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Passing Over in 2013

19 May

So far this has, for myself and friends/relatives, been a year of many people transiting to Spirit. For myself, I attended three funerals in as many weeks earlier this year – that of two uncles and a friend on the Roots Music scene, Tony Wilkinson. Also a close friend’s mother passed to Spirit just a few weeks ago.

Of course all these people who passed to Spirit were of an age where this happens more often. Tony was the youngest of the four mentioned above, being only 69. The others were in their 80s or older.

However I have, like many others, had to get used to people departing suddenly from this world at all stages of my life. Apart from two friends who as a child I called ‘aunties’ who passed when I was very young, a girl in my class and my best friend both passed to Spirit in their early teens. My grandparents transited, and now all my uncles and aunts save a couple in a Care Home in Cyprus on my father’s side of the family, which I hardly keep in touch with, the language barrier being part of the problem. My life-partner transited in his 40s nearly 22 years ago.

Several of these people have communicated with me in various ways. Quite recently an aunt, sister of my mother, came thru a medium with some advice for me.

I was reminded by a friend yesterday, as though I needed reminding, that as she will be 99 in September the time when my own mother passes to Spirit cannot be that far off. On the other hand, I myself am 68 and men do tend to transit at an earlier age than women, so although I seem to be fairly healthy, one never knows what is round the corner.

What is certain, at my stage of life, is that there are far more close friends and relatives on the Other Side than here on Earth now. When my mother transits I will be on my own here apart from a brother I rarely see, distant relatives I also rarely see and a few friends.

Is it any wonder, as we reach an advanced age, those who know there is indeed an afterlife start looking forward to reunions when they transit. I will meet my life-partner and others, just as my two uncles would have met their wives who transited years ago.

One hopes a few friends and relatives will stick around till the end of 2013 – we’d like a few to attend my mother’s 100th birthday party in September 2014 if she, and I, make it ourselves.

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