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12 Sep


Commercial airliner or remote controlled, windowless military aircraft with something attached underneath fuselage?

The tenth anniversary of what has become known universally as 9/11 (even though this format is actually November 9th in UK and much of the world rather than September 11th) has just passed, and I have finally had to admit that it was, after all, probably a conspiracy by powerful forces in the U.S. with the motive of starting wars in the Middle East for oil and to boost the profitable arms industry. Wars and the arms industry are, after all, the things which keep the unstable capitalist system going. Without constant wars and arms manufacture the whole system would collapse.

I am not going to argue the case for conspiracy here, nor go overboard with way-out theories about the Illuminati, a New World Order or aliens from outer space disguised as humans who turn into lizards at certain times. I leave this to others who shall be nameless.

All I ask is that you watch some of the videos on these Internet sites about 9/11 and make your own minds up. I watched several of them, in particular ‘In Plane Site’ and also one about WTC Building 7 collapsing apparently from a controlled demolition set up weeks beforehand, and although a skeptic about conspiracy beforehand (though I believed the US government used 9/11 to justify the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and tighten up security and surveillance at home) I had to admit that the evidence shown in ‘In Plane Site’ and other video clips on these sites is hard to explain away.

What happened to the 4 commercial airliners, their passengers and crew on 9/11 if they didn’t end up where we were told I have little idea, but suspect they are all now dead. Whether faked hijackings took place on these airliners I don’t know, but suspect something of this kind may have happened. However it seems whatever hit the Pentagon and the twin towers of the WTC it was NOT commercial airliners.

You have to make up your own minds after watching ‘In Plane Site’. Witness reports, video footage, the relatively minor damage to the Pentagon, etc. all point to remotely controlled military aircraft/missiles hitting these buildings and NOT commercial airliners.

Whoever planned this atrocity had a cruel sense of irony. 9/11 is of course the American emergency equivalent of the British 999 – in USA you dial 911.

The two links to 9/11 videos are:

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