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Older and Wiser?

18 Sep

I now have to face the fact that I’m pushing 70. Many of my friends are either around the same age or have already passed on, including of course my life-partner who passed to Spirit at the relatively early age of 48.

I feel I am a lot wiser at this age and that I have learnt a lot from experience, including from my mistakes, of which there are quite a few. This, I believe, is the main reason we are here. To learn and progress.

Of course some people would say I am not wiser at all; that as I get older I get more and more weird and have exchanged a scientific formula for the continued evolution of human society (atheistic Marxism-Leninism) for ‘pie in the sky when you die’. Adopting along the way along with Survivalism (non-religious Spiritualism) all sorts of weird and wonderful conspiracy theories and beliefs, including UFOs, extraterrestial contact and alien abductions (I believe there have been abductions to carry out genetic and other experiments, but that the various UFO visitors are essentially non-hostile. Some could be time machines from our own future.)

I let others judge and make their own conclusions, and as Rhett Butler said in ‘Gone With The Wind’ whatever their opinions of me ‘Frankly, I couldn’t give a damn!’

Each person must find their own way and their own belief or non-belief systems, but we can learn from experience, from our mistakes and from each other.

I don’t accept things unless there is convincing evidence supporting them. For instance, my journey from traditional atheism to being convinced of the afterlife (though I still don’t believe in God, or Satan for that matter) did not come about overnight when I lost my partner. It is not, I would say, down to wishful thinking or clinging to nice fairy tales like a belief in Santa Claus or, indeed, in real fairies (not the camp variety!) at the bottom of my, er… allotment (don’t have a garden.)

Long before my life-partner passed to Spirit I came across a book called ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain’ by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. In that book (and remember I was at that time a hard-line, atheistic member of the British Communist Party with no belief in an afterlife) I learnt how atheistic science in the Soviet Union and the Socialist countries had discovered, among other things, that all living creatures and plants had a second body, an ‘energy body’ if you like. Soviet scientists dubbed this energy body ‘bioplasma’ and photographed it with a system of electronic field photography named after its Soviet inventor in the 1930s, Semyon Kirlian. In some experiments it seemed the bioplasma body could survive damage to the physical body, and illnesses, etc. showed up in the bioplasma long before they manifested in the physical.

This opened my mind to the possibility that the Spiritualists and religious people were right, and all living things had a Spirit, astral body, soul or whatever. Of course there are many debunkers of Kirlian photography who claim it shows nothing paranormal at all, since inanimate objects like coins also show an ‘aura’ under electronic field photography, and this ‘aura’ also disappears in a vaccuum. However I am sure Soviet scientists investigated all this, and indeed photographs of the ‘aura’ of coins were depicted in the book or in a magazine article I read about the same time on Kirlian photography, and the ‘aura’ produced by inanimate objects was different to that produced by living organisms. In any case according to Survivalist/Spiritualist evidence, everything, including apparently inanimate objects, are permeated by the life-force which creates all matter. Or rather the ILLUSION of matter, for solid matter doesn’t even exist.

Whether Kirlian photography really photographed the ‘astral body’ of living things or not is perhaps immaterial in my case as it opened my otherwise closed mind to the possibility precisely because it came from ‘behind the Iron Curtain’ which were officially societies based on no-nonsense atheism.

Since then I have discovered much more conclusive evidence that all living things survive death, not least Near Death and Out of the Body experiences, Remote Viewing and After Death Contacts by various methods. All these also have their debunkers, but all these debunkers are very selective about what evidence they are willing to examine. Just take NDEs (Near Death Experiences) for example. Debunkers say they are merely hallucinations produced by the dying brain through lack of oxygen, or because of drugs being administered to the dying patient. If this were the case how can the patient while unconscious and flatlining accurately report seeing and hearing events, people and objects in and around their vicinity while clinically ‘dead’? This has been proved time and time again. It’s all very well reporting seeing tunnels and bright lights, then meeting granny in the afterlife, but this can’t be proved. If, however, you see a blue tennis shoe on a ledge of the hospital and it is later retrieved (Seattle, USA), or see and hear what nurses and doctors are doing in the operating theater, describing what instruments they used, or what relatives and friends in adjoining rooms were saying, wearing and doing, then it must be real. If people blind from birth see for the first time and accurately describe things and colors after having an NDE, then something very strange is going on. OOBEs (out-of-the-body experiences) and Remote Viewing confirm this. The CIA and other intelligence services have used Remote Viewers to spy on facilities in other countries, in the case of the CIA places thousands of miles away in the old Soviet Union. The information obtained by Remote Viewers has later been verified by actual photographs of the places they somehow visited without leaving the room/laboratory.

I won’t go into more evidence here for mind, consciousness and the ability to see, hear, smell, etc. being separate, or able to separate, from the physical body, but it is quite overwhelming if you research into it. Moreover it is backed up by Quantum Physics theory which says matter to exist has to have a conscious observer, and the latest scientific theories in the quantum area point to Consciousness being at the heart of everything.

We already knew, since Einstein at least, that solid matter was an illusion created by a system of vibrations holding sub-atomic particles together. This correlates with Survivalist/Spiritualist concepts of different planes of existence vibrating at different rates, or with Quantum theory about other dimensions interpenetrating our own but on different wavelengths. Much as a radio or TV tuned to one station cannot pick up other stations until you re-tune it.

As to UFOs and extraterrestial contact, I realized this was a reality after reading the books of Major Donald E. Keyhoe of the USAF. Indeed Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA and quoted in Keyhoe’s books, was quoted in the New York Times way back in 1959 as saying: ‘These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth.’ Indeed this conclusion was reached back in the 1940s, and according to Keyhoe the Admiral at that time ordered the conclusion kept secret for fear of causing panic. Much more recently NASA astronaut and scientist, Dr Ed Mitchell (who walked on the Moon) has confirmed the reality of UFOs and ongoing contact with the aliens operating them, and that a real UFO crashed in Roswell in the United States in the 1940s and was recovered. Dr Mitchell has said this on a UK radio station, among other places.

As to the various conspiracy theories about the deaths of JFK, his brother Robert, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Diana Spencer (former Princess of Wales), about 9/11 and many other events, people must look at the evidence and decide for themselves, at least until whistle-blowers come out in the open or even more evidence becomes available. For many of these conspiracy theories much evidence is already there if only you research it, and the Internet is a wonderful uncensored tool for doing this.

So I would say I am most definitely older and wiser as I base my opinions on studying the evidence, not on wishful thinking. Indeed it is perhaps those who do not believe in an afterlife who are the wishful thinkers. It would be very easy to accept that we only live for a relatively short period then return to oblivion, with no consequences, nor karma to face. Do what we like, hurt who we like, just make money and enjoy ourselves at other people’s expense possibly, and no comebacks. Indeed kill as many people as we like in order to gain our materialistic objectives, and again, no comebacks or karma to face in an afterlife.

That’s more-or-less how I regarded things back when I was a traditional atheist, though being a humanist and Communist I was not interested in personal gain at the expense of others. However I did believe the end justified the means, hence my acceptance of Stalinist methods in a mistaken attempt to create Communism. I even called for the rehabilitation of Stalin thinking his positive achievements outweighed the negative ones. I no longer feel this, in fact the very opposite. Stalin did more to destroy Socialism (not just Communism) than anybody else on the planet, apart from possibly Pol Pot in Cambodia/Kampuchea.

I’m not sure what I’d call myself now, agnostic perhaps is the best term. I know there’s an afterlife because of the overwhelming personal and other evidence for it, but I’ve seen no evidence of a personal God. What I have discovered is evidence for some kind of Conscious Energy behind everything, a Mind separate from matter, which indeed creates and organizes the illusion of matter in this Universe and other dimensions. Scientists who think outside the box, like Ronad Pearson, have formulated theories which encompass the so-called paranormal. His theories have been published in Russian scientific journals, among other places. He doesn’t talk of ‘God’ but of the ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’ as a matrix permeating everything. Moreover his theories seem to be mathematically correct, and need none of the adjustments and inventions of things such as ‘dark energy’ which Einstein orthodox science needs to constantly come up with to try to explain the accelarating expansion of the Universe. Albert Einsten himself, before he died, admitted he felt he had probably got a lot of things wrong, but orthodox science is reluctant to admit they are in a cul-de-sac – too much research money and other funding depends on them accepting the outdated orthodox scientific theories and staying clear of ‘woo-woo’ concepts. These are concepts orthodox scientists are told never to speak about or investigate, though an increasing number do so privately.

However there’s nothing unsual about this. Most big scientific turn-arounds have started off as heresy or maverick theories, and their original discoverers mocked and derided at the time. Galileo who said the Earth was not the center of the Universe with the stars and planets revolving around it was one of these.

As to my politics, some would say I’ve come full circle. Resigning from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1976, I’ve now rejoined a small group called the Provisional Central Committee for the Communist Party of Great Britain.  However it differs from the old Party in many ways. It is much less dogmatic, and the main reason I joined was because it is the ONLY leftwing organization in the UK that does not reject the European Union, but on the contrary, sees the need ultimately for an EU-wide Communist Party when the EU becomes a United States of Europe. I am strongly in favor of a federal Europe and a single currency, being an internationalist, though of course I would much prefer a Socialist European federal republic (that too may come in time, probably as a break-away group from the EU itself initially.)

I remain a Socialist and a Marxist and have learnt from the experience and mistakes of the Socialist countries of the 20th Century. The two main lessons I have learnt in this respect is to do with pluralism and rejection of a monolithic political and economic system. A Socialist Constitution could protect the Dictatorship of the Proleteriat (though I prefer another term as minorities also have rights usually denied by any form of ‘dictatorship’.) A one-Party state or a one-Party dominated coalition makes infiltration and corruption almost inevitable, so a multi-party state with free elections is essential, albeit under the Socialist Constitution, which could only be revoked in a referendum. I also prefer trying alternatives to the Soviet-style State monopoly model for public ownership, which was also adopted in countries like Britain in the 1940s. This is inefficient and bureaucratic for most industries, though may be suitable for a few like the railways and banking. Free elections with rival political parties would allow various Socialist models to be experimented with. I personally favor the former Yugoslav model of worker/consumer cooperatives and smaller publicly owned enterprises all competing in a friendly, healthy Socialist market place.

So lessons learnt in all spheres, and I hope to continue learning and evolving in this world and the next ones. Spiritual development and evolution is the key to everything, that, above all, is what I have learnt in over 66 years on this planet.



  1. Andrew Russell - Davis posted the following on September 18, 2011 at 2:54 pm.

    I’d say Tony that as you approach your 70′s you are a lot more open minded and with a whole lot more knowlege about a wide range of topics than people younger than yourself, myself included; so ought to be celebrating this fact! Every single one of us has made mistakes but so long as we acknowlege them, learn from them and try our hardest to not repeat them then they have served a profound purpose in our individual evolutions. A situation or circumstance, turn of events even in the guise of someone will endlessly make a return in our lives under differing guises if there is an important lesson for us to learn from by this happening! This is why many people find themselves repeating history, I have done this in attracting partners to myself who have been unavailable to me emotionally for one reason or another.
    This part of my Karma to deal with as you Tony and others have yours and as we do so, we assist in our own self development and evolution.

    Reply to Andrew Russell - Davis
  2. Anonymous posted the following on September 18, 2011 at 5:35 pm.

    Well done. I’m glad to see somebody has read one of my books and approves.
    For a unique peep at the afterlife I suggest you log onto:
    Medium & author Brigitte Rix
    Ron Pearson

    Reply to Anonymous
  3. Tony posted the following on September 18, 2011 at 7:18 pm.

    Reply to Ron Pearson – many thanks. I’m reading one of Brigitte Rix’s books at the moment – ‘I’m Not Dead, I’m Alive Without a Body’ which relates conversations with her mother, grandmother, father and others in Spirit. Something I’ve started to do on a regular basis myself, principally with my life-partner and various Spirit guides, etc. but also with other Spirit people, some of which I knew in life. They’ve told me some amazing things which have checked out, such as the hospitalization of two people I didn’t know about, including details such as my partner’s sister had to have treatment on her foot. None of this I had an inkling of before. I’m currently trying to check out some information I got about a cousin who may have passed to Spirit.

    Reply to Tony
  4. Andrew Russell - Davis posted the following on September 18, 2011 at 10:19 pm.

    An email sent to

    Hi .. I am Andrew and writing to make you aware of a unique website on the net. I am the Official Voice Channel of “Diana, Princess of Wales”. Voice channelings can be seen on You Tube and on the site her spoken book plus a number of After – Life interviews with Rose Campbell. I also channeled Diana in the film by Keith Allen banned in the U.K.
    The Media have been informed both sides of the Atlantic but have chosen or no doubt been instructed to ignore these varied communications. Diana’s sons and the Royals have been informed about the site as has Lord Spencer and Mohamed al Fayed. I have channeled Diana to people who knew her in life and recognised her but with professional reputations to protect have to date chosen not to verify that they have spoke with a dead ? ex Princess but let Diana Speak please ….

    ” Thank you very much Andrew. I fully realise that it is difficult indeed for some people pretty impossible to believe I’m still around but always someone expected to do the unexpected and speaking in life of myself in the third person in saying on Panorama .. ” She won’t go quietly “, I am merely proving I meant what I said !
    I was aware of course that I was treading on political toes with my personal involvement in the Landmine Campaign with intentions of exposing the genocide happening there as well as my criticising the current government at that time in relation to this isssue which ultimately resulted in my assassination in Paris albeit as the result of a carefully planned accident in the French capital city but I was the target and Dodi the victim !
    Do please do your homework and take the time to visit my site and I guarantee that you will find it all pretty amazing !”
    Thank you for listening to me,
    Diana .

    The lady needed to speak but please as she suggests do have a serious look at the site and only when you have examined it in detail, may you sit in judgement of it. I do assure you that it is FREE and no membership necessary and that Diana’s Channeled book has not been published. This work has not been undertaken to exploit “Diana, Princess of Wales”.

    Yours sincerely,
    Andrew Russell – Davis.

    Reply to Andrew Russell - Davis
  5. victor zammit posted the following on September 19, 2011 at 12:10 am.

    Let me explain something first: In my active political days at university I called myself a ‘radical centerist.’ I was a human-rights campaigner. I was disappointed with the opposite extremes. I could not be part of the communist camp – they were dominated by Moscow heavies. I could not joint the convervatives – they were too much in support for big buiness completely ignoring the urgent needs of the workers – who kept big business going. I also detected that a huge problem with collectivization as against free enterprise was that there were no incentives for higher productivity. In those cold-war days I went to Russia and to China. I found – relative to the West – colossal inefficiency in Russia – something which caused the fall of communisim in the Soviet Union. So, whilst I agree with you Tony, that theoretically, there has to be a better system for ALL the people. We have to realistically accept that countries are successful by their ‘economic management’. We see the United States being dominated by selfish very powerful lobbies – which are likely to cause huge economic problems in the near future. We see China doing very well economically – not because of pure Marxist/communism, but I believe that the Chinese have been able to create incentives for higher productivity. Yet the Chinese are not willing to respect the Internatinal Covenants on Human Rights there. Now, as to the afterlife, I found that Socialists and Communists wrongly refer to all afterlife matters in a ‘religious’ context. That ought NOT to be the case. I am not religious. I do not have any ‘blind faith’ beliefs in anything. And when you say you are an atheist – you must be referring to the God of those in ‘blind faith’ religions – Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. A number of atheists now accept that ‘God’ is the ‘intelligent-ENERGY’ which keeps the universe going – because intelligence/energy have been repeatedly proven. As to proof for the afterlife – it is there for those who seek the proof – to those other skeptics, there will never be evidence for those who do not want to accept the evidence. Ultimately, it’s our own journey, our own responsibility, our own accountability. And for those who understand the afterlife – they know it has huge consequences.

    Reply to victor zammit
  6. Tony posted the following on September 19, 2011 at 1:10 am.

    I don’t think there’s much disagreement between us on either of these issues, Victor, and I didn’t refer to myself AT THIS TIME as an atheist, I was an atheist in the past, now I described myself as agnostic on the question of God. However I accept the evidence of intelligent energy behind the multi-verse, but would not call it ‘God’ because it is constantly evolving. By ‘God’ people usually mean a personality who is all powerful, all wise, all knowing and who has always existed. I think we and all living things are part of the conscious or intelligent energy which is constantly evolving, which means, experimenting and learning from our mistakes. Some parts have evolved to God-like levels already, but I don’t believe they were always that advanced.

    As to politics and Socialism/Communism, I agree, and so would most Socialists, that the way things were done in the Soviet Union and many countries via vast State monopolies, which were not always efficient and provided no incentives, was not always the best way for all industries. Perhaps it worked for some, like the railways, banks and utility companies, but not necessarily for the rest of industry and services. That is why I propose trying out different Socialist models, and why I personally favor the former Yugoslav one where there was competition and therefore incentives in a truly Socialist market place, between rival publicly owned enterprises and various worker and consumer cooperatives. This, I believe, is the model for the future, combining the fairness of Socialism with the competitiveness of the EARLY capitalist marketplace.

    Monopoly capitalism has fewer incentives because the big multi-nationals dominate everything, and there is also little incentive as the workers don’t share in the profits. The shareholders don’t usually work in the enterprise, they just gamble their investments on the stock exchanges. However there is still rivalry between the various multi-nationals, hence the fierce competition, but not always in the interests of the consumer or the workers, especially those exploited in the developing world in sweatshops working for peanuts with no trade unions to protect them.

    So I would argue that both monopoly capitalism and old-style Socialism with vast State monopolies are both outdated. What we need is human-scale enterprises competing in a friendly market place, and also incentives for productivity to workers.

    The best form of incentive is in the worker cooperative where the workers themselves share in the profits. It worked very well in Yugoslavia till the nationalists smashed up Tito’s system and killed thousands of innocent people in the process, something I’m still very angry and saddened about. These people (the leaders of the various Yugoslav states) were supposed to be Communists – just shows how corrupt and infiltrated the one-party system became, which is why I’m no longer in favor of it as a route to Communism. People joined the Party as a route to personal power and privilege. I know, I’ve met some of them and talked to them. One told me she only joined the Party for the perks and privileges, and to get on.

    I’m not even sure Communism is an achievable goal, it may well be far too idealistic for all but small communes of idealists like the original Israeli kibbutzim, and even they didn’t last in that form.

    However Socialism with free elections and various political parties administering it with different ideas and various models is surely possible.

    China is no longer Socialist in my opinion and certainly not Communist in anything but name.

    Until humanity is more spiritually evolved I guess we’re not ready for either Socialism or Communism, at least not on Earth. Hopefully it will evolve here soon.

    The afterlife, however, seems a much more attractive proposition, or at least the third level and above it. A democratic communism where there is an abundance of everything, created by pure thought, and no money, police or government. A truly self-governing society. Be quite some time before we achieve that here on Earth, if ever!

    Reply to Tony

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