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Water Water Everywhere

02 May

Floods, even in London there are huge puddles and flooded areas due to the heavy rain. We had to turn back at one place down by the River Thames because the pathway was flooded with rainwater. April was the wettest for years, yet they tell us we are in a drought situation and the hosepipe ban will stay to the end of the year.

There can only be one explanation: total incompetence on behalf of the water companies. The River Thames isn’t short of water, why should the reservoirs be? They tell us we’ve had two dry years and one month of rain won’t make up for it.

What a load of crap! There are places much drier than the UK who manage their water better. For heaven’s sake, apart from all our rivers, lakes and ponds which never dry up (unlike in some hot countries), we are an island surrounded by water.

Have they never heard of desalination plants? Come to that, regarding renewable energy sources, forget wind power, we have tidal rivers all round our coastline which could be used to generate power. The Thames Barrier sits there doing nothing most of the time when it could be adapted to generate power, and there are loads of other tidal rivers they could use. Also wave power from the seas around the British Isles.

Seems to me if there’s water shortage they are wasting it somehow, probably thru leaking pipes. I assure you there’s no water shortage where I live – 5 minutes walk from the Thames which last year was literally overflowing with water just near here.

We’re awash with bloody water.

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    Hella Says:

    Spot on again Tony,I have made the same type of comments many times!Of course you musn’t forget, water companies are only interested in making lots of money for themselves and their shareholders,they are not keen on providing a good, essential service to the rest of us.As if we aren’t paying enough for it already!!

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