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Rather unusual evening

10 Jun

After enjoying the glorious mini-heatwave at my favorite swimming pond up Hampstead this afternoon, I came in and the phone rang. It was Andrew, the medium who channels Diana. Then Diana herself came on the phone.

We chatted for an hour or two, it’s not everyday you get the opportunity to chat, well listen mainly, to a dead princess, ask her questions, get answers, and all as easily as talking to your friend on the phone. I did withhold my mobile phone number from Andrew and Diana, explaining that I didn’t want to be overheard on a bus or train talking to the former Princess of Wales in case they locked me away.

But in the privacy of my own home, I was quite happy to listen to Diana, and Andrew, reading out some of the channeled messages, letters, etc. from their websites, and I also chatted to Andrew about his life, and mine. I asked Diana several questions, and she answered them.

I later discovered short messages from both of them on my answering service, including a phone number to ring back, but they rang me soon after I got in.

Diana was telling me how good The Queen is at her job. Being a republican, which I told Diana early on in the conversation, I didn’t know what to say. So I just said that Monarchy is a lottery, you might get a good Head of State or a bad one, and if you got one you didn’t like what could you do but try to force them to abdicate, like they did with the Duke of Windsor? I also said it was unfair on the royals themselves to have this job thrust on them whether they wanted it or not.

I said it was very restricting and she agreed of course, having experienced this herself. Oh there’s wealth and privilege, but what about a private life? I said to Diana, suppose an heir to the throne was gay and wanted to enter into a civil partnership, well it just wouldn’t be allowed, and she agreed.

She didn’t think the Monarchy would last long, if at all, after the present Head of State dies, and she will never abdicate. No doubt she is good at ‘her job’, but is it the right job would be my question. I have no objection whatsoever to any of the Windsor family becoming Head of State, so long as they stand for election and gain a majority over any rival candidates. It is a peculiar system that works well in many other countries, called democracy.

It works well for the public, and for the people who are up for election. Everyone has a choice in the matter - they can choose whether they wish to stand, and we can choose whether we want them as Head of State.

The trouble with being a figurehead, without real political power, is that you are expected to stay out of politics. As soon as you get involved, you are in trouble, as Diana found out, even when she was no longer a royal. So if The Queen decided she was NOT going to launch a new Trident nuclear submarine because she didn’t agree with it, or one of the princes decided he would not join the military as expected, all Hell would break loose, the Monarchy would be rocked. It seems it is a very shaky edifice indeed, if a guy having a boyfriend or a woman thinking it is a bad idea to launch a ship which could cause a nuclear holocaust are things which could bring the whole institution down. Better to do away with it altogether.

You can’t have a non-political Head of State, it’s as simple as that. They have to represent their country and do political things, and the Monarchy, The Queen, is political. She stands always for the status quo, whatever that is at any given time.

At least an elected Head of State would presumably be elected on policies, so would not be forced to do things he or she did not agree with, and nobody would worry if he or she had a partner of the opposite sex, the same sex, or no partner at all. There is no need for them to produce an ‘heir’. And at anytime, they can announce their resignation.

I didn’t discuss all this with Diana, but am willing to do so if she wishes to. It was a most interesting conversation, and I hope the world gets to hear her posthumous voice more and more. Many have heard it on the internet via the sites given in my previous messages, and she has also broadcast posthumously on an Australian radio station.

I hope she gets the chance, with Andrew her channeler, to appear on British TV. Surely one station of the many now available will be willing to invite him and Diana on for an interview so the viewing public can judge for themselves?

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