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Diana Assassination Claims: ‘No smoke without fire.’ Senior Government source quoted September 9th, 2013.

10 Sep


While most of the British media have kept silent with regard to the latest allegations about how the SAS arranged the car crash which killed Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul, the Daily and Sunday Express, to their credit, won’t let the story die, with continual front-page headlines about the revelations and new investigations by the Metropolitan Police and the SAS themselves.

Today’s Daily Express says 30 SAS soldiers serving in the unit at the time of the Paris crash and still with the regiment are being grilled over the assassination claims. However the disturbing aspect of all this is that the SAS high brass, MI6, the government, etc. are now going for damage limitation, already suggesting that if murder is proved they will blame it on ‘rogue elements’ inside the SAS.

This simply will not wash. It was a very well-planned assassination and the cover-up has continued for 16 years. The facts are that senior British secret service personnel arrived in Paris shortly before the crash and left soon afterwards, and no way was this assassination planned and carried out by ‘rogue elements’ within the SAS without the full knowledge and approval of the British secret services and the high brass of the SAS itself.

The Express also reports today that ‘the head of UK Special Forces has expressed regret to Prince Charles for any distress that the furore has caused the Royal Family and in particular Princes William and Harry.’ A source is quoted as saying: ‘There has been a private communication between the SAS and the Prince of Wales over this matter.’ The Express goes on to say: ‘It is believed to be the first time that any senior Army officer has been forced to write to the Royal Family apologising for the actions of his men.’

Even more revealing is when the Express states: ‘It has also emerged that concerns about the claims are now being discussed within the Government. A senior Government source last night told the Daily Express: “Two weeks ago you would not have believed that Diana was murdered, let alone that the SAS were behind it. But the claims just won’t go away and you reach the point where there is no smoke without fire. There are now people in Government wondering whether there was a rogue element in the SAS or a special unit of ex-members who played some part in her death.”

This last sentence is the damage limitation exercise already being launched obviously in the expectation that murder will  be proved, or admitted. Blaming the assassination on ‘rogue elements’, however, is simply not credible and will never stand up to scrutiny.  The head of the SAS was sent the SAS soldier’s allegations, he is described as a very credible person, two years ago, but nothing was done about them. If it was rogue elements within the unit the top brass would have wanted a full internal investigation immediately, but as it was an official operation the allegations were sat upon until made public.

The Express article today ends with the following: ‘Scotland Yard says it is still assessing the allegations attributed to Soldier N but has not launched an investigation. A spokesman said: ‘”We are currently looking at recent information regarding the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. The exercise is not completed.”

The suggestion by a senior Government source that ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ and that ‘rogue elements’ within the SAS may have been responsible for the crash is clearly damage limitation in advance of an expected investigation which will result in foul play being proven and/or admitted.

What will be the reaction of Charles, William and Harry if it is finally revealed that Diana was assassinated by members of the very Establishment they are members of? The very future of the Monarchy is seriously in danger, and as a republican I say ‘about time too’, an anachronism which serves mainly as a tourist attraction (which could be moved to a Disney-style theme park or Monaco-style mini-statelet around Windsor).

However there is a more sinister side to the Constitutional Monarchy. All its members, including the current sovereign, are mere puppets of a shadowy Establishment. Remember the Head of State’s words to Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler, about ‘dark forces’ of which we know little. Perhaps we’ll know a lot more in the future, for surely William, Harry and even Charles will want to know exactly what happened to Diana and why. If she could be eliminated, none of the royals are safe!

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    Phil Says:

    Yes, well, I suppose everyone out there HAS seen the film “The Whistle Blower” – much more credible than “Defence of the Realm” and an excellent warning to those who take on the Establishment. It’s the Funny Men (aka pinstripe suited ponces) in Whitehall, behind closed doors, of whom we need to be wary. As JC said, there’s nothing hidden which shall not be revealed – to the discomfort and dismay of those whose sole desire is to preserve the status quo and keep the plebs (that’s us) in our place. It never ever worked, and it wont work now. As Tennyson said, “The old order changeth, yielding place to new, lest one good custom should corrupt the world” (Idylls of the King).

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    Pat Says:

    “!yes but could Charles be involved. He must know something. He is an itelligent man.

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    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    “I am myself enormously relieved obviously that things are being exposed now that I myself said on my personal site years ago, so proving Andrew is my voice channel to all but the most dim witted as alternatively the only other option for them to choose in explanation of this would be that he is a marvelous guesser! Indeed pretty amazing!

    It is imperative I feel that my boys as well as Charles of course know the truth and reality is often stranger than fiction. I realise of course there will be efforts made to discredit the claims now being examined which is why they needed to be drawn attention to by me personally on the net as I say years before becoming public knowledge now but also why of course my boys and Charles were made aware of my site so they have seen for themselves the facts about certain aspects of things staring them in the face and now being publicised.

    In regards to my speaking through Andrew as to be seen on You Tube, read and heard on my site; I conclude by saying “For those who believe no proof is necessary and for those who do not believe, no proof is possible!”
    With love from,
    Diana, Princess of Wales

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    Andrew Russell - Davis Says:

    I am sure some people have been wondering what I am thinking about all of these developments and the first
    expression that comes to mind is SHOCK! I have known I am blessed to channel Diana, Princess of Wales in a unique
    way and that I am the only person in the world to voice channel the lady but to be told this and then to see it proven
    are two quite different things. Enough to make me pinch myself.

    Did I ever doubt or question it being real? In truth no as even in her first message voiced on September 7th 1997,
    Diana spoke with my friend Frank ( Francisco ) in the apartment we shared with Antonio in Playa del Ingles, Gran
    Canaria giving him a very personal message about his mother who I did not know was in Spirit herself; so certainly
    would not have known myself the information imparted to Frank but he did and burst into tears hearing it as he knew
    it was true! It is people like Frank who will verify things when the work is seen to begin on a global level as likewise so
    will William and Harry who will naturally support their mother; this goes without saying but quite possibly so will their
    father who in his own way is Spiritual.

    I have referenced parts of Diana’s earliest channeled messages and clearly she makes the point that Murder will be
    proven and that the assassination was very James Bond style and in her shrewd way asks us to remember the title of
    one of the 007 movies ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ so a subtle hint that British Secret Services were involved in
    events happening August 31st 1997. I love the way in which Diana packs a punch but as she told me a long time ago
    she was a strategist and a Cancerian who used the tactic of confusing her enemies to strike. Reminding me that a
    crab moves sideways and suddenly pinches its victims when they are least suspecting it so usually being successful
    in its attacks as they are unexpected so cannot be anticipated and prepared for!

    Many things Diana has channeled to me over the years are only now becoming public knowledge and this I am
    assured being timely as many years ago both Rose and I tried without any success to make the Media aware of
    things both in the U.S. and the U.K. but ignored we gave up in the assurance that truth would “Out” eventually and
    having to be content with this!

    Now something clearly happening with these revelations being exposed almost 16 years since Diana’s assassination
    on August 31st 1997. Diana always said a motorcyclist sped past the car shining a bright white light that blinded
    driver Henri Paul and brake lights were seen directy in front of them in the tunnel as today is made mention of in the
    newspaper headline article. Such information already documented on and dated on her site deliberately so it cannot
    be said to being doctored material. Channeled through me for the film “Unlawful Killling” the banned one directed by
    Keith Allen, the interviwer asked ” Princess Diana, do you have anything to say about the accident in Paris?” and her
    response through me silenced the interviewer answering “What accident” .. Oh you mean the professionally planned
    operation made to look like one!”

    As can be seen in the most recent articles William being expected to push for a new inquiry into the Paris incident
    and in the timeline of her channeled messages seeing that Diana said the same thing years ago as she has also said
    and confirmed recently in the same article; that the truth cannot come out until after the death of the Queen. Diana
    has told me they were never close even when she was married to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales; Diana always felt
    alienated within the royals excepting with the Queen’s late sister H.R.H. Princess Margaret Rose who Diana called
    “Margot” illustrating that initial closeness though this disintegrated immediately following the 1995 Panorama Interview
    in which Diana publicly criticised the Monarchy; the family she was married into and says during which in her candid
    conversation with Martin Bashir she unwittingly signed her own death warrant! Diana also telling me unlike the After -
    Life interviews with Rose, the Panorama interview was staged, she knew the questions coming and in fact had
    arranged for many of them to be asked so consequently was rehearsed in the answers she gave to them!

    I am afforded insight from Diana but on a needs to know basis for my own personal safety amongst other things I’d
    imagine,that and the fact that what sense would there be in my knowing everything when “D” notices serve to gag me
    from being able to let them be known publicly anyway so through the media.The Media listening to and reacting to
    credible sources not nobody’s offering them theories, concepts however real they might in fact be. So as I say I am
    now seeing information being imparted in headlines that have appeared on Diana’s personal site and been spoken
    about at length with Rose during the many After – Life interviews years ago. This though being exactly why the site
    needed to be created and William being informed about the personal channeling years before the sites were created
    so I would not be seen by him to be jumping on the band wagon itching for my 15 minutes of fame. Also though in
    making my personal identity known to him as well as the sites when they were initially up and running; so he and
    Harry could examine them and if wanting to do so have me personally investigated!

    I think it disgusting that some people even imagine I would contact both of Diana’s sons and her ex-husband and her
    brother the 9th Earl Spencer and Mohamed al-Fayed if the channeling wasn’t real and authenticity something easy to
    test as people who knew her in life that have connected with her through me have done and satisfied themselves of
    it’s being true. Were it not it would be nothing less than malicious and vile an act especially knowing the closeness
    Diana and her sons shared and contrary to what some people might think I am not that mercenary and callous an
    individual to behave in such a despicable fashion. Also of course knowing of her personal sites existence none of
    those contacted have insisted on its being shut down which speaks volumes!

    Am I frightened? No and had I have been the character who might be I would not have been chosen for the
    responsibility of the direct channeling. I have confidence I am protected and receive the necessary information from
    the lady as opposed to being saturated with facts about this, that and the other… serving no useful or productive
    purpose until the time it is respected that through me Diana speaks.

    Andrew Russell – Davis September 14th 2013

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    Tony Papard Says:

    A powerful comment from Andrew, but of course hard-line skeptics always steer away from investigating any evidence which might shatter their non-belief systems. I have personally witnessed this when trying to play the Diana podcasts to friends – they simply refuse to listen to more than a few seconds, then say: ‘It’s fake’, ‘Who’s that supposed to be?’ and similar cynical comments.

    You have to be prepared, as with all after-life evidence, to spend hours, days even years thoroughly investigating the evidence. With the Diana channelings, you need to listen to one or two podcasts all the way thru at least.

    Also to read Andrew and Diana’s written messages on the site to know that the channeling has been verified by people who knew her in life, such as Penny Thornton her astrologer, and Andrew Morton who wrote the biography about her.

    Also William was contacted by Andrew with channeled messages from Diana years ago, and received warm replies both times. All these facts are very significant, as is the fact that things Diana channeled about the Paris crash, etc. are now being featured in newspaper reports, mainly in the Daily and Sunday Express as other papers have steered clear of the story. The Evening Standard last night just printed a story saying Diana was the icon of the SAS and no way would they murder her. Yes she may have been an icon once, she acted as a hostage in an SAS exercise, but things changed when she embarked on her anti-landmines campaign. Convincing President Clinton to vote for a ban on landmines, was, I feel, the clincher which sealed her death warrant. Such a powerful and influential woman could not be tolerated by the arms companies and the forces which protect them.

    These are certainly interesting times, and with the Internet exposing so many corruptions and conspiracies, it is very difficult for the official censorship of the media to be fully effective.

    In fact, for anyone prepared to examine the evidence, YouTube and the Internet generally have overwhelming evidence from medical men, scientists and others about the reality of survival of consciousness, and the fact that the afterlife is real and that mind and brain are separate entities.

    Time people generally woke up and smelt the coffee about both the afterlife and the corruption and mind-boggling conspiracies which have hoodwinked so many.

  6. 6
    Andrew Russell - Davis Says:

    Hi there!
    I am sharing this as I am in shock. The headliner in todays paper on Prince Harry’s 29th birthday is news that will no doubt likewise shock he and his brother Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge but they more than anyone need to know the truth!

    Sunday Express 15th September 2013 says ..

    Some people might well recall Diana channeling to me how a motorcycle sped past the car and in front of it the pillion passenger shone a blinding white light directly through the windscreen to Henri Paul blinding him. In the paper is an artists impression of this happening and being the direct cause of the incident!

    Some people have scorned and scoffed at me making such claims as to channeling Diana, Princess of Wales and ridiculed my knowledge of it having been murder in Paris in 1997 which truth be told upset me deeply though I am pretty thick skinned.

    The article says that British spies would have recorded the last moments of Diana and Dodi Fayed’s lives by bugging their mobile ‘ phones. How very interesting no mobile ‘phones were reported found on Diana, Dodi or Henri Paul so we were supposed to believe they were all incommunicado which Diana channeled to me was quite ridiculous as she needed one to remain in contact with her boys, Henri Paul as deputy head of security at the Ritz hotel in Paris necessitated one for him to do his job and Dodi a businessman, what executive does not have one? Now this admitted, clearly they were retrieved but this was something never before publicly disclosed, no mobiles listed amongst their personal effects gathered after the incident.

    This report says that a KEY security industry source who served in the military has told the Sunday Express that G.C.H.Q. remotely switched on recorder modes right up until the couple took their last journey in the Mercedes Benz. If made public the recordings would throw light on the sensational claims made by former S.A.S. ‘Soldier N’ of the elite regiments direct involvement in the assassinations.

    A man made ‘lightening bolt’ was used by an S.A.S. group nick named the Lamping Unit to kill Princess Diana it is claimed. The elite Army detachment was able to kill by shining high density beams called ‘dazzler lasers’ into the eyes of targets. These either cause road accidents or disorientate victims so they could be killed another way. The electro – optical device works in the same way a driver’s night vision is overwhelmed by bright headlights. On the continent so in France headlights are shaded yellow not white and quite so blinding as in the U.K.

    Normally the licence to kill .. (something Diana has also said in relation to the incident to me being it was very 007 James Bond style) has to be authorised by the Foreign Secretary under a Class Seven Authorisation as confirmed by Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of M.I.6. who testified on oath at the inquest but fresh military sources say in this case it came from deeper in the intelligence establishment.

    It has also emerged that film footage of Diana’s last hours was kept secret but confirmed the existence of C.C.TV. records and many belonging to private companies who used France’s strict privacy laws to avoid having to hand them over to the police. This suiting lots of powerful people especially those wanting to dismiss the crash as being a “simple road traffic accident”. It also being claimed that C.C.TV. cameras around the Pont de L’ Alma tunnel were tampered with. Commander of the Paris Information and Control Centre ultimately responsible for the Alma tunnel cameras saying that in trying to see recorded footage of events had proved impossible and another section must have been using and manipulating the camera and not released it. It had remained under remote control on another sections control panel and it has come to light the Mercedes Benz itself was stolen in Paris months earlier and found with very specific electronic parts missing from it.

    Another driver in the tunnel in Paris in 1997 Francois Levistre described seeing in his rear – view mirror a “Major White Flash” which illuminated the car moments before the fatal crash. He claimed a motorycle pulled up to the car and directed a light into the vehicle before it crashed. He told the official inquest in 2007 that it was like night turning into day adding ” I just wondered what happened because the light was like you were caught in a police radar”. He said the light came into his car though was directed at the car behind him. He told how he saw the car behind him going from left to right to left again and the car had no lights, everything switched off.

    Francois Levistre’s evidence was disregarded as insignificant at the inquest and subsequent inquiry into the Princess’s death! However added to new information and current developments plus the testimony of former M.I.6. agent Richard Tomlinson ( detailed in full on Diana’s site ) evidence gaining credibility daily! He confirming M.I.6. like fictional agent James Bond have a licence to kill on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

    My comment
    All the information here regarding the Paris incident is documented in greater and more precise detail on Diana’s site and coupled with information channeled from Diana, Princess of Wales directly to me proving “Fact is often stranger than fiction”

    Diana’s comment

    ” Hello Everyone,
    I’m just glad that Andrew is being proven not being the nut-job he has been written off by some people as being and that as I channeled to him years ago; the truth about everything would be told and I also said it would not be me channeling it publicly through him, the truth would be exposed and I would be channeling confirmation of it, far safer for him this way naturally!”

  7. 7
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    Please take a moment of your time if you will to see and take serious note of the date of this message I have chosen to illustrate here, just one of the many powerful ones on my site of course but being proven to be amazingly accurate in view of the fact being seen as someone’s wild and vivid imagination. I wish I’d had such creativity at my fingertips!
    There are of course those who are going to remain staunchly skeptical but soon to find yourselves in the minority as Andrew’s respected credibility as my official voice channel expands and grows globally which is already something happening and which he hasn’t personally influenced doing at all; how could he?
    It is incredible the speed at which things are now escalating as more and more knowledge is being exposed but energetically it is time for this and the saying there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide is becoming more and more apparent as a very apt one which for me personally to witness is so refreshing being determined to see there being justice as opposed to judgement! Here then for those of you who have read this far even is the message …
    Diana, Princess of Wales

    Date Posted: 16 / 04 / 2007

    I wonder if people have not considered regarding Paris the fact that at Place de La Concorde we were as now known
    besieged by motorcyclists so easily by the sheer positioning of them, a deliberate intent behind it of course
    unknown to us, having been forcing Henri – Paul to take the route taken and one leading away from Dodi’s
    apartment. This explaining the set – up being so methodically and professionally organised as the motorcyclist
    would have been able to guage our speed, communicate this to accomplices nearer the tunnel as time could
    therefore be accurately estimated for our arrival at it, determining when to cut the tunnels lighting and reposition
    cameras to face tunnels walls as opposed to the road.

    The car we hit in position, the motorcyclist with blinding white light in position and likewise bogus emergency crew
    members, not hard to falsify uniforms if needs must … Dodi’s neck broken perhaps by an operative disguised as a
    fireman reaching into the car to help ? Who would see him do this being a professional assassin, all over in a second
    and then reporting Dodi as being dead to genuine firemen colleagues.

    Similarly bogus ambulance man injecting me with drugs to hasten cardiac arrest and ambulance stopping enroute to
    make sure deed was done … after all I was D.O.A. at the hospital !

    Who in a busy A.& E. department and especially with such a high profile patient admitted and the ambulance having
    already been so delayed; a search party was about to be organised to see if it had crashed, is going to be concerned
    on checking the credentials of the ambulance crew bringing that patient in … who indeed ! All a bit 007 James Bond
    … remember the title of one of those films … ” On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ” … Just a few ideas for people to
    think about as the scenes play themselves out ! ”

    Also please note the ambulance at one point stood stationary about 100 yards from the hospitals main entrance!
    How bizarre no radio contact was made to the hospital informing them of this, so that a search party for that same
    ambulance was being considered which had this information been relayed to them, it wouldn’t have proved
    necessary to organise!

  8. 8
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:




    The claim made by the ex – wife of the S.A.S. soldier has meant increased pressure on the police to fully re-open the case. The soldier apparently sought to justify the action saying “It’s an order, a job’s a job!”
    They were talking together and she had said to him how lovely it was to see Prince William and Prince Harry were doing so well and that it was sad their mum wasn’t thereto see it. He then said one of the guys was responsible for the accident, for the death of Diana. The wife was shocked as she believed her husband and he continued telling her that it had to be done in a tunnel, that people had been monitoring them and a light was shone in the driver’s eyes. He said it had to happen in a tunnel to guarantee death.

    ‘Soldier N’ ‘s former wife claims she was sworn to secrecy when he told her that the hit was carried out by S.A.S. soldiers riding motorcycles acting on orders from individuals from the “Inner Circle” of the Royal Family who disapproved of Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed. The evidence she and her mother have given detectives who interviewed them last month is said to be “Compelling”. At this time the “Scoping” still continuing the case has not been re – opened to investigation and inquiry.

    Diana’s Comment

    “Well first of all I want to say I am so sorry that my boys are having to read or be made aware of articles like this but it is necessary as the truth needs to be told and they more than anyone else need to know it as certainly it affects William’s future as he is very much his own man and prefers to do things his way as indeed so too does Harry. The era is different, the mind set correspondingly so naturally and my boys are determined as being the future face of the monarchy if indeed it survives which is questionable!
    William and Harry will always be popular in their own right with or without official royal tiltes and that mapped out destiny ahead of them as they are Diana’s boys and such lovely boys as people who know them and those who meet them always say! Charles and I have every reason to be proud parents and we are!
    From this article it would appear certain members of the royals were instructive of the event happening in Paris but I do not mean “H.R.H. The Prince of Wales”, my being happy in my personal life meant less guilt for him being happy in his after all but there were others who were powerful and openly explicit about their dislike of Dodi and his father and who openly voiced their opinion about them both in company!
    As I have said I am not through Andrew going to channel what happened in Paris but once it is known will fill in the blanks, the missing pieces of the jigsaw so the puzzle fits and after all at the moment the words of a dead ex – princess would not be something taken serious note of anyway, hardly seen as being credible evidence whatever she might say! I can afford to bide my time after all; I’ve bags of it! Andrew has an enormous responsibility ahead of him, more than even he realises himself at this time but will have all the necessary support and protection to carry it out successfully and I personally have every confidence in him doing a good job with a little help from me doing my bit.
    It is interesting that the word “Compelling” is one used to describe the evidence; part of anyway that has been given, this implies a belief of its credibility and authenticity so it is my belief certain people will now be running scared and delaying tactics and strategies coming into play I would imagine but I always said the incident in Paris was not as professional as it might have been and I am being proved right so that’s a relief to me naturally!”


  9. 9
    Tony Says:

    Soldier N, the SAS man who broke the news that an SAS unit assassinated Diana, has now done a runner, apparently fleeing abroad because the police were about to interview him.

    This latest development, in my view, only adds credence to his claims and suggests he is now in fear of his life if he talks anymore about it, particularly to the police.

    Had he made it all up he could surely have explained this to the police – after all it was said to his ex-wife not directly to the police.

    The truth will come out eventually even if this lead cannot be followed up at this time. The claim itself warrants more questioning and a new investigation into the death crash in the Alma tunnel in Paris. And always remember the official Inquest verdict was not ‘accident’ but ‘unlawful killing’ due in part at least to the ‘vehicles following the Mercedes’ which were NOT paparazzi (they were all accounted for) but mysterious vehicles which have never been traced.

  10. 10
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    ‘Soldier N’ “getting out of dodge”; one of Dodi’s favourite sayings being so Westernised, seems an appropriate statment to quote here as clearly his doing so does much to authenticate his credibilty and indeed the validity of his claims.On my personal site I of course as can be seen by the dateline of messages available to be seen on this site made very clear the fact the incident in Paris was a carefully arranged event made to look like an accident but in my primary message say that one not being as professional as it might have been!
    Andrew will not be channeling through me what exactly happened as this being too dangerous but someone else will and I will be dotting the I’s and T’s once the truth is already out there which will be happening sooner than people realise.
    The interest in it publicly anyway does not seem to be as great as it certainly would have been 16 years ago but what is of greatest importance to me is that three people know the truth so my two boys and their father as well as Mohamed who lost his eldest son in the same incident in Paris and Mr and Mrs Paul who likewise suffered the loss their son too!”

  11. 11
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:



    Princess Diana made a secret tape for Prince William, her eldest son’s future wife fearing that she would be murdered. Diana worried she would not live to see her grandchildren. The sensational claims of the tape coming from a U.S. source following information from one of Diana’s closest personal friends and this revelation follows the recent claims that Diana was murdered in Paris directly involving the S.A.S. who were given the hit job in August 1997 in the French capital city.

    The tape makes clear Diana had chilling premonitions about her death aware that she had made powerful and dangerous enemies and this tape will add credence to the claims of her assassination. Although Diana never met Catherine on the tapes Diana revealing she saw William’s wife as being a beautiful, smart and independent woman. Catherine graduated at St. Andrews University, Scotland and when the couple separated before he proposed to her, Catherine was seen as an uptown girl dancing the nights a way at clubs and looking as stunning as ever as opposed to nursing her broken heart with a box of tissues. William soon realised that he was going to lose his soulmate and was soon by her side again and ironically seen together again on the evening of the ‘Concert for Diana’ organised by he and brother Harry in memory of their mother ten years after the incident in Paris that took her from them.

    Diana saying they’d have become fast friends and she’d have to be someone pretty special or she’d not be his wife but when dating when Catherine had been told “You’re lucky to be going out with William” had responded “He’s lucky to be going out with me!” This Capricorn lady is perfect for him and clear to see and now especially they’re being blessed with Baby George has been so positively instrumental in healing his broken heart.

    Diana giving her future daughter-in-law marriage guidance direction surviving the pressures of a public life, something Diana would clearly be an authority on.

    Kensington Palace refused to comment

    Diana’s comment

    “In my life I described myself as being a ‘Messenger’ so rather fitting I would indeed make such a tape and of course would I not be inclined to impart messages as I am doing? As after all having an interest in and amongst my closest friends people involved in esoteric areas in life; finding a means to communicate from the after – life would I’d have thought have been something expected for me to do!”
    Diana, Princess of Wales

  12. 12
    Tony Papard Says:

    This tape coming on top of the allegations by Soldier N, then his flight to Thailand in fear of his life, will surely encourage Catherine to urge William to insist on a new investigation, if not now, after the Queen dies. The fact that Diana so clearly feared she would be murdered, not least because she was told in anonymous phone calls to KP that ‘accidents can happen’, will certainly have a profound effect on a woman like Catherine.

    I can imagine her saying to her husband: ‘Willism, you can’t let this matter lie. I know it’s difficult for you at the moment with your paternal grandparents still alive, but sooner or later you must demand a full investigation into your mother’s death.’

    Not least because, apart from the personal grief Diana’s death caused, the whole institution of the Monarchy and whether William should be willing to continue it hangs on the verdict of who murdered Diana. Certainly if senior members of the Royal Family gave their approval, as has been alleged in some newspaper reports, then it would be very difficult for William to accept the role of King, or indeed for his brother Harry to do so.

    Moreover the British public would not want a corrupt institution which acquiesced in the assassination of Diana to continue, especially if it meant William or any future monarch being a mere puppet of the ‘dark forces’ the Queen spoke of.

    They are indeed puppets, and if Diana was dispensable, so are all the rest of the royal puppets who refuse to dance to the tune of the Establishment which controls them!

  13. 13
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    “Hello Tony,
    In one of my after – life interviews with Rose I mention the fact I do not want Wills or Harry to follow a mapped out destiny so especially for William to be King. A constitutional Monarchy, the Monarch has consequentially no real power, the government in power rules and actually they are likewise controlled.
    William and Harry will always be known as Diana’s boys and therefore news items and popular globally as well as both being lovely boys; alright I am bias but people say this about them too! They will therefore never be out of the limelight anyway. Missing out on a life sentence due to tradition is not I would imagine something either of them would particularly miss, alternatively being released from the duty to living it something they’d celebrate and rejoice in happening!
    I have always said Her Majesty will be the last of the Regal Monarchs as even as King, Charles’s example can hardly be compared with hers which has after all been outstanding as far as serving her kingdom as she promised to do in her first broadcast whether her life be long or short! A promise honoured by her and something therefore deserving great respect.
    If indeed it comes to light that senior members of the royals were aware of the hit job in Paris in 1997, this will be the perfect escape clause for my boys and perhaps one of the greatest gifts I could bestow upon them .. freedom to live their lives as they choose and not how protocol dictates they be conducted; that to me sounds like a result!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  14. 14
    Tony Papard Says:

    Latest press reports say Soldier ‘N’ has returned to the UK to face the music, and that he’d fled to the UAE where many British ex-Military personnel are based, so maybe he was persuaded to go back. An ex-MI6 operative has confirmed that Diana was assassinated and that MI6 was involved. The plot slowly unravels.

  15. 15
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    September 29th Sunday People


    The former S.A.S. sniper at the centre of the Princess Diana murder – plot riddle has returned to the U.K. to face the music. ‘Soldier N’ will be grilled by detectives after flying back from his hideout in the Middle East where he fled days before he was due to be quizzed over his claim Diana was killed by S.A.S. hitmen.
    He is due to be interrogated days from now by Scotland Yard detectives. The police also want to question the 38 yr old ex sergeant about claims he smuggled thousands of pounds of stolen money into the U.K. after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    It is now believed he fled to the United Arab Emirates where there is a large British ex-Military community and claims he travelled to Thailand in South East Asia are false. He being aware that the police wanted to question him in regards to the Paris crash on August 31st 1997; running away wasn’t the most sensible option.
    News of his return to the U.K. follows claims by an ex-MI6 agent that many secret service officers believe the U.K. government ordered Di’s murder.
    The former spy said MI6′s view in 1997 was that Diana had become an embarrassment and her relationship with Dodi Fayed threatened the Monarchy. He said the question often asked by his bosses being “What are we going to do about Diana?”
    The man recalled going to work the day after the crash and he had just sat down when a colleague leaned over to him and whispered “I can’t believe we killed her!”. Initially confused the man asked “Who?” and the colleague added “Diana!” The spy at first thought he was joking but then realised he was deadly serious.
    The spy who had served in Moscow and Eastern Europe during his career said the atmosphere at their London H.Q. after Diana’s death was very subdued. He added many people who worked for M.I.6. at the time thought the organisation played some sort of role in Diana’s death.

    Diana’s comment

    ” The plot thickens and will take time to unravel but the truth will be exposed and from this will come many changes in a number of significant and influential areas affecting people’s lives and constituting an inevitable shake up of their positions perhaps?”
    Diana, Princess of Wales

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