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Different perspectives, different priorities

03 Feb

When I was younger I wanted to change the world, so became very active in the peace movement and leftwing politics. I would still like the world to change, but I no longer go on endless demonstrations, I am far more selective which ones I go on. I sign some petitions on the Internet, but after a lifetime of being disillusioned with politicians and political systems of all persuasions, and seeing so many huge demonstrations just ignored, I now see progress being very gradual. Evolution not revolution as I said in the previous blog.

As I near the end of my life, and I know others of pensionable age feel the same, thoughts turn more and more to departing from this life. Of course your thoughts on this will depend on whether you believe in survival or not, and if you are religious, an atheist, an agnostic or just spiritual with no particular religion.

I fall in the latter category, and spend quite a lot of time investigating the nature of the afterlife and evidence for it. I do want to see a better world, but now believe political systems alone cannot achieve this. Widespread corruption and secret organizations behind the scenes make all political systems something of a sham. Whether it’s bourgeois democracy or some form of Socialism, it seems society can only go so far because of corruption and powerful forces controlling governments, and indeed human nature.

For instance, under Soviet-style Socialism opportunists and careerists infiltrated all the organs of power, so marginalizing and then suppressing the broad masses. The apathy and political immaturity of the masses enabled them to do this, also the selfishness of human nature where many are only prepared to get involved if there is something in it for them personally. In such a society those with the strongest motives or incentives will quickly take over, and most others will just keep their heads down and try to do the best they can for themselves and their immediate families. Only when things get intolerable will they unite with others and try to change the status quo, and then often not really for the better in the long run.

This is why I now place more hope in the spiritual evolution of humankind. Once we learn that the law of cause and effect always applies, also known as karmic law or karmic justice, then we should become far more conscious and wary of our own actions, for we have to reap what we sow. Whatever we do for others or inflict on others will come back to us in some way sooner or later. There are no saviors from on high to deliver us from the consequences of our actions, no priests, no confessions, no absolution, no Holy Communion or Mass, no Last Rites, no sacrifices, no being a ‘born again Christian’, no martydom – nothing can prevent us being responsible ultimately for our own actions.

There is no Hell of fire and brimstone, that is a distortion of the nature of the lower astral planes. The fact is like attracts like, so once the physical life is over we gravitate to those spirits most like ourselves. So serial murderers and people like Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler will find themselves in an environment, a reality surrounded by people like themselves. However this unpleasant environment is not permanent. All souls are able to be rescued and to progress to higher, much more pleasant spiritual environments once they have paid their karmic debt and learnt the lessons of their mistakes and misdemeanors. Once they tire of the lower astral environment and call for help, it will be given. It is entirely up to us where we go after the physical, and how long we stay there.

Eternal progression to higher levels of Spirituality is the prospect for all of us, and there is no beginning or end to this process, like everything it is eternal and infinite. Human minds cannot comprehend this fully, living in this virtual reality world where everything seems to have a beginning and and end, and where Time moves in one direction only.

In the higher Spiritual planes there is no Time as we know it – past, present and possible future are all accessible. I say possible future, because there are many possibilities, if there were not, we would not have free will. Like a movie made with many different endings, it is possible to envisage many different futures, but general trends can be ascertained.

At the moment great changes are taking place as materialist science and dogmatic religion give way gradually to the new enlightenment coming from psychics, channelers, mediums, Instrumental TransCommunication, scientists prepared to think ‘outside the box’ and break orthodox taboos, medical men of similar mind, quantum physicists whose experiments reveal the weird nature of reality, etc.

So I do have different perspectives and priorities. I no longer devote most of my energies to achieving political change, as I now feel it is more important to change people and how they behave through the knowledge that we all survive death and are responsible for our own actions.

Those who think they can do what they like to others and get away with it are in for a rude shock. This is not a God-like figure dealing out punishments, but the cosmic law of cause and effect. Ultimately we are all connected, so whatever we say or do to others will be felt by us sooner or later.

The purpose of this is not punishment but spiritual progress. We are here to learn from our mistakes, and the physical realm is where we learn the lessons quickest. This is where we can interact with others who are at different levels of spiritual evolution. That is why Earth and the other inhabited planets in the Universe are described as a sort of school or college where spirits learn and progress.

Progress also occurs on the spiritual planes, but there we mix only with those on a similar spiritual level as ourselves. Teachers can come down from a higher plane to help us, but we cannot ascend to the higher planes till we have reached that stage of spiritual evolution.  Similarly those on the lower astral planes cannot ascend to the Third Level and above till they have evolved sufficiently. Only in the physical Universe, in our case on Earth, is there this mixing pot where we interact and learn from other spirits at various stages of evolution. Make the most of it, or some aspect of your greater Soul (not necessarily the personality you are now) will have to come back and learn the lessons you didn’t learn properly this time around. The greater Soul assimilates all the lessons learnt in various lifetimes by the various personalities within it, and eventually is able to progress further to even higher spiritual levels.

At the higher spiritual levels or on the higher spiritual planes individual personalities can merge to create a greater, more highly evolved spiritual entity. This is how spiritual evolution works. We not only have our Higher aspects or Soul, but we are all connected to Soul Groups or Group Souls where there are other spirits and personalities we relate to. Together, we all progress and evolve spiritually.

As part of this process and as Spiritual Enlightenment spreads around the Earth plane, society here will also evolve. Only when humans are ready, i.e. spiritually evolved enough, will true Socialism or even the utopia of Communism become possible, ending all wars, exploitation, injustice and corruption.

2 Responses to “Different perspectives, different priorities”

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    al granville Says:

    Hello Tony,
    As I read your post i had one of those “ah yes” moments. I’m also nearing the finishing post, and when I compare the way I am today, and the values I have,with how I was in my younger days, I actually utter a huge sigh of relief. Like you I am so utterly disgusted with the political elite, greed in business, and the ridiculous behaviour of so many people. Not that I make any claim to be anywhere near as good as I want to be, but i’m trying. Politicians especially sicken me and it’s amazing that they seem to have no sense of karma.
    I do look forward to my transition especially as my beloved partner of 37 years has been gone for 4 years (we’ve spoken of this before,we two) and our pets also. Even if we never meet here maybe we can say hello when we are over there. Regards AL

  2. 2
    Tony Papard Says:

    Oh yes, Al. So many pets and loved ones on the Other Side now. My mother’s still here at 98, see her every day as she lives near me, but only last week her only surviving sibling, my uncle, died in a Care Home.

    As a former Communist Party member I got very disillusioned, not least in 1989/1991 when Socialism collapsed in the Soviet Union and Eastern/Central Europe, but in many of these places they kept the corrupt politicians and elite, and got rid of all the good things Socialism had achieved – full employment, good public services, security in old age, etc. Absolutely crazy!

    So Russian Federation kept Putin, the former KGB man, for instance, and as for former Yugoslavia, the corrupt ‘Communist’ leaders became ‘nationalists’ overnight and terrible wars and genocides occurred in the land Tito had created. The Soviet Union also broke up and there were ethnic conflicts there as well.

    All seems to confirm humankind just wasn’t ready for a fairer form of society in 20th Century, maybe in this one but we won’t be around in our present physical bodies to see it. So I look forward to the reunions and much happier society in the next world.

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