. Maybe he was just telling about insignificant events because they were they most clear to him.

  9. 9
    Doug Says:

    I also thought there was a lot of questions left unanswered and especially by Gillian Robertson who was manifestly less than helpful when she ought to have been fascinated by this child

  10. 10
    jake Says:

    This documentary is fascinating! Watch bbc’s documentary as well they go over loads of cases from all over the world and the evidence is staggering. Anyone managed to find out more info on this case?

  11. 11
    jake Says:

    Forgot to say my little sister used to tell my mum she owned a red car in her old life when she was very young and talked about her ‘old mum’ very strange

  12. 12
    Anon Says:

    Just watched this documentary. Undecided. One thing that did strike me was that the Gaelic for James is Seamus. Possible the young boy however he has got the name Shane Robertson has mis-interpreted Seamus as Shane. That said if he lived before he would maybe have the knowledge to interpret it.

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