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Left Unity being hijacked by militant feminists

02 Jul

I have today resigned from the Left Unity Party, launched by film director Ken Loach in late 2013. It is clearly going nowhere fast, and has not united the Left. At the last General Election the Green Party was the most successful party of the Left in England, and the SNP in Scotland. Left Unity has failed to attract any substantial number of supporters from the Labor Party, the British Communist Party, or any of the major leftist parties in the country.

My local group of LU, Wandsworth and Merton, has been taken over by militant feminists who are determined to set the agenda and stifle all debate. If anyone tries to debate, they are told to desist and offered workshops to re-educate them. All points the militant feminists find don’t suit their agenda, they ignore. For instance, when they proposed a motion to ban prostitution (an impossible task anyway), they ignored completely the question of mature Male Escorts serving the gay male community of their own free will (and charging high prices for their services). They insist all escorting/prostitution/sex work amounts to degradation and rape of women. Of course they also deny the right of adult women to enter the sex industry of their own free will. This strikes me as not so much Socialism as Fascism; dictating what people should do and should not do, and stifling all democratic debate.

A very sad end to Ken Loach’s initiative. I remain outside all political parties at the moment, though the Green Party is looking quite attractive. If only we had a democratic (i.e. fully PR) voting system, their million plus votes could result in many seats in Parliament, and attract even more voters.

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