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Unacceptable Face of Immigration

26 Sep

While emigration and immigration is inevitable, it must first of all be controlled, and secondly, immigrants to any country must respect local laws and culture, whilst being allowed to preserve their own cultural traditions.

No country can allow uncontrolled immigration or emigration. This is why visas are necessary in many countries for immigration or emigration (or even for holiday visits, etc.). It is also why the USA builds a fence on its Southern border with Mexico, why UK retains passport and immigration controls, and why the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) built the border installations surrounding the enclave of West Berlin and also between the GDR and the FRG (West Germany). How these borders are controlled, of course, is another matter, and for the record mining the borders and shooting people trying to cross illegaly is totally unacceptable.

Once immigrants are in a country, they should be required to learn the local language and respect the laws and cultural traditions of the country. This may happen in some countries with mass immigration, like the United States of America, where becoming an American citizen is something immigrants to that country are proud of. So you have Afro-Americans, Italian Americans, Greek Americans, Native Americans and many other varieties, all of whom, with some exceptions, seem to be Americans first and foremost, respecting the Constitution and the cultural traditions of that country whilst preserving their own cultures inside their communities, and that is the key thing.

Where immigration gets out of line and creates real problems is when immigrants do not bother to learn the local language (and this applies to many British immigrants in countries like Spain), and just import their native culture into their new country of residence. When this affects the indigenous population of the country they have emigrated to, it becomes a real problem.

Taken to its extreme this is manifested in the attitude of some Islamic extremists who come to the UK and then demand it be turned into an Islamic state, with Sharia law, which includes stoning to death of women for adultery, and the death penalty for gays.

The wearing of the head-to-toe burkah is unacceptable in public places and should be banned. What is the use of CCTV if criminals and terrorists can hide their faces by wearing the burkah, with men pretending to be women? Women wearing the burkah could be concealing explosives especially in this age of suicide bombers. What Muslim women wear inside their own homes, community centers and Mosques, is of course, entirely up to them; in these places they may wear the burkah or whatever their community allows.

Similarly Britons in Muslim countries should not wear bikinis and skimpy bathing costumes on their beaches, should not drink alcohol in public in places where it is against the local laws or traditions, etc.

The importation of alien drug, gun, knife and gang culture into Britain from the Caribbean ethnic community is also completely unacceptable. While an argument can be made for the legalization of drugs; gun and knife gangs and the associated violence and murders cannot be tolerated. Ethnic communities which tolerate this type of unacceptable behavior must expect the UK police to come down heavily, and to stop and search members of that community, especially teenagers and young people, every time they go out.

Immigrants taking over whole areas and making the indigenous population a minority is also unacceptable. In my area there are public places where ethnic music blares out of loudspeakers and public address systems quite regularly, whilst if the indigenous population sought permission to do the same they would not be allowed to do so. This particular square where this happens is full of ethnic shops and two churches, and the local ethnic community completely take it over and the neighboring park. The local indigenous white population is in a minority. This can feel very intimidating when groups of young people hang around in groups. There have been several shootings and stabbings in the area, involving the ethnic minorities. Also a serious sexual assault and a mugging on my estate.

The overwhelming of the indigenous culture is evidenced by a nearby mosque and community center frequented by the local Islamic community, a butchers (Hal-al) and many take-aways, all of them also Hal-al. For the local indigenous population who do not wish to buy Hal-al meat products they have to go to the local supermarkets, pubs or cafes.

My father was Greek-Cypriot, and his community also did not make much attempt to integrate into British society. I have an aunt and uncle, now returned to their native Cyprus, who lived here for years and speak virtually no English. I have cousins who only speak English very badly, having lived here most of their lives. My father, who came here before the Second World War, lived in England for decades and only spoke broken English with a heavy accent. This is hardly surprising since all these relatives living in Britain speak only Greek amongst themselves, rarely mix with English people, read Greek language newspapers, go to Greek clubs, and now even watch Greek language TV stations available by satellite or cable.

I don’t care if you’re a Brit living abroad or a British born person with an ethnic background, or an immigrant to this country. You learn the local language, you respect the laws and traditions of the country you live in, and you do not try to impose your ethnic culture and traditions on your adopted home country; you keep them within your own community whilst integrating as much as possible with the indigenous community.

Not to do these things will inevitably create a backlash against all immigration and ethnic minorities, and build up support for extremist political parties like the BNP, English National Party, etc..

Of course immigrants are welcome to this country, though numbers must be controlled. Once here, they and their descendants must learn to speak and read our language and obey our laws and traditions. This includes our minimum wage and trade union rights. Too many East Europeans and others came over here working below the minimum wage, refusing to join trade unions and putting many of our own workers out of a job. We fought hard for decent wages and conditions, and foreigners and immigrants must not be allowed to undermine the things the trade unions have fought long and hard to obtain for the workers.

I’m all in favor of the European Union, and indeed for the single currency and a federal Europe. But this should be on a level playing field like the United States of America, where each State, although having its own legislature, comes under the U.S. Constitution, and where there is more or less a level playing field as regards prices, wages, etc. Of course those in cities will be paid more than those in rural areas because of the higher cost of living, but gross discrepancies such as exist between some parts of the European Union and others are unacceptable. One Union, one Constitution, one method and level of taxation and uniform labor and trade union laws with a uniform minimum wage throughout the Union – this is essential, and another reason I’m all for a federal United States of Europe with a strong, fully democratic federal Parliament elected by proportional representation.

As to immigrants from outside the EU, be they Americans, Australasians or from Africa or Asia, they must integrate into European and British society and respect our laws and cultural traditions, whilst being allowed to keep their own cultural traditions within their own communities.


  1. Victoria B posted the following on October 10, 2011 at 6:51 pm.

    I think that the problem is actually with the English themselves. At the end, it is their job so assimilate the newcomers.Instead, they are the ones who are building the walls between themselves and the immigrants and are refusing to accept and assimilate them.
    It is not the immigrants’ fault that the English are unable to find ways to meaningfully coexist with them.They probably see that there is no point in completely assimilating into the English mainstream society, because even when they do, they will still find themselves rejected.They will find that for all the sacrifices that they have made in having to break with their native culture, language and traditions, they have actually become completely denationalized and bereft of any sense of belonging at all, because England has failed to give them a new identity. It is the English who always manage to create and breed alienation, hostility and misery wherever they go. The English who are complaining how they are being “overwhelmed” and outnumbered by the immigrants and made to feel like an alienated minority in their native cities and towns, are only reaping the bitter harvest sown by their ancestors when they colonized Asian and African lands.It was their ancestors who squeezed all the natural resources out of these lands and inflicted large scale damage and destruction on native cultures and societies.In turn, the Asian immigrants are doing the same things to the English today. Besides the legacy of colonialism , it is the overall American and English economic policies that are ruining the economies of countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as the third world. It is these policies that are driving the people out of their homelands and necessitate them to seek work and better live somewhere else. The result is the large scale immigration into England and America from these parts of the world.

    Reply to Victoria B
  2. Tony Papard posted the following on October 10, 2011 at 10:45 pm.

    I agree with much of what Victoria B. has to say. Britain did colonize, enslave and exploit much of the world and now it’s payback time The US aond other mutlinationals continue to exploit the developing world and former Socialist countries as pools of cheap labor and resources.

    However America does assimilate newcomers much more than the British or English do. In this I also agree with Victoria. I remarked on how when visiting the USA you meet Americans with Italian, Greek, Polish and other backgrounds, rather than Italians, Greeks and Poles who happen to live in America. I don’t think we truly have this tradition here in UK, and probably both the indigenous British and the immigrants are partly to blame.

    However all immigration and emigration must be controlled, and de-populating the developing world and over-populating the developed world will not solve anything.

    Much better the majority stay at home, organize trade unions, form worker cooperatives and improve working conditions and standards of living that way. Fleeing your homeland is not really an answer, at least not for most people.

    Reply to Tony Papard

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