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13 Feb

This relates to the title of the controversial book by Richard Dawkins, (‘The God Delusion’) but to be fair to him, according to Wikipedia, he distinguishes between a personal God or Creator and pantheism, which is a belief that everything is part of a god-like whole. I tend towards the latter, based on the evidence I have studied.

Dawkins argues against the Creationist version of the Universe and against Intelligent Design. These are more complex subjects as they too can have various meanings or interpretations.

Let’s take the Creationist theory first. What does it mean? That God created the Universe out of nothing? Who then created God, or did he, she, it always exist? Perhaps God created itself? So the materialist answer is that this solves nothing, and they came up with the Big Bang Theory, that everything suddenly appeared out of nothing. Both theories seem extremely implausable or actually impossible to me, and explain nothing.

Logic suggests to me that if something exists now, then something must have always existed. Or, alternatively, that Time itself is an illusion, so therefore there is no logic to anything having a real beginning or an end.

Then we come to Intelligent Design, well that too can mean all sorts of things. Usually it is used by fundamentalist Christians and others to suggest God is the great designer behind the Universe. However, if that is the case, why would evolution be necessary? The fundamentalist Christians and others would say evolution is a lie, that it never happened, and that humans did not evolve from animals and simpler forms of life.

Studying the evidence and using logic once again, I would argue that Natural Selection (a theory put forward by Alfred Russell Wallace and then taken up by Charles Darwin in his work ‘The Origin of the Species’) does not fully explain evolution. Wallace has been rather overlooked by materialist scientists because he was a spiritualist who believed in a non-material origin of the Universe.

I would also argue that an all-wise Creator would not go thru the laborious process of evolution, but clearly this is how life has developed on Earth and probably other inhabited planets.

What is far more likely than either the above two theories is a combination of Natural Selection and Intelligent Design behind evolution. If there is, as Wallace suggested and as overwhelming evidence suggests, a non-material origin of the Universe then this doesn’t have to be an all-wise Creator, much less an old man in the sky with a long white beard.

Quantum physics strongly suggests a non-material origin of the sub-atomic particles that make up all matter. Consciousness seems to be what is behind the Universe.

Now this Consciousness does not have to be a personal God or even an all-wise Creator. It could be, as Ron Pearson suggests in his theories, something like his ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’, a kind of brain-like matrix which is the background to everything material. It could, to put it in other terms, be a form of energy or Spirit, and it could well be evolving and learning as it goes along with everything else.

All the evidence I have studied, and it is a lot, suggests that there is indeed Intelligent Design behind the many complicated organs of living creatures and that they cannot be explained solely by Natural Selection. An eye, for example, is a very cleverly designed organ, and the same can be said of many other components of human and animal organisms.

Soviet scientists discovered years ago that all living creatures and plants have a primary body, which they termed ‘bioplasma’. Spiritualists would call it the ‘astral body’ which itself is linked to a greater Soul. It seems from all the evidence that consciousness is NOT located in the physical brain, but rather is external to it and that the brain is merely a receiver and a controller of the physical body.

Indeed, if as Quantum Physics suggests, a conscious observer is necessary for matter to even exist, then conciousness cannot possibly originate in the physical brain.

Out-of-the-body, remote viewing and near-death experiences provide strong evidence that the Mind and various senses are not confined to the brain and the physical body. When brain-dead patients accurately report what is done and said in the vicinity of operating theaters and locations of accidents  while they were unconscious and flat-lining, then scientists and medical men should take notice, and many now do, witness the many such people saying so on YouTube and the Net generally.

All the evidence suggests to me that all material universes, and there must be many as Quantum theory suggests and as Spiritualists also believe (though they call them ‘planes’), are virtual realities created by Mind or Consciousness.

This non-personal Consciousness, Mind or Spirit if you like is constantly learning and evolving, and we and everything in the multi-verse is part of it. If you like to call the whole thing ‘God’, then that’s fine with me, but it is very different from the concept of a personal, all-wise Creator. It is rather the sum total of everything, including us, but it includes higher and lesser evolved elements or parts.

This would suggest that there is indeed a Supreme or Higher Intelligence, but that it has evolved and continues to do so along with everything else.

Spirit or Conscious Energy/Mind surely plans the next tiny stage of evolution in each living organism, and Natural Selection then sorts out the successful changes from the less successful.

My big question, if you say Natural Selection alone can explain the very complex living creatures that exist, is then why haven’t televisions, cars, computers and all sorts of other complex things designed by humans also come about by Natural Selection, made from organic matter perhaps? Possibly because there is a purpose to everything, and that is to gain experience of a physical existence for humans, animals and indeed plants. Things to make our lives easier or more enjoyable are then invented by humans. Nothing seems to just evolve by pure chance or accident, how useful it would be perhaps it if did.

Logic suggests that if something has a very complex design then some sort of Mind must have designed it in the first place, it did not come about by pure chance or accident. I simply don’t believe the theory that millions of monkeys typing blindly on millions of keyboards for millions of years would eventually produce, in English or some other language, a word-perfect complete works of William Shakepeare. They might well produce a few badly spelt sentences or with poor grammar, perhaps even the odd paragraph. Similarly the complex human body or that of one of the higher animal forms could not possibly have just come about by pure chance with no element of intelligent design behind it.

I believe that both organized religion which believes in the existence of an all-wise, personal Creator or God, and materialist orthodox science which is totally atheistic and believes everything came about by pure chance/accident with the help of Natural Selection are both becoming obsolete. The latest scientific theories, Quantum Physics and evidence from mediums and channelers of Spirit strongly suggest that the origin of everything is non-material and that Mind is separate from the brain. That, as already stated, no matter can exist without Consciousness/Mind already existing.

As to whether God created itself out of nothing, or the Universe created itself out of nothing in a Big Bang, both seem so extremely nonsensical and unlikely that I reject both theories. Time is an illusion, there is no beginning and no end. Everything is, if you like to use such terms, eternal, but constantly evolving. Like a movie – the plot evolves, there could even be several different endings filmed, but it is all there on celluloid, videotape or DVD. Only when you’re watching at normal speed are you trapped in a one-way Time dimension.  You can fast foward to the end, reverse to the beginning, look at various possible endings, then choose which one you want to go with. That, I believe, is what reality is like outside of Time and Space.

As to the Big Bang itself, Pearson suggests this is wrong, and orthodox scientists are having great difficulty explaining why the Universe continues to expand at an accelerating rate, inventing concepts such as dark energy to account for this. They also postulate dark matter, making up the bulk of matter in the Universe. Pearson, however, postulates the Big Breed Theory which accounts for everything orthodox science cannot explain, including survival of death and all things now considered to be psychic. His Big Breed Theory also fully explains the accelerating expansion of the Universe, and is equally compatible with the formula E=Mc2 as Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity uses but with different conclusions. Einstein himself remarked, on his 70th birthday, that he believed many of his theories may have been wrong or seriously flawed.

It really is time for both organized religion and orthodox Einsteinian science to put aside their preconceived ideas, study the evidence impartially with an open mind, and be prepared to re-write all the scientific textbooks while regarding ancient religious texts as highly suspect. The latter were used to manipulate and control whole populations, and the explanations of the creation of the Universe, what happens after death, etc. are highly inaccurate, but perhaps were useful for more primitive peoples who didn’t have the scientific knowledge and all the evidence from various sources we have today.

Having said that, many of the ancient civilizations knew a lot more about the true nature of Spirit and survival than many religious and atheistic people do today. Now, it seems, we are at the start of a big revival of much of this lost knowledge, and are also beginning to expand on this knowledge.

Unfortunately vested interests in orthodox religion and Einsteinian science, as always, despise what they regard as heresy and try to hold back progress and new knowledge. However it is inevitable that eventually they will have to give way to new ideas and concepts based on hard evidence and mathematical theories such as those of Ron Pearson and others now considered ‘mavericks’ by many.


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