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UKIP LGBT Group banned from Pride

06 Jun

This decision is ludicrous. First of all it is totally impractical. Anyone can join any march/parade. What they mean is, presumably, marching under a UKIP LGBT banner. They could easily circumvent that by marching under an anti-EU banner, or a variation of the party’s initials such as UKPI LGBT group.

Where will this decision lead if it is allowed to set a precedent? What about LGBT people who don’t approve of gay marriage or gay adoption? LGBT people who don’t fit in with the current LGBT trends in fashion/music, etc.? Surely Pride should encompass all LGBT people whatever their political views and personal tastes? Diversity should be respected and treasured.

Has it not also occurred to those seeking to ban this group from Pride that they might well serve to provide a useful educating role within UKIP? I belong to the 1950s rock’n’roll/rockabilly/Teddy boy  fraternity where there was and is much homophobia. However by coming out as gay within the fraternity I have found acceptance by all and sundry. When they realize some LGBT people like their kind of music, we are accepted. In UKIP, in football, in other spots, in the Muslim or fundamental Christian communities LGBT people coming out could gradually change attitudes. More difficult in the latter two I admit, but they are not based on rationality but are heavily influenced by outdated politically incorrect religious texts including incitement to murder, rape and genocide which would not be allowed to be written and published today.

The bottom line is any LGBT person or gay-friendly people should be welcome on Pride. I probably won’t be on it because I’ve got better things to do, such as attending a rock’n’roll Weekender.


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