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Diana Assassination – new evidence.

24 Aug

prince harry 2

Harry literally following in his mother’s footsteps

That Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales, was killed in a carefully arranged ‘accident’ which was then covered up by the authorities there can be no doubt. The media even tried to imply that the official Inquest came up with the conclusion that it was an accident caused by a drunken driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi following the Mercedes Diana and Dodi were traveling in. This is not in fact the case, the verdict was ‘Unlawful killing’ caused by the vehicles following the Mercedes. These vehicles, including several motorcycles, were NOT the paparazzi and they have never been traced or identified. ALL the paparazzi vehicles were traced, and they were nowhere near the Mercedes when the crash occurred. The evidence that Henri Paul was drunk was thoroughly discredited as the blood samples were switched. There was so much carbon monoxide in them he would have been dead, or at least incapable of driving at all, before he even got into the car. Added to which neither Diana, Dodi nor the bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones would have allowed a drunken Henri Paul to drive the car, they wouldn’t have even got in it if he was driving in that condition.

The full evidence available from various sources has been gathered together and published on this website: - scroll down thru Factual Precis, here’s the link to these pages:

This morning’s Daily Express has a piece which says the latest allegations about the SAS arranging the ‘accident’ on orders from MI6 raise the whole thing up to a new level, especially as Prince Charles, Mohamed Al-Fayed and the judge who presided over the official Inquest have been approached. The newspaper yesterday said this makes a new inquiry more likely. However the Express piece below contains a quote which says nothing will be revealed till the Queen dies. William and Harry, however, will wish to know what happened to their mother. This is exactly what has been said over and over again on the DianaSpeaks site, where the Earthbound spirit of Diana communicates through her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davies, aka Christian.

Everything was planned down to the last detail, to cope with every eventuality including the possibility that Diana would survive the crash. She indeed did, but was finished off in the ambulance which contained a bogus crew. Look at the many precis on the events in Paris on the DianaSpeaks site where all the evidence available is gathered together, and no reasonable person could be in any doubt this so-called ‘accident’ was carefully arranged, as indeed Diana herself was told it would be on several occasions. This is a quotation from Simone Simmons book, ‘Diana – The Last Word’:

‘I was with Diana in her sitting room at KP when she beckoned me over and held her large old-fashioned black telephone away from her ear so that I could hear. I heard a voice telling her she should stop meddling with things she didn’t understand or know anything about, and spent several minutes trying to tell her to drop her campaign. Diana didn’t say much, she just listened, and I clearly heard the warning: “You never know when an accident is going to happen.” She went very pale.’

Diana identified the caller of some of these threats in connexion with her anti-landmines campaign as a Tory MP. It was the anti-landmines campaign which sealed her fate, plus the fact that she was planning on taking up the cause of the Palestinians next, which would have riled the Israeli authorities. The CIA would have been very anxious Diana was out of the way because she was a very powerful woman even stripped of her royal HRH title, and could be extremely influential. It was Diana who persuaded President Bill Clinton to vote for the anti-landmines Treaty. This was, no doubt, her fatal action (not a mistake, because it had to be done). Once she’d persuaded the President of the most powerful nation on Earth and thereby damaged the financial interests of the powerful arms industry, her fate was sealed.

Another very sinister thing was a report I read in The Guardian newspaper, never mentioned since to my knowledge, quoting a Tory MP about a week before the fatal crash. Diana had made remarks to the effect that she thought the newly-elected Tony Blair Labour government would be more sympathetic to the anti-landmines campaign than the outgoing John Major Tory government. The MP was quoted as saying that they could not ALLOW such political statements from the mother of a future King. About a week later, Diana was conveniently dead, and pressure was put on President Clinton to change his mind about the promise he made to her.

Once Diana was dead, President Clinton was indeed persuaded to renegade on his promise to her and vote against the anti-landmines treaty. Today, nearly 16 years later, the USA is one of the few countries which still has not signed or ratified the Treaty.

But Diana said in the Panorama interview that the trouble was ‘she will not go quietly’. Indeed she won’t, and if you doubt this listen to some of the 40+ hours of podcast posthumous interviews with Diana on the DianaSpeaks site and on a site linked to it, or go direct to the main podcasts here:

2 Responses to “Diana Assassination – new evidence.”

  1. 1
    Diana,Princess of Wales Says:

    ” Hello Tony,
    Ever since we connected and sensibly you needed to be personally satisfied our connection was very real albeit through Andrew Russell – Davis as others also did;including of course people who knew me in life; you have always given us both your full support which I thank you very much for doing.
    The precis you have written is a poignant one, concise and to the point and very much appreciated by me. It details many valid points worthy of recognition and failing this as of course there will be the cynics; certainly anyway serious consideration, although of course people doing their homework will discover the points drawn attention to are realities not fantasies!
    I will add regarding Henri Paul, Dodi and I and in fact Trevor Rees Jones are seen on security cameras talking with him just prior to leaving the Ritz via the staff entrance and none of us detected his being drunk as of course had he have been, we would have done naturally. Also of course as I have said on my site the outcome of the official inquiry being “Unlawful Killing” being a play on words as killings are unlawful are they not?
    In regards to the Guardian article I did I am sure mention the fact that I saw Blair’s government being of a far greater support in regards to the landmine issue but also drew attention to the fact that an aircraft was fuelled and waiting ready to speed him from his constituency to London to greet my body as detailed in the flight log book two days before events happening. Charles against opposition within his family travelled to Paris with my sisters to bring me home to my boys though not in quite the manner the three of us would have personally chosen!”

    With love from,
    Diana xx

  2. 2
    Tony Papard Says:

    Tony Blair is/was in my opinion very two-faced. According to some reports he was aware of the planned assassination. He somehow infiltrated the Labour Party, but in my opinion and that of many others he’s an out-and-out Thatcher-style Tory. He may have gotten Labour elected, but it was a Thatcherite Labour Party, or Tory Party Mark II.

    Whether he’d really have been more sympathetic to the landmines issue than Major’s government is a moot point. Britain did sign the anti-landmines Treaty, but the Major government may have done so also, we’ll never know. Whatever, call me a cynic, but no doubt they left loopholes so British companies could still profit from the production landmines or similar devices, maybe thru their American sister companies or by producing devices which weren’t specifically covered by the Treaty.

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