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Time does exist and God is evolving

27 Nov

Ronald Pearson has come up with another Summary of his scientific theories, and I include an excerpt below which shows how Mind and brain are separate, that Spiritual planes of existence are real, that ‘God’ has evolved and continues to do so, and a revelation to me personally, but quite a relief, that Time actually DOES exist even in the Spiritual planes, though they have no way of measuring it or need to do so.

If Time did not exist then we have great problems describing how free-will is possible, and get into complex Quantum theories such as endless parallel universes where all possibilities exist. Thus we have the ridiculous notion that in one Universe Elvis is still alive, Hitler won the Second World War, etc., and in other Universes many other permutations exist. Now we can dispense with such nonsense – the future is real and just a set of possibilities dependent on free-will and other factors.

Here is the excerpt of Ron Pearson’s latest summary:

Excerpt from Ron Pearson’s Big Breed Theory Summary

How Quantum theory is Explained

In the 1930’s it was discovered that, in the world of the atom, all aspects of reality, what we normally observe, vanish like the morning mist. All the bits comprising atoms, their ‘sub-atomic particles’ exist in limbo states until somebody tries to measure where they are. They also exist as waves, like ripples on a pond. Then where waves arising from different places cross each other strange ‘interference patterns’ arise.

The particles exist mostly where the waves are strongest – and then: wait for it – they collapse into particles on observation!

To make sense of this a famous physicist, Niels Bohr, organised a conference. They came out with the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ that said consciousness participated in the creation of matter.

Yet they still all believed that only the mortal brain was the seat of consciousness. So I ask, “How then could matter have existed before brains evolved?”

The answer has to be that consciousness existed prior to the creation of matter and resided in the background medium. This had evolved consciousness by the self-organising power of energy fed chaos. It then designed and created matter.

Where God and Spirit come in

I call the resulting background medium the i-ther meaning ‘intelligent ether’. The structure refines itself by the self-organising power of energy-fed chaos until it acquires a machine-like intelligence. Then further refinement cause small parts to develop consciousness.

God has evolved: not with a male figure shape: it is a huge ever-growing ball, yet the structure is fine grained even as compared to the tiniest sub-atomic particles. Most of i-ther remains in the form of a programmable computer with the minds existing as small more highly organised fractions. These, by thought, are able to program the remainder. God is the totality of all these minds. They all co-operated to design and create the universes of both matter and spirit.

These worlds of spirit and matter could have been designed and created in the same mathematical way. They could use organised vibrations of i-ther as constructional tools to produce what are really virtual realities – such as those we enjoy on our computer screens.

There is a difference: they are fully three-dimensional. The i-ther not only carries out the computation: it uses itself as the 3 D screen on which to portray the images. The worlds of matter and spirit co-exist in the same place but, tuned to different vibrational frequencies, they are not normally visible to one another.

Our bodies are part of the picture and so, to human beings, the illusion of total reality is achieved. We are designed to experience this illusion for a while before the i-theric mind decouples to re-attach to one of the parallel worlds that interpenetrates our own: those of spirit.

The simplest way to start would have been the programming of just a few sub-atomic particles inclusive of a replication routine – rather like the viruses that infect our computers. Now, however, these viruses incorporate a replication cut-off routine. In this way a big bang of matter creation can be organised that parallels that of the established big bang theory. It is, however, now free of its invalidating false logic and predictions.

Now the fine grain structure includes a vast memory store that psychics call the ‘Acashic Records’. Everything that has happened is stored in them and what is expected to happen in the future is stored there also. However, the historic records are fixed but those of the future can be changed owing to the free will of minds. This fits in with experience. It shows why some people are able to make fairly accurate predictions of future events but accuracy diminishes with the time ahead. There is no need to postulate time does not exist: that instead there is an eternal ‘now’: that all is fixed and pre-ordained. If this was so free-will could not

Some people of remote viewing capability claim to have travelled both into the future and into the past. What they are really doing is reading the records that provide the illusion of making such journeys.

A fascinating ‘must read’ is a new book by Brigitte Rix (2011). She is a highly developed clairaudient medium who writes the story of her deceased mother from before her death until the present. This gives a graphic account of the way one progresses in the world of spirit. A fascinating aspect is that one makes things by pure thought. And the products feel just as real and solid as do our own chairs and tables. This gives strong support to the theory by showing how the mind must be programming the i-ther.

One difficulty emerges once again: the problem of time. All communicators tell us it does not exist for them. Yet how can this be if they progress? I think they mean they have no time reference like our Sun. They can be deluded just as we can be.

I have replied to Ron as follows, and asked a question the answer to which I’ll post as a Comment to this blog if Ron replies, though it may well be very technical and laypersons like me may not fully understand it. Here is what I replied to Ron:

Many thanks for this. The section I found most interesting, and easy to understand for the layperson familiar with Survivalism and the afterlife communications, is the section I’ve attached. It conforms to what I myself have surmised: that if anything approaching the concept of a ‘God’ exists, then it has evolved, continues to evolve and all living things and all inanimate matter is part of it. Also that everything is basically energy and matter largely an illusion.

It amazes me that what you and I can see so clearly, Quantum Physicists apparently cannot. That is the obvious conclusion that if Mind is necessary to organize waves of probability into sub-atomic particles, or in other words, to create matter or the illusion of matter, then Mind must be a form of energy separate from a brain composed of matter. Quantum Physics in fact prove that Mind and brain MUST be separate, and if separate, then it follows that survival of death is perfectly possible, and indeed is to be expected. Energy is the natural state of things, solid matter is an illusory temporary creation of Mind.

The revelation to me in your latest summary is that Time does indeed exist. It has always been puzzling to me how the future can be determined by free-will if there is no Time, just a constant ‘now’. It could well be that without a Sun and therefore day and night, those on the otherwise Earth-like environment of the Third Level of Spirit would have no way of measuring Time. This comes through in Brigitte Rix’s book – the mother is vague about how many Earth days have elapsed between communications, or how long she’s been in Spirit. However there does seem to be a chronology in what she does, how she progresses. This seems to suggest that Time does indeed exist but she has no way of measuring it nor, indeed, any need to do so.

It is as if on this idyllic plane of existence, similar to Earth in that it has the illusion of matter created by thought, they have not only dispensed with the need for a State along with artificial regulators like an army, police, money, etc. – in fact a sort of Spiritual communist stage of evolution as optimistically envisaged on Earth one day by Marx and Engels, but they have also dispensed with the need for Time, or at least, the need for dividing it up into units of measurement.

Having said this, however, it no way invalidates the fact that eternity exists. I cannot envisage that there can truly be a beginning or an end as there must always be something which preceded or followed both of these concepts, which also are largely illusory. What we actually are describing by such terms as ‘beginning’ or ‘end’ is a dramatic change or conversion from one state of existence to another. There must always have been some background medium for matter, or energy, to now exist, and since energy can not be destroyed, then it must be eternal.

I do have a difficulty understanding exactly how primaries annihilate each other, even though there is a net gain to account for the accelerating expansion of the Universe. Does this mean energy can be destroyed after all, or does it convert into some background medium which has always existed? Or is the fact that there is, in fact, a net gain in energy/matter explain the concept that energy can never really be destroyed? Any destruction is more than compensated for by net creation?

Anyway the main thing is both your theories and Quantum Physics theory and experimentation show that Mind must be separate from the physical brain, and that means that survival is based on a firm scientific basis, even if many orthodox scientists are at present unwilling to admit it.

  1. Tony Papard posted the following on November 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm.

    Following received from Ron Pearson:

    It’s nice to see you have put this on your website. The only point I need to answer is the way the law of conservation of energy is outflanked. Primaries arrive in two forms made from opposite kinds of energy: positive and negative. They can cancel each other like +1 -1 = 0 so two equal and opposite primaires can mutually annihilate to leave nothing. Creation is the converse case 0 = +1 -1: two opposites arising from nothing – the void.
    So in this Big Breed theory there could have been a beginning from nothing but there can never be an end.

    Reply to Tony Papard
  2. Tony Papard posted the following on November 27, 2011 at 9:32 pm.

    As expected, I don’t fully understand Ron’s reply, but I do recall he wrote previously that the ‘void’ doesn’t necessarily imply nothing at all. Religiously minded people would say God existed in this void. I would probably use different terminology, but would think something would need to have always existed for anything to exist now. Maybe Mind or a Thought, the nature of which we don’t yet fully understand?

    Reply to Tony Papard

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