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02 Sep

One of the most controversial subjects even amongst those of us who are convinced by the evidence that there is an afterlife. Even guides and other communicators from the world of Spirit seem to disagree about reincarnation. Many Eastern religions take it for granted, and leaders such as the Dalai Lama are only given their titles after extensive research to ‘prove’ they are reincarnations of the previous holders of these offices.

It seems the answers from the Spirit world on this subject depend on the level they come from. Spirits don’t gain instant knowledge about everything on crossing over, and the question of reincarnation seems to be a very complex one.

According to some high-level Spirit sources like Silver Birch there are many aspects of each of us in the Spirit world, and it is only one aspect which incarnates. This means we only incarnate once as the person we are now, but other aspects of our greater selves in Spirit could well have incarnated in the past and may well do so in the future. An analogy would be a body of water such as a pond. Each time you dip in a cup and take out some water it will be a different mix but all taken from the same pool. No two cups of water, however, will be exactly the same mix.

This, however, is only part of the story. While we might well have access under certain conditions (hypnotic regression, spontaneous recall, etc.) to memories of some of these lives of different aspects of ourselves, we could also have access under similar conditions to memories of various lives of others in our Soul Group. It seems we are all members of Soul Groups, and share memories, experiences and lessons learnt thru various lifetimes of members of our own Soul Group.

Then there is the question of stillborn babies and children who pass to Spirit, and indeed people who die suddenly thru suicide, accident, etc. While this sudden passing could be part of a pre-ordained lifeplan, human free will could intervene and interrupt the planned life. In these cases it is perhaps possible that the same individual will be reborn into another life, even displaying birthmarks acquired from injuries in the previous life or which they were born with in the previous life.

It seems the whole question of reincarnation is not one which can be answered simply, and if certain individuals are reincarnated it doesn’t seem to happen to everyone, though under certain conditions we may have access to life memories of different aspects of ourselves and others in our Soul Group.

I myself was hypnotically regressed to three lives many years ago. I have not been able to check these out. Only one was in the UK (Scotland), and I have recently learnt that Internet records are incomplete. Many parish records have still to be transcribed. Also I don’t have anything like a precise birth date, have just worked out from the age at death of this Scottish life that he’d have been born around the 1790s. How accurate birth records were at that time and how many have been transcribed to Internet records I have no idea.. I only know the year of death, 1877, not the actual date, and indeed am not even sure of the place of either birth or death. The first and surnames are fairly common, yet I had difficulty finding even one record in birth, death, marriage and census records for Scotland of a person living at any time with this name – Adrian Howard. I find this very hard to believe, that nobody of that name has ever existed in Scotland.

I must admit I find the idea of reincarnation a rather unattractive one. While I appreciate life on Earth (and indeed other inhabited planets) can teach us valuable lessons and enable Spiritual development which may be harder to achieve on the various Spiritual planes of existence, the idea of going thru a seemingly endless succession of births, lives and deaths is certainly not one I’d look forward to. However I’d be much happier with the idea that different aspects of my greater Spiritual self and Soul Group might well have different life experiences in the future, and that I would gain experience, memories and knowledge from these helping my own development.

The key point in all this is that ultimately we are all connected, that is all life forms, on the Spiritual level. Not only to other Spiritual beings but to Source itself, be it given the name of God, Allah,  Jehovah, Krishna consciousness, the ‘i-ther’ or ‘intelligent ether’, the unified conscious energy field, or whatever. So who knows what ‘memories’ we may have access to under the right conditions. Some great pan-Universal Mind may well store all these memories and they could possibly be accessed in the right circumstances.

Are we doomed to having to keep coming back to live endless lives on this planet? I hope not, and very much doubt it. Spirit sources say it is also left to us to decide when and if we feel we need a life on Earth and, if so, what lessons we need to be taught during it. If we can share lessons learnt with other aspects of ourselves and others in our Soul Group, then hopefully we would not need to keep coming back here. Once could well be enough for most of us. I for one would like to move on to better things and better environments once my life on Earth is finished.

  1. Andrew Russell - Davis posted the following on September 23, 2011 at 4:41 pm.

    ” Hello Everyone,
    I have not reincarnated as such and won’t be doing so as my last lifetime was that as Diana, Princess of Wales, I suppose nothing tops that except perhaps being Queen .. no thank you very much even being a Royal Princess I found not being everything it was cracked up to be.
    I am though still very much around albeit through my chosen Voice Channel Andrew Russell – Davis or as he will become known as being; “Christian”. Do for those of you who have not done so, please look at my personal site on the net, so a unique one naturally It is clearly mine being one bearing my initials and also my personal monogram used by me on all my personal correspondence albeit on my site being in lilac, the colour of my aura and not black !
    I fully realise that it is quite impossible for many people to get their head around the fact that I’m still around and speaking though I did say in life of course ” She won’t go quietly !” and was always someone who could be expected to do the unexpected!
    Anyway Christian wrote to my eldest son William in 2000 telling him that he channeled Mummy and to please ensure Harry and Papa were duly informed about this. In his letter to William, I enclosed one personally thasnking him for defending me publicly in speaking out about the book “Shadows of a Princess” written by my former Private Secretary Patrick Jephson about his personal experience of working for ” The Boss “. A book which had distressed both my boys seeing it as a personal betrayal by somebody Mummy trusted.
    Christian so albeit Andrew Russell – Davis received a reply from William c/o his Private Secretary at that time, Mrs. Helen Asprey. A letter including the message ” I happen to know William was personally touched by your kind words about Diana, Princess of Wales and has asked me to thank you personally for writing to him “.
    The letter also personally signed by her in ink so not a standard Royal reply. I now give everyone serious food for thought !
    Would William have been personally touched by someone pretending to channel someone so important and loved by him as his Mother? Would William have asked so specifically for Andrew to be thanked for writing to him and especially when this included a letter to him from me ? Would either or both of the letters considering how much post is received daily by my boys have been given to William knowing full well the sensitivity of the subject matter they covered risking upsetting him ? Finally would such a letter have been officially acknowledged and Andrew have received any kind of a reply were it have been believed to being a sick joke, a prank ? This is my last point .. Would Andrew / Christian not have been advised to politely “Shut it” or at the very least the website be shut down were it not something deemed credble by people of influnce. After all Andrew has since made the channeling known so too the website address to Wills and Harry, to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales at Clarence House, my brother Charles, Lord Spencer even speaking to his P.A. telling her the website address as well as Mohamed al – Fayed. Andrew’s channeled me to others who knew me in life and would Andrew have been secretly filmed channeling me for a film about me that is banned from being shown in the U.K. were the authenticity of the channeling being something questionable.
    Andrew Spedding the Editor then of the Daily Express thought it was a joke and introduced himself as the newspapers resident psychiatrist when Andrew called the paper and I spoke through Andrew warning him of the London Bombings of 2005 happening very shortly and was insulted before I could give him further details. The manner in which he expresed himself using derogatory expletives was inexcusable as Andrew was upfront giving his name and telephone number so not an anonymous caller … 4 days later 52 innocent people died in the bombings, so I am sure Andrew Spedding will never forget speaking to a dead ? ex princess ! ”
    With love from,
    Diana xx
    N.B. ” I don’t do dead ! “

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