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Celebrations, not sad reminiscences

29 Sep

That day has come around again, September 29th, and it is also a Sunday. It was on Sunday, September 29th, 1991 that my life-partner passed to Spirit. An awful day, the worst in my life so far, but no longer do I re-live the agonies of that day. Instead I prefer to celebrate the fact he was re-born into a new life on the Spirit planes 22 years ago today. According to a channeling I received from him some years ago, he was greeted by wonderful music when he crossed over, and since then many of his friends and relatives have joined him over there.

Today is also the 78th birthday of my favorite singer/pianist, Jerry Lee Lewis. Although he rarely performs nowadays, he is happily married to his seventh wife, though his son-in-law claims it is wife #8. Judith seems good for him, though some don’t approve of the marriage as she was still married to Jerry’s ex-wife’s brother when they started an affair. The ex-wife being Myra, who he married when she was just 13. His love life has never been anything but complicated.

I don’t plan to do anything special today, apart from a gig organized by Keith Woods featuring American pianist/rocker Roddy Jackson, and British rocker Cliff Edmonds. Before that, after my weekly household chores, I’ll go to my mother’s as usual and we’ll have dinner together.

George, Happy Anniversary of your arrival on the Other Side of Life.

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    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    ” Hello Tony,
    I do sincerely appreciate today will not be one of the brightest for you but you are blessed with the knowledge that George is very much with you always and that’s a wonderful wisdom to have been made aware of with evidential proof of the fact presented numerous times in multifarious ways.
    Not everyone has such evidence afforded them or the faith and belief necessary for the energetic connection to remain bonded strong as steel; in one word “Unbreakable!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

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