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Past Life Regression

21 Oct

I watched with interest two TV programs about past life regression, featuring celebrities. An Emmerdale actress (the British soap opera) and Eddie Large from the comedy duo ‘Little and Large’.

These regressions had great similarities to my own hypnotic regression some years ago. I wasn’t asleep, I was fully aware of what I was saying, seemed to be fully awake. Yet I couldn’t have been in a normal state of consciousness, since when I listen to the audio tape of the regression I can clearly hear a dog barking in the street outside. I did NOT hear this at the time, I think the hypnotist must have told me to ignore all noises outside the room or something similar.

In the celebrity regressions, I think it was Eddie Large who thought he’d been in the room with the hypnotist about 20 minutes, when in fact it was 2 hours. I did not get the luxury of a 2 hour sitting, but even so 3 amazing past lives came thru.

The main one was Adrian Howard, a Scotsman who lived with his wife in the Stirling area in the 19th century. He owned land, and at one time a butcher’s shop. I think he grew crops on the land, and had people to work it. Dates were given for his birth and death, but I have been unable to verify these, after looking at records for births, deaths and censuses on the Internet.

The most recent past life of mine was Else, an Austrian woman from Vienna, also married and with a daughter who was in the Hitler Youth. Else died in an Allied air raid when the roof caved in. This was shortly before I was born into my present life, in March 1945.

The other life was of a slave girl from Mesopotania in ancient Egypt. The son of my master got me pregnant, and I died under the knife in some kind of ritual punishment.

The two celebrities had their past lives which came thru in their regressions checked, and these also were inconclusive. Some facts were correct, others didn’t seem to be.

I have never been sure whether my regression produced real past lives or just stories from my fertile imagination, and the two celebrities were likewise unsure.

This would certainly be one explanation, but I don’t think we can rule out the past life hypothesis either.

Are old records that accurate? Are there omissions and mistakes? Have records got lost over the years?

Also, what if there ARE parallel universes where things are similar but slightly different? Quantum theorists have posed the possibility of a parallel Earth where Germany won the Second World War, for instance. If we are remembering past lives on one of these possible parallel Earths, then not all the recorded details would fit.

This may seem fantastic, but it is not unlike the films/TV series where alternative endings are filmed. In last week’s murder on Coronation Street, Britain’s longest running soap, there were three endings filmed of how Liam was murdered. Three parallel Coronation Streets, all with the same characters, the same sets.

It is said by Spirit that we have free will, and the reason Spirit predictions are often unreliable is BECAUSE we have free will. We can CHANGE possible outcomes by our actions.

So perhaps on our Earth Adrian Howard never existed. Perhaps his mother died before he was born, or committed suicide. Whereas on another Earth she didn’t die, and he was born and lived to a ripe old age.

And anyway I can’t be sure Adrian was born in the Stirling area, or even in Scotland, nor where he died. So his birth and death may be recorded elsewhere.

I remain unconvinced that my past lives were real ones, but also unsure whether I just imagined them all. Perhaps some day I’ll be regressed again and see if the same lives recur, and if so, whether more facts are added which can later be checked.

That at least some spirits reincarnate I have no doubt. In fact I’m sure we have all had many incarnations to reach the level we are at in this present lifetime. We must have come up thru the animal kingdom, and evolved into humans. But not all of us have necessarily had previous human incarnations. It is also possible that many animal spirits merge to create a human spirit, just as one day we will merge our spirit with the Great Spirit, the Supreme Being or the Unified Conscious Energy Field, whatever you like to call it. The ultimate goal of evolution.

And there remains one other possibility: that for some reason we are not allowed to remember our past lives, even under hypnosis. If it could impede and interfere with our present life, then perhaps certain past life memories are denied to us, or slightly altered so they cannot be checked.

At least all three of us, the two celebrities and myself, did not all claim to be Marie Antoinette. Three versions of her living in three parallel universes! Now that would be too much of a coincidence. Actually, remembrance of past lives as famous people is very rare. Most are of perfectly ordinary, often humble people. So if it were just imagination, would there not be far more famous and glamorous lives remembered?

Something to think about.  I don’t know the answer, but Adrian Howard is not a name that means anything to me in this life. So where did that name come from?

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