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Open Letter to Victor Zammit, editor of the Weekly Afterlife Report

26 Jul

Victor Zammit’s Weekly Afterlife Reports can be accessed via his website:


Hi Victor,
I was particularly interested in the first paragraph in this week’s Afterlife Report, as I came to accept the evidence for survival as a Marxist atheist after reading about the Soviet discovery of ‘bioplasma’, their then politically correct term for the ‘aura’ or ‘astral body’. I have now stopped describing myself as an ‘atheist’ or even as an ’agnostic’ because of their negative implications regarding survival. Michael Roll, of course, promotes the rationalist case for survival via his Campaign for Philosophical Freedom (
The nub of the matter is exactly what you describe, we all totally reject the idea of an old man in the sky with a long white beard. More than that, I cannot accept the idea of an all-wise, all-knowing Creator so never use the term ‘God’ and try to avoid religious terms like ‘pray’.
There are many alternative terms for the Universal Consciousness or Mind which is constantly evolving, of which we are all part. Many Spiritualists and also Native Americans call it the Great Spirit, Ron Pearson calls it the ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’, others call it Source, but whatever you call it the quandary we are left with is what to call ourselves? Are we atheists or agnostics if we know, based on the evidence, that there is an afterlife and a Universal Mind, Source or whatever we call it directing evolution, as well as evolving itself? Michael Roll has come up with the term Survivalists. However that seems to have other meanings as well, and is not widely understood.
I’m happy to call myself a Survivalist or Spiritualist, but the latter can have religious connotations, and many still cling to the contradictory term ‘Christian Spiritualist’. Since we know we are all responsible for our own actions and that there is no escaping the law of cause and effect or karma, no Spiritualist can accept the idea of a savior or that a priest can forgive misdemeanors. This idea, promoted by organized religion, has done enormous damage to the idea of the afterlife.
If belief in a particular savior or a particular religion or religious practice meant a ticket to ‘heaven’ whatever terrible deeds one had done in life, whilst atheists/agnostics who were also humanists and helped others went straight to ‘hell’, then it is no wonder the idea of the afterlife has been rejected by rationalists as pure nonsense, fairytales for children like the idea of Santa Claus.
We must take the afterlife out of the debate about religion and ‘God’ altogether. Ron Pearson and others have done this, but their magnificent work upsets both orthodox religion and orthodox Einsteinian science. However since Quantum Physics is also incompatible with some of  Einstein’s theories, which he himself doubted were correct later in his life, sooner or later scientists have to start paying serious attention to the theories of people like Pearson and the idea of survival. (Access Ron Pearson’s articles and publications via the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom –
Quantum Physicists as a whole seem at present unwilling to take the quantum leap and accept the logical conclusion to their experimentation: since sub-atomic particles revert to wave function or waves of probability when not consciously observed, surely this means that consciousness itself must be non-material? The mind and brain are indeed separate, the physical brain being merely the receiver and controller of the physical body. Mind does not merely affect matter, it creates and organizes it. In fact, MInd (or Spirit if you like) is the ultimate reality, and all matter universes or matter systems are virtual realities or elaborate illusions created by Mind/Spirit. This includes our own physical Universe and the Spirit planes where houses, fields, etc. and all sorts of things are much more obviously created by thought.
Quantum Physics has, in fact, proved that all matter (which must include the brain) is created by thought and cannot even exist without being consciously observed. Therefore a non-material Consciousness must be the true reality, whether you call it ‘God’, the ‘i-ther’, ‘Source’, ‘the Great Spirit’ or, as an American friend of mine does, ‘Dude’.
Evolution on this Earth was clearly guided, not by an all-knowing ‘God’ who wouldn’t have needed to go through this long-winded and wasteful process. It is surely obvious that all living things have a spiritual counterpart which guides their own evolution based on lessons learnt. Anyone who believes the complex organs of human and animal bodies came about by pure ‘accident’ and ‘natural selection’ without the guiding hand of some intelligent design would also be foolish enough to believe millions of monkeys typing for millions of years on millions of keyboards would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare in word-perfect English. It would never happen, though they would no doubt produce a few badly spelt sentences in various languages amidst all the garbage.
Intelligent design does not imply ‘God’, it implies that all living things are also Spirit and are constantly evolving both physically and spiritually. We learn from our mistakes, and eventually something godlike starts to emerge from the Universal Consciousness. It is the most highly developed part of this Consciousness which has taken on the qualities of Light and Love to the utmost degree, and this is what greets most of us when we transit to the Third Level of Spirit and which some interpret according to their religious beliefs.
Nobody experiencing an NDE has so far said: ‘I was greeted by a highly developed part of Ron Pearson’s i-ther’, but perhaps when he’s more widely read and accepted they will identify it in that way rather than as ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, ‘The Madonna’, ‘Mohamed’, ‘Krishna’, ‘the Buddha’ or whatever. However as many of these entities lived on Earth they must still exist in Spirit, so their followers could indeed be met by them too.
Perhaps, as I once facetiously wrote, I’ll be met by Karl Marx not emitting a brilliant white light, but a deep warm Red glow. Surely the people’s Red Flag waves metaphorically over the Third Level of Spirit as it seems to me they live a true Communistic existence without the State, police, armed forces, money, courts of law, prisons, etc., ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs’. You give service to the best of your ability (such as helping traumatized new arrivals, doing ‘rescue’ work, etc.) and you accept or create with your thoughts according to your perceived needs.
Best wishes, and thanks again for these weekly Reports,

4 Responses to “Open Letter to Victor Zammit, editor of the Weekly Afterlife Report”

  1. 1
    Michael Roll Says:

    Excellent open letter to Victor Zammit. He is having great success in letting millions know that losing a loved one is only a temporary tragedy.
    I now use the word atheist. People have now had enough of these crazy god merchants all killing each other over nothing whatsoever. The secular case for survival is also the atheist’s case.
    The line to take is very simple: Thomas Paine’s ‘The Age of Reason’ 1794 and Arthur Findlay’s ‘The Curse of Ignorance’ 1947 and Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge’s base that the mind and brain are separate.

  2. 2
    Rose Campbell Says:

    Once again, Tony, an excellent blog/letter. It is often hard to find the correct words, from a physically based vocabulary, to describe the totality of the non-physical reality and its interaction with the physical realm. Connotations and nuances can be a pesky aspect and I believe there are not yet words that have been formed to encompass that which is too board to be encompassed. Words are limiting to be sure.

    Experiential knowledge of these concepts/realities often leaves one speechless for there are not words that can pin down the entirety of what is experienced. AS you know from your work with your former partner George and his dictionary words must be used to relay something to others but often the words used are but the tip of the iceberg of what is being relayed. When someone has developed the ability to tap into the that storehouse of consciousness known as (whatever name you wish to use here) it is hard, often impossible, to adequately relay what is found there in all of its multi-dimensionality. Only once humanity is proficient with mind to mind communication (which I feel is coming someday) will it be possible to share truth without the limits of words.

    I salute you and your use of words in this letter. From my mind to yours> keep up with the seeking!

  3. 3
    Phil Says:

    With regard to the use of words in order to express one’s perspective, or opinion, or point of view (all synonymous terms), I do find a problem with “physical reality” and “non-physical reality”. Partly from very real experience and partly from deduction, it seems clear to me that there is a false dichotomy here. Wherever one’s consciousness is FOCUSSED, wherever one’s senses in toto are operating normally, is physical reality. It follows that to anyone (i.e. most of us most of the time) who is NOT focussed – in toto – in a particular dimension, THAT dimension will be “non-physical”. I firmly believe that those who permanently function consciously in – let’s say – a Cosmic Mental dimension would regard their environment as “physical” and of immediate tangible reality. Has it perhaps occurred to many people who are interested in these things that our “physical” dimension is in fact NOT the ultimate physical (or material or dense) dimension that they imagine it to be? That, in other words, there are conscious beings to whom OUR physical is in fact “non-physical”? I trust I make myself obscure! Phil

  4. 4
    Michael Roll Says:

    I think Sir Oliver Lodge makes it very clear in his 1933 published paper “The Mode of Future Existence”. It can only be read on the Internet, it’s much too close to the truth to appear on mainstream media and educational outlets. He is saying that the soul that separates from the dead physical body is made up of much finer subatomic particles than those that we can see and sense while we are attached to our space suit – our physical body.
    We can now give a cosmological location for the so-called spiritual part of the universe. Gravity is the force of the spiritual part of the universe. It is the spiritual part of the universe that is stopping the oceans flying off into space. Just the same when we look at a galaxy, all the suns are being kept in place by this huge spiritual part of the universe. It’s where we come from and return to after our short stay on Earth.

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