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Easter/Spring Festival

09 Apr

We’ve just had, in the West, the Christian Easter festival, the Christian Orthodox one sometimes falls on a slightly different date, and there are the pagan Spring and Fertility Festivals which predated the Christian ones.

All these celebrate the renewal of life in some way or other. You don’t have to believe in the physical resurrection of a man crucified 2,000 years ago to celebrate the annual resurrection of plants/trees from the dead look of Winter, nor to celebrate the season when many animals start producing new life.

Also, in this modern day and age when medical science has progressed to the present level, it is becoming more and more common for people to be literally resurrected from the dead. Hearts stop, the patient is brain dead or flatlining on the monitors, yet a higher percentage of these are now revived than was previously thought possible.

A sizeable percentage of these revived patients report Near Death Experiences or NDEs in which they experience being outside their body looking down, often reporting on what surgeons/nurses are doing and their conversations, even what relatives are doing nearby, they often then see a tunnel and/or a bright light, meet a being of light (sometimes interpreted as a religious figure) and often dead relatives, before being told they must go back, it is not their time.

It is impossible to dismiss all these reports of NDEs as mere hallucinations brought about by lack of oxygen to the brain or drugs administered in the hospital. This wouldn’t account for unconscious, brain-dead patients with no heartbeat accurately reporting on things they somehow saw and heard around them by some other means than their physical organs and senses. Patients blind from birth have accurately described scenes complete with colors they’d never seen before in their lives.

The big question is why all patients who are revived don’t report these NDEs. It is quite possible more experience them than are telling, fearing ridicule. However we also know, from communications with departed Spirits via mediums, that what happens immediately after we die depends to a large extent on our own frames of mind and what we believe.

For example, atheists who are convinced there is no afterlife but expect only oblivion will often experience just that. Their Spirits remain unconscious in a coma-like state for a very long time. Others walk the Earth as ghosts, puzzled as to why they can’t interact with living people and material objects, but convinced they must be still alive, yet not accepting they are in the afterlife but haven’t moved beyond the Earth plane.

Members of certain Christian sects are also likely to find, after death, that their Spirits go into an unconscious coma-like state for maybe thousands of years. Their belief that they must sleep until Gabriel blows his trumpet and all the dead are resurrected to face the Final Judgment causes them to go into a deep sleep for centuries.

Other religious believers with closed minds find themselves in Spiritual environments after death with people of similar beliefs, often with the founders and prophets of their religion.

There are many after-life states and many self-made environments in the Spirit world.

Since all environments and all matter universes are created by Thought or Mind, they can be shaped according to one’s expectations or beliefs.

It is therefore most important to have an open mind at least so you can be ready to accept what happens when the physical body dies. If you have studied NDEs and Spirit communications from many sources, you will have a good idea of the various possibilities, but if you haven’t an open mind will insure you do not become trapped on Earth, go into a deep coma-like state for eons, or end up, albeit temporarily, in a closed environment shut off from the greater reality.

Having said this, the evidence is that most people, whatever their beliefs be they Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, atheists, agnostics or whatever, go quickly to what has been termed the Third Level of Spiritual environments. This is an Earth-like environment where they will meet relatives and friends who have gone before, and have the opportunity to relax, study and progress to higher Spiritual levels.

Those who have led really bad lives and done a lot of harm to others will move to a lower Spiritual level because they gravitate towards other Spirits of a similar nature. Therefore these lower Spiritual levels are dark, unpleasant places largely because of the selfish and sadistic souls who inhabit them. However even these environments are only temporary ‘hells’ and there is the opportunity to progress to higher levels once the Spirits themselves call for help. Rescuers come from the higher levels to help them.

We all build up karma from our life on Earth. This is the eternal law of cause and effect. There can be no short-cuts, no ‘saviors’, no absolution by priests, no ‘last rites’, ‘mass’, ‘communion’ or blood sacrifices can save us from facing the consequences of our actions here on Earth. We face an instant life-review on crossing over, outside of time and space, in which we experience the effect of all our actions, and even our thoughts, on others. This, of course, includes the good things we’ve done and their effect on others as well as the negative things.

We then reap the rewards of our karmic credit or pay off our karmic debt, and this is the process by which we learn from our mistakes and progress Spiritually.

All this is based on thousands of after-death communications and NDEs from all over the world over many, many years.

So this Easter just past should be a celebration of the fact that all living creatures, all humans, plants and animals, survive the process we know as physical death because we are all basically Spirit, Energy or Thought, part of the Universal Consciousness which goes under various names but is the ultimate reality.

Physical death is just a transition from one dimension or reality to another. From one of the many Quantum realities scientists now say probably exist side-by-side to another. Also all these environments apparently based on some order of matter are really virtual realities (including this one in our own Universe) created by Mind or Thought. No matter, according to Quantum Physcis, can exist without a conscious observer. So it is hardly surprising, or shouldn’t be, that Consciousness or Mind is the ultimate reality, and that therefore our conscious mind and personality survives physical death because it cannot possibly originate in the physical brain. It must, therefore, be something non-material, whether you call it energy, Spirit or something else.

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