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14 Sep

As I said in my last blog, for 10 years I have dismissed conspiracy theories about 9/11 as being too way-out, but am now not nearly so sure. Too many anomalies to be explained, but again I urge people to watch the relevant videos, in particular the ‘In Plane Site’ one and ones about WTC Building 7.

In general I accept many of the events of the past half a century or so just do not quite add up. I don’t believe, and never have, that JFK was killed by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. I have strong doubts about his brother’s assassination by a lone gunman, and about Marilyn Monroe’s overdose. All three were closely connected to each other, and there were strong connexions with The Mob. Jack Ruby’s killing of Oswald looked to me like a typical Mob silencing operation, and possibly the police escorting Oswald let it happen.

I have created my own conspiracy theory about the events in Cyprus in July 1974, and am absolutely convinced the coup against Makarios, ostensibly organized by the Colonels Junta then in power in Athens, and the subsequent occupation of the North of the island by Turkey to protect its ethnic population was all part of a pre-planned NATO plot between USA, UK, Greece and Turkey to rid the island of Makarios, thought to be too pro-Soviet. The fear was he would allow Soviet ships access to Cypriot ports and thus the Mediterranean, or even give them a permanent base on the island. The plan mis-fired when Makarios escaped the bombing of his palace and appeared at the UN General Assembly in New York to appeal for help because ‘Greece has invaded Cyprus’, a statement now conveniently forgotten by all but sympathizers with the Turkish case (like myself, a great friend of the Turkish people and the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus). My father was Greek-Cypriot and suddenly announced after the coup that ‘Makarios was a Communist’ and removed a picture of the archbishop from his mantelpiece. He was in Cyprus at the time of the fascist Nicos Sampson coup designed to annex Cyprus to Greece.

There can be no other explanation as to why Britain, as guarantor of Cypriot independence with thousands of troops permanently stationed on two British Sovereign Bases (in effect British occupation zones), sat back and did nothing when first Greece (by way of the Sampson coup) and then Turkey invaded the island. Turkey appealed to Britain to act when Greece organized the coup, and only sent its own troops when Britain refused to carry out its obligations to preserve Cypriot independence.

All this was obviously foreseen by the 4 NATO powers involved (USA, UK, Greece and Turkey) except that Makarios would escape alive. Of course Greece knew Turkey would intervene to create a safe haven in the North for Turkish Cypriots, which is why mainland Greek troops were never sent to the island in sufficient numbers to stop Turkey. Turkey, on the other hand, knew it could not claim anything far south of the Green Line, not least because of the two huge British Sovereign Bases and the thousands of troops stationed there. They did, however, seize the tourist area of Gamu Gazi (Famagusta) as a bargaining chip in any final settlement, and this was probably not part of the original NATO conspiracy.

Makarios, incidentally, very conveniently died from ‘natural causes’ just three years after the coup, so can now be safely proclaimed a Greek-Cypriot icon again.

The assassination of Diana, former Princess of Wales, in Paris in August 1997 is as plain as a pikestaff to anybody who bothers to investigate the facts. The murder took place soon after she made a statement saying the new Blair Labour government would be more sympathetic to her anti-landmines campaign than the previous Major Tory government. I have doubts this was the case, but nevertheless it prompted a Tory MP to say in the House that the mother of a future King of England could not be ALLOWED to make such blatantly political statements. A week or so later she was dead, undoubtedly mainly because of her involvement in the anti-landmines campaign.

Behind all these conspiracies and assassinations is indeed a dark cabal, but I do not see it, as some do, as some secret occult society of Devil worshipers. I don’t think the Illuminati or a higher echelon of Freemasons are making sacrifices to Satan in occult rituals. What I do believe is that the ‘dark cabal’ is nothing more or less than the military-industrial complex of capitalism preserving the unstable system and trying to grab rare resources and maximize profits at all costs. This includes grabbing dwindling oil and mineral supplies abroad, and also creating wars, terrorist threats, a booming and profitable arms industry (paid for by the taxpayer of course) and in the Cold War the equally profitable nuclear arms race, which continues at a reduced rate though nobody is sure why. Trident replacement by Britain alone will make huge profits at the taxpayers’ expense for this powerful ‘dark cabal’ of capitalism.

The question is to what extent is this powerful group of capitalists secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes and making a mockery of democracy? To what extent are elected leaders mere puppets of this group, which seems to me more like an international version of The Mafia than an occult cult of devil worshipers? The only thing these people worship is money! The Queen, an unelected Head of State, and her royal family are also puppets not just of the British Establishment, but of this international cabal. Indeed The Queen is reported to have muttered to Paul Burrell about ‘dark forces’ over which she obviously has no control.

This very powerful international cabal of capitalists, representing the financial institutions, arms industry and big multi-nationals, will stop at nothing to maintain their position of power using not just the World Bank, IMF and similar organizations, but also the assassinations and conspiracies which promote wars and bolster the arms industry, which is all that keeps the extremely unstable capitalist system going.

I also feel this powerful international cabal may well have infiltrated the higher echelons of the former Soviet Union and its allies, preserving a privileged elite in these ostensibly Socialist countries, and ultimately deciding the pretence of bulding a fairer society was not worth the effort so they pulled the plug and now the Mafia-style corruption and ruthless drive for personal wealth is visible for all to see in the Russian Federation and many of the other former Socialist and Soviet republics.

However, and this is the optimistic part of the story, there are signs that the days of this dark cabal are coming to an end. I don’t believe in God, Satan or the Devil, but I do know there are higher and lower developed Spirits and that they try to exert their influence on us, though human free will always have the last say.

As I have often argued in my Spiritual blogs, I believe we are all essentially Mind or Conscious Energy (some would prefer the term Spirit which I also use) and that we are all evolving at our own pace, some much faster than others. Also we are all connected at some level to each other and also to Source, which I and other rationalists see as a form of Mind or Energy, rather than a man in the sky with a long white beard. Scientist Ron Pearson calls it the ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’ permeating everything. It is the conscious energy which has always existed outside of Time and Space and always will, and all living things are part of it and are constantly evolving.

It is inevitable that this evolution continues, even with temporary setbacks, and so the days of the dark cabal manipulating events on Earth are limited. Signs from Spirit are that we are in a time of great change, when Spiritual knowledge will enlighten us, as it has already enlighted millions.

Orthodox religions based on ancient texts and myths will lose their hold over humanity, as will old-fashioned and outdated materialism and atheism which deny the continued existence of consciousness beyond physical death. Quantum physics and much so-called paranormal evidence (NDEs, OOBEs, ITC, clairvoyance, physical mediumship, etc.) prove that this material world is an illusion created by Mind, and that therefore Mind or Consciousness (Spirit) is the prime force which creates and organizes the illusion of matter in this dimension and in others.

In practical terms how the higher forces influence humans on this planet in the next decades to move to a more evolved form of existence remains to be seen, but I would personally expect whistle-blowers to come out of the woodwork and expose the conspiracies and corruption. Once this process starts, the whole walls of secrecy will come tumbling down, much as the fall of the Berlin Wall brought about the collapse of the imperfect Socialist countries (which I feel could have and should have been reformed to make them more truly Socialist).

Many revelations are expected in the next years and decades, not just about things here on Earth, but far beyond. About the reality of UFOs and extraterrestial contact, for instance, already exposed by Dr Ed Mitchell, former U.S. astronaut and NASA scientist. About various political assassinations and conspiracies. And about the reality of the afterlife, with proof coming from many different sources.

The age of enlightenment is coming, is indeed upon us. The old order will be swept away and is indeed crumbling at this very moment. The financial crises sweeping the world is but one of the first manifestations of this.

As Bette Davis said in ‘All About Eve’: ‘Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night!’



  1. Diana Spencer posted the following on September 14, 2011 at 9:14 pm.

    ” Hello Tony,
    I am glad to see you are aware that my death came as a direct result of my treading heavily on political toes and not because of my relationship with Dodi an Arab. Dodi’s first wife, he like me was divorced, was a North American model; Suzanne Gregard and she had not had to convert to being Muslim to marrying him so this would not have been a problem. I am pretty sure a clause would have been written and agreed upon that any child we might have had together would have no rights to the throne as similarly the rules will need to be altered when Charles becomes King as in doing so he becoming Head of the Church of England which officially does not recognise divorce, he is divorced of course and married to a divorcee !
    Marilyn was murdered as she was far too connected to the Senate and knowing too much about the Bay of Pigs in Cuba by example verifying factually her relationships with leading figures within it ! Marilyn threatening to publicly expose her relationships with the President John F. Kennedy and his brother the Attorney General Robert Kennedy just five days before her death and I am sure there were other factors involved in the necessity for her having to be bumped off but had it been suicide Marilyn would have left a suicide note in keeping with her character .. another candle in the wind who would not have gone quietly !
    I cannot comment upon Cyprus though I am sure you naturally are an authority here but interestingly enough Andrew was born on the day Archbishop Makarios was instated as its President .. December 20th 1959. Later in life his connecting emotionally with Greek – Cypriot Michael Combos, his best friend at his last school being Greek – Cypriot Michael Lysandrou and his best man at his marriage to Senorita Bertha Sanchez Novo from Venezuela, South America being Greek – Cypriot Marios Zachariou. So definitely with his connecting with you now, a connection with him and Cyprus. It will be interesting to see how he feels if he ever visits the Greek part of the island !
    One thing is sure though Tony, anyone who stands up too strongly against a powerful system will more often than not find themselves as a direct threat to it; being disposed of in one way or another and it’s as simple as that ! I had received threatening calls warning me off my involvement with the landmine campaign being told on one ” Be careful Diana, accidents happen ! ” I will not say yet who said this to me but they know who they are and their identity will soon enough be publicly exposed for everyone to know as corruptions and deceits are being exposed now all over the world .. it’s the nature of the time now for this to be happening and so it is something that will continue ! ”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

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