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The New Rationalists

03 Feb

Rationalism is the logical analysis of the universe/multiverse based on scientific study and experiment, as opposed to superstition and religion. I prefer the term to atheism or even agnosticism or humanism, as all convey very negative messages; i.e. there is or probably is no God/god, no afterlife, no meaning to life at all, it is just a complete accident which was helped along by evolution and natural selection. Atheism/agnosticism/humanism are all based on a materialist view of everything.

This approach is now outdated. Long ago physics discovered that solid matter is a complete illusion, and now Quantum Physics shows that even the building blocks of matter, i.e. sub-atomic particles, are based on wave-function and revert to this when there is no conscious observer.

The new rationalists are all over the Internet and YouTube, but are at present given no space in official scientific journals in the UK, though some have been published abroad.

What do I mean by ‘new rationalists’? I coined the term to mean the scientific approach to understanding the nature of things, rejecting superstition and religion, but at the same time not following the pseudo-religion of orthodox science.

The correct scientific method is to keep an open mind and build theories based on mathematics and experimentation. Unfortunately orthodox science has become a materialist religion, and it is considered heresy to question it. Orthodox scientists relying on university funding and wishing their theories and experiments to be published in official scientific journals are not allowed to even investigate anything at present considered ‘paranormal’. Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences calls this the ‘woo-woo taboos’ of orthodox science. The Institute of Noetic Sciences was established by ex-NASA scientist and moon-walking astronaut, Dr Ed Mitchell, and it specializes in investigating these ‘woo-woo taboos’ scientifically, such as ESP, precognition, telepathy, after-death communications, etc.

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, headed by rationalist Michael Roll, promotes the secular case for the afterlife based on the experiments and theories of scientists past and present. These include many of the pioneers of radio and television, such as Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Edison, Marconi, John Logie Baird, etc. who all felt the afterlife dimension was on another frequency.

Instrumental TransCommunication or ITC is also being investigated and refined by experimenters around the world, and remarkable messages have been received from the afterlife on televisions, computers, fax machines, tape recorders, telephones, radios and other electronic equipment. Of course orthodox scientists are not allowed to investigate any of this, and the official media, controlled by the straitjacket of organized religion on one side and orthodox materialist science on the other, either ignore all these experiments or treat them as a spooky joke along with ghosts, mediumship, UFOs, etc.

The new rationaists realize that the ultimate reality is consciousness. More and more scientists are coming to that conclusion, and Quantum Physics also backs this up. A new rationalist would not talk about ‘god/God’, but would use a more scientific term to describe the universal consciousness behind everything.  Rationalist scientist Ron Pearson calls it the intelligent ether or i-ther.

Alfred Russell Wallace, whose theories on evolution and natural selection prompted Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’, has been virtually whitewashed from history because he accepted the evidence for an afterlife. It seems obvious to me that if consciousness is the ultimate reality, then this is what is guiding evolution. Natural selection just separates the designs which work best from those which are inferior or outdated. There is quite obviously intelligent design behind the complex organs of human and animal bodies, but this seems to be a trial and error method as different adaptations are experimented with. The crux of the matter is that consciousness is a form of energy which creates and organizes matter, but it is a learning process. There was never an all-knowing God who planned everything from the very beginning. If anything god-like now exists, it has evolved and is still evolving, and we and all living things are part of it. Pearson’s i-ther, the universal consciousness, or whatever you like to call it.

The illusion of matter also creates the illusion of individuality and the illusion of time and space. The ultimate reality is this universal consciousness outside of time and space. Therefore it is pointless to talk about any beginning or any end; everything is now, everything is eternal. Past, present and future only have meaning in our virtual reality universe where we seem trapped in a one-way journey from past to the future.

It is inevitable that eventually, probably this century, our present orthodox science and organized religions will be swept away and the new rationalist science which includes universal consciousness as the ultimate reality will take their place. The various physical universes are the products of this conscious energy, created so it can evolve. Pearsonian science, or something very like it, must replace Einsteinian science which has led us into a cul-de-sac of absurdity upon absurdity, none of which are compatible with Quantum Physics or, indeed, with reality.

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    Michael Roll Says:

    Well done Tony, will bring you up to date. Things are now moving very quickly on the scientific front. Not even the full weight of the Vatican and their powerful agents will be able to block uncomfortable discoveries in physics for much longer. Thanks to the Internet and a handful of people like yourself who are not afraid to fire with their pens.

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