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13 Jul

Just a general post as I haven’t written one for a while, having been on holiday for a week.

The rock’n'roll weekend, Wildest Cats In Town, was great, met many friends, and paid my deposit for next July sharing with Frank Walker to see The Comets and Gene Summers.

The main American acts this year were Mac Curtis, Johnny Powers and Charlie Gracie. Mac was disappointing, but the other two were great. Also enjoyed seeing Graham Fenton’s Matchbox and Crazy Cavan, two bands I’ve been following for well over 30 years (including Graham’s previous bands the Houseshakers and the Hellraisers). I managed to exchange a few words also with Mike Coffey, Cavan’s drummer and brother of Breathless Dan Coffey.

I stayed on, with my mother (aged 93), at the Pakefield holiday camp for their Summer Golden Break (Over 50s week), and enjoyed it, though much of the entertainment was a repeat of what we saw back in December when we went on their Turkey and Tinsel Golden Break. Most of the Bluecoats were still there, though the camp one had been replaced by Scott, a handsome young lad and upcoming singer. ‘Sunbeam’ was there smiling as usual, real name ‘Daniel’ which he hates. I was tempted to sing ‘Danny boy’ every time I passed him, but restrained myself!

The 1960s and 1940s Bluecoat shows, The Ivy League and the Day-Glo puppet show were all essentially the same as on the Turkey and Tinsel week back in December. But we enjoyed them again.

The Gold Breaks seem to be mainly aging heterosexual couples. I just wonder why so few gay couples go on these breaks? It was the same on the cruises we went on recently. I do find it a bit tiresome that on both the cruises and the Pontins Gold Breaks, the clientele seem to consist almost entirely of narrow-minded, flag-waving, foreigner-hating heterosexuals. Graham, the camp compere, stated he hated the French, hated the EU, and didn’t see why Land of Hope and Glory should be banned by the Albert Hall. It is because it is politically incorrect, as is Rule Britannia! and many other jingoistic anthems.

Some of us are glad we are in the EU, which has forced Britain to give gay people equal rights and generally dragged the UK into the 21st century. What I want now is Britain to become a federated state in a united European republic. If Graham and most of the Pontins crowd don’t like that, let them go and fight their old imperialist, foreigner-hating wars somewhere else. Oh by the way, Graham, I think there are more deserving causes than giving free holidays to families of servicemen fighting illegal wars abroad. They should be brought home to fight the teenage gang anarchy on our own city streets. And, being a republican who wants rid of the Monarchy, of course I remained seated during the ridiculous so-called ‘National Anthem’ ‘God Save The Queen’ which closed the 1940s show, as I did also in December. I’ll stand for the European anthem, ‘Ode To Joy’ I believe, for ‘The Red Flag’, ‘The Internationale’, ‘England Arise!’ maybe even ‘There’ll Always Be An England’, certainly not to save some outdated monarch from consignment to the dustbin of history!

And as to the heterosexual predominance among the clientele, I would say this probably didn’t apply to the entertainers, where there has always been a strong gay representation. I’m sure, for example, I spotted the female partner of a woman entertainer in the main ballroom one nite – definitely a ’sister’ in one way or another, either by blood or sexual orientation.

One thing occurred to me – for elderly/disabled people like my mother why do we bother traveling all the way to Pakefield, Lowestoft in Suffolk? They might just as well create a Pontins holiday camp in the middle of London, with a picture of the sea as a backcloth. It was impossible to get down to the beach or even close enough to see the sea and waves at Pakefield, because they’ve never bothered to make the beach there accessible to wheelchairs and the disabled.

They HAVE improved the rough path down to the beach and installed a hand-rail, but it is still too rough and steep for disabled or elderly people. A gradually sloping tarmac or cemented path leading down to a terrace with a beach cafe would be ideal. In fact I would say it was ESSENTIAL to enable everyone holidaying at Pakefield to enjoy the sea air/view. The only alternative is to get transport into neighboring Lowestoft each time you want to see the sea/go on the beach. As meals are every three hours or so at Pakefield during the week, the only way to spend most of the day on the beach is to miss your midday meal, or spend much of the day waiting for buses to an accessible beach.

Despite the weather, which was changeable, we had a nice break, and managed to avoid the rain most of the week, catching quite a bit of sunshine which we mostly spent in a little garden on the camp, since the beach was so inaccessible.

I did venture down to the beach 3 times and swam in the cold sea twice. Didn’t see anyone else swimming, but then I’m used to cold water as I swim regularly in the Summer months in open air ponds/lakes or the sea.

‘Diana’ podcasts have stopped for the moment at least, but I’m still catching up on these and the posts on the original website. I’m still convinced it is her. Why shouldn’t it be? A very determined woman in life, I would imagine she would NOT go quietly if she felt she was bumped off to keep her silent. And if they are thinking of bumping off Andrew Russell-Davis, her main channel, she has plenty of other channels around the world thru which she is having her say. Diana, Princess of Wales, did everything she could in life to undermine the Monarchy as it stands, and after death has stated in her podcasts she hopes, and believes, the Monarchy will be abolished after the present incumbant dies. She does NOT want William to be King and lead the restricted lifestyle Diana was forced to when still married to Charles.

As to the coming week, my mother and I have two more coastal trips booked – Worthing on Tuesday and Hastings on Friday. At least she will be able to see the sea on those trips. Let’s hope the weather stays dry at least, and hopefully sunny.

  1. Anonymous posted the following on January 22, 2011 at 4:24 pm.

    Hi there! its Sunbeam here!!! iv read a couple of your blogs… (This one and the last one from when you went to the rock n roll weekend) just wanted to leave message to say hi! and im glad you have enjoyed your couple of trips to pakefield! have you been there lately?

    Sunbeam x

    Reply to Anonymous
  2. Tony posted the following on January 22, 2011 at 7:59 pm.

    Hi Sunbeam!

    Missed your smiling face at Pakefield in September 2010. My mother and I are booked in again for next May, assuming whoever took over Pontins does keep it going – let’s hope so.

    My blog above sounds incredibly grumpy and provocative. Despite everything I said, I do like Graham – a great compere with a nice line in old jokes. When I saw him briefly while checking out from the July 2010 Wildest Cats In Town weekend I said I was coming back in September with my mother and that I hoped he’d got some new jokes. He just said: ‘No, no new ones, just the same old ones!’ Ha ha. Actually he was away most of the week, but the other Bluecoats managed very well till Graham turned up on the Thursday.

    A very young and very camp mixed-race Bluecoat with an Afro insisted on doing a ‘dance’ one night, and Graham let him. It ended up as a stiptease, which the Golden Oldies seemed to enjoy.

    I was back at Pakefield for the Wildest Cats In Town Xmas Party in December 2010.

    How are you doing? Working somewhere nice? All the Bluecoats always seem very talented, including yourself, and you always made all the visitors feel very welcome.

    In case you can’t place me you can see my picture on Facebook – I’m on there under my real name, Tony Papard.

    All the best,


    Reply to Tony

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