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Uncertainties, Probabilities and Possibilities

12 Oct

Everything is in a state of constant flux. Nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty. If it could we would have no free will. This is why messages about the future from psychics are notoriously unreliable. While some may be accurate at the time, reflecting what is in people’s minds to do, that prediction can be altered. It can be delayed, hastened, or maybe changed altogether.

It is said that in the Spirit world there is no Time as we know it, past, present and future  are all accessible. However because we have free will, it must be all possible futures which are accessible. So psychics and Spirit messengers can point out the likely future, but timescales will often be inaccurate, as can the actual outcome.

Now if we delve into the strange and weird world of Quantum Physics the sub-atomic universe is much the same. There are ‘waves of probability’ which only become sub-atomic particles when consciously observed. When no longer being consciously observed, they collapse into wave function again.

This means that consciousness or Mind must be non-material since it actually creates and organizes matter. In other words, everything is created and organized by thought. If the thought changes, so does the matter that is created.

We are told that on the Third Level of Spirit, sometimes referred to as Summerland or Heaven, things are created by thought, but it seems this is true of ALL matter systems, including our own. Nothing can exist without consciousness, that is the only reality. Everything else, all matter systems, all physical universes, are created by Mind and are therefore really virtual realities.

Our physical universe is dense and vibrates at a much lower speed than the Spiritual planes above it. Not literally above it, the various planes or dimensions interpenetrate each other, so exist in the same space, just the frequencies of the vibrations are different.

In all matter universes or dimensions nothing  is solid until it is consciously observed as being so, and even then it isn’t solid, but predominantely empty space. Except there’s no such thing as empty space, because everything is permeated by the intelligent ether which created and organized it, what scientist Ron Pearson calls the ‘i-ther’, an intelligent matrix which creates virtual realities for itself to experience and evolve. We and all living things are all part of this process.

The state of ‘wave function’ or ‘waves of probability’ is therefore the undetermined stage of the creation and organization of matter; it is the thought before it is fully formed, concentrated on and becomes matter. And what is matter? It is thought energy converted into waves and then sub-atomic particles which can then cling together to form the illusion of solidity. In the huge spaces between these particles other matter systems or dimensions exist. It is much like a radio or TV receiver which can tune to in the many different channels or frequencies.

Most of us while on Earth are only tuned in to our frequency, but mediums and those who have trained themselves to do so can tune in to the higher ones. They can relay very accurate messages about the past or even the present, but the future is always uncertain because there are countless possible futures.

Imagine a car going along a narrow winding lane. From the vantage point of a helicopter flying above, the pilot can see a heavy truck coming in the opposite direction. He knows if neither vehicle slows down, there will probably be a crash, but he can’t be certain. One or other vehicle may slow down soon enough to avoid a collision.

Perhaps a more accurate analogy is the director of a movie who films several different endings. The actors are then left to decide which ending is used. We are the actors, and we collectively choose which future will play out.

Our lives are not all mapped out for us in every detail, like some believe. We may have a general life-plan but it is always subject to change and alteration otherwise there would be no point in being born. We make our own decisions in life. There may be certain milestones planned beforehand where we have to make these choices.

I completely reject the idea which some have postulated that murderers are programmed or have volunteered to fulfil this role, or that their victims have similarly opted for their role. This would make complete nonsense of karmic justice and human free will. What is very possible, however, is that before we are born we know in our life-plan will come many times when we will be faced with a dilemma. It might be anything, including matters of life and what we call death, or just something as mundane as what job we choose to take.

Nothing is written in stone, so don’t let anyone tell you that it is or that you have no free will. You are in control of your own destiny to a large extent, and must therefore make choices thruout your life. Some may have been born with a special mission and so have limited choice, but even they have free will whether to carry it out or not, and certainly in minor things like what clothes to wear, what food to eat, etc.

So be wary of all predictions. There may well be a general long-term plan which will come to fruition as we all constantly develop and evolve to higher spiritual levels, but when you get down to the timescales and the details there must be an element of uncertainty or we would have no free will. This also applies in the Summerland, the spiritual plane where most of us go when we die. People can stay there for eons of Earth time, in homes they’ve created or re-created with their thoughts. Perhaps homes they lived in on Earth or wished they had lived in. But if and when they feel it is time to move on, they can progress to the higher Spiritual planes, the highest of which have no need for virtual realities or matter systems, there they are pure Spirit.

The same applies to those unfortunate spirits on the lower astral planes, which some call Hell. They have gravitated to be with those who are similar to them, like the rest of us do when we leave the Earth plane. Like attracts like. So when they get tired of living in a gloomy environment among spirits as greedy and selfish as themselves (who were murderers, dictators, torturers, etc. on the Earth plane), then they can ask for help and rescuers will assist them to develop spiritually by being willing to help others themselves. In this way the law of cause and effect, or karma, gives the possibility of progress and development to all.

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  1. 1
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    “Hello Everyone,
    The Diana Work is destined to being successful. In life I was a pioneer and quite literally a way – shower so was fated to bring an end to the ignorance and fear of A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. by others who had extricated people from their lives because of this extending to even their own family members. Likewise I was meant to highlight publicly the scourge of landmines and the death, destruction and devastation they caused. I was meant to bring to people’s attention the masquerade of the royals who hide so many skeletons in their closets and are ruthless if someone doesn’t fit in and play by their rules! People know what areas I brought global attention to in life and will always be remembered for having done so.
    On the lips of many “There will never be another Diana” and I can tell you now there won’t and my death needed to be dramatic and to happen when it did to be shocking and unforgettable. I would have been remembered had I died of cancer at any age but never in the manner I stand to be remembered and it had to be when I was seen to have found happiness in my private life and had conquered to an enormous extent my personal demons and emotional insecurities so it was perfect timing.
    My death had to also be as it is being proven controversial to again expose official and judicial corruption which determines it not having been another statistic of a road traffic accident as the result of human carelessness, negligence or liability though this has at the moment still to be proven to be so and will be. I also had to be the devoted and caring mother I was to my boys and to be known for this and again remembered for it as everything adding to the fact my presence will be missed; not by all naturally but certainly by the majority.
    I also had to be human and have the failings a human does, well known my faults but making me human not a saint but yes my essence is rather special which is why I have been granted the unique dispensation to be able to channel directly through Andrew so the People’s Princess can return to the People and that again will be something I will be remembered for doing and the doors that this phenomena happening opened to people’s beliefs and bringing into debate and questioning certain religious indoctrinations as religion is used as a tool to control people and successfully does so and it ought not to do so.
    I am remembered often by a candle and a rose and there is reason for this too. A candle is a classic spiritual and religious image and the Spiritual significance of a rose symbolises God at work in whatever situation so very clear interpretations of why I would be the one chosen to make people aware of the reality of life after death and why my work on earth was humanitarian work!
    It also explains why my return is blessed and once again I will be a messenger and a way shower, I am the perfect candidate to fulfill this obligation to do my bit to bring hope and inspiration to people, to be the light in their dark tunnels!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

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