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Physical Mediumship Debate and Wider Issues

28 Aug

Following my second physical seance earlier this month, a bitter debate has broken out on some Spiritualist websites around the issue of physical seances held in the dark.

This is usually essential because ectoplasm is such a dangerous substance. Exuded from the body of the medium, if exposed to light or suddenly grabbed it shoots back into the medium’s body causing burns which can prove fatal. This is how Helen Duncan, the famous Scottish medium, died in 1956 when skeptics shone flashlights and tried to grab the ectoplasm during a seance.

In the past some physical mediums have been able to demonstrate materializations in subdued red light or even full white light. However this level of mediumship takes decades of development, though some mediums such as David Thompson and Stewart Alexander are sometimes permitted to perform in red light part of the time.

Questions are asked as to why infra-red cameras or night vision goggles can’t be worn. The reason is the radiation these emit which affect the ectoplasm. However a video was taken with a special camera outside the seance room apparently (thru a glass partition I believe) at a Thompson seance some years ago showing his guide William partly materializing. It is not, however, as clear as it might be. I have seen it myself.

Pictures have been taken of many physical mediums producing ectoplasm, and the substance has been analyzed and found to be produced from various bodily fluids, including insulin.

Once exuded from the medium (in trance) in the confines of a darkened seance room the ectoplasm can form into very solid shapes and assume the likeness of human flesh (hence full and partial materializations of humans). These ectoplasmic human forms have been seen in red light to slowly disintegrate and sink into the floor (seance rooms are fully examined to exclude the existence of hidden trap doors, incidentally).  Ectoplasm can also form steel-like rods to lift objects and move them around at very fast speeds in the dark without hitting the medium or any of the sitters. I have witnessed this myself, described in a previous blog (cardboard cones with luminous strips known as ‘spiritualist trumpets’ in the recent seance I attended.)

The medium’s heavy chair was also levitated with him strapped in it, and at a previous seance a sitter described how he was allowed to feel the chair with the medium strapped in it levitated and turned upside down, so the legs were on the ceiling! When turned the right way up, the chair legs felt floppy like rubber, being partly dematerialized.

Apports are also quite common in physical seances – material objects dematerialized at a distance and re-materialized in the seance room. This happened at many of the Scole experiments a few years ago. Something our orthodox scientists have also been trying to do, but haven’t yet been able to perfect.

The ultimate goal of all physical mediumship is to develop sufficiently to be able to perform in at least subdued red light so the materilizations can be seen as well as felt and heard. Experiments are taking place with a new type of substance, probably a type of ectoplasm with the more dangerous substances removed.

If all this sounds like complete poppycock to skeptics they should, perhaps, be aware that it is fully explainable in the new scientific theories of people like Ron Pearson, whose work has been published in Russian scientific journals among other places and endorsed by many other scientists. Pearson’s theories correct the flaws in some of Einstein’s which have led science up some blind alleys. Even Albert Einstein himself admitted before he died that he may well have got a lot of things wrong, but many scientists are reluctant to accept this as it means orthodox science has ended up in a kind of cul-de-sac juggling with theories like ‘dark energy’, etc. to try to explain the many anomalies where Einstein’s theories don’t fit with the observations of the continually accelerating expansion of the Universe.

Neither do they sit comfortably with Quantum Physics, with which Einstein was never really comfortable. Quantum theory and experiments show that matter cannot exist without a conscious observer, and that certain sub-atomic particles can be in two or more places at once many miles or thousands of miles apart or more and yet they communicate instantaneously and react simultaneously.

Pearson’s model of the Big Breed rather than the Big Bang Universe explains everything paranormal and fits in with Quantum Physics, also with the continually accelerating expansion of the Universe with no need to invent things like ‘dark energy’ to explain it. His model is based on an intelligent matrix connecting everything and responsible for the continuous creation and organization of matter. Some would call it ‘God’, ‘Jehovah’, ‘Allah’, ‘Spirit’ or something similar, Pearson calls it by the more scientific term ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’ permeating everything.

Physical mediumship is but one manifestion of the fact that everything is essentially energy, ‘spirit’ or consciousness, and it is this which creates the illusion of matter, which even Einsten agreed upon: solid matter is a complete illusion.

Along with physical mediumship we now have many other ways of obtaining evidence of survival of death by humans and animals and all living things and that mind and consciousness is separate from the living brain: Clairvoyance, ITC/EVP  (Instrumental TransCommunication/Electronic Voice Phenomena), NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), OOBE’s (Out Of the Body Experiences), Remote Viewing (used by intelligence services to spy at long distances without the use of satellites, spy-planes, etc.).

Soviet scientists in the 1930s discovered Kirlian photography which can capture the aura of all living things. Soviet atheist scientists described this as ‘bioplasma’ and proved that the bioplasma body was the blueprint for the physical body, and could survive damage to it. Indeed Kirlian photography has apparently been able to photograph the bioplasma body (or spirit/astral body) leaving the physical at the point of death.

There is now no doubt whatsoever that mind and consciousness exist quite separately from the living brain, which is akin to a radio receiver. We are all part of a greater whole, not just our Higher Selves in the Spirit realm but our Soul Group and ultimately we are connected to all other living things and Source itself (what some call ‘God’).

In this century orthodox science will catch up and Pearson’s theories are bound to be accepted, and those of other scientists who dare to think outside the box like him. This is how science has always progressed in the past, thanks to mavericks who defy the conventional theories. People like Gallileo, for instance, pronounced a heretic in his day but ultimately proved right – the Earth was NOT the center of the Universe.

Physical mediumship is but a small part of the proof that we all survive what we know as ‘death’. It, along with many other phenomena and experimentation, will continue to develop and prove once and for all that our conscious self is eternal.

Once this is universally accepted, it holds tremendous consequences for how we behave during our time on Earth. It involves facing up to the reality of karma or the law of cause and effect. Every action we take or even think has a reaction, so nobody but nobody can get away without facing the consequences, be they good or bad, positive or negative. The encouraging thing, however, is that spiritual development is open to all and eventually all who wish to will overcome negative karma and progress to higher states of existence.

  1. Tony posted the following on August 29, 2011 at 11:23 am.

    Following two comments received from scientist Ronald Pearson and Michael Roll of the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, which champions Survivalism (Spiritualism) from a non-religious standpoint, with which I myself concur. Atheists and agnostics are increasingly accepting the afterlife based on the evidence from various paranormal sources mentioned in my main article, and strongly backed up by Quantum Physics and Pearson’s scientific theories.

    I have altered the main text to accommodate Ron Pearson’s corrections to the scientific terminology.

    As to his comment giving two possible explanations on the question of Time, I personally feel the second scenario is correct and that in reality there is no Time and everything is therefore eternal. In other words, there was no beginning in the sense that once there existed nothing at all, not even the i-ther or creative conscience/energy. I cannot conceive of something coming out of nothing, whether ‘God’, the Big Bang, the Big Breed, or whatever. Something must surely have always existed or, put another way, there is no such thing as Time, therefore no beginning and no end.

    I also welcome Michael Roll’s comments, and I look forward to one day attending a physical seance in full/partial lighted conditions or being allowed to use night vision goggles.

    We were told at Thompson’s seances, however, that the Spirits feel radiation from these would affect the ectoplasm. With a refined form such as Michael experienced, then no doubt night vision goggles would be allowed. David and Christine (his partner and seance controller) can only act on what their Spirit controls tell them is safe.


    Comment received from scientist Ronald Pearson:

    This is an excellent presentation.

    I would just like to make two minor alterations if that is possible – red means delete & green insert. (Technical corrections made, i.e. ‘dark energy’ in place of ‘dark matter’ and ‘accelerating expansion of the Universe’ in place of ‘expanding Universe’.)

    Some communicators say that time does not exist. They also insist that mind, being the creative force that produces everything else, has existed forever without a beginning. It is impossible, from our scientific perspectives, to challenge these statements. However, two possibilities exist that do not contradict my conclusions.

    One is that the communicators are being deceived by their own impressions. For example, if their consciousness cannot connect with any time reference it might appear not to exist and, since they did not exist at creation time, they could not prove mind has existed forever without a beginning.

    The other alternative is that the big breed theory is correct, starting from the point of emergence of i-ther from the void. That point, however, is as far back into the past that our science can take us. We cannot prove that the void is just nothing. It could be that the communicators are correct. In this case the void has to be considered as something outside space and time and yet has some mind that has existed forever without a beginning.

    Michael Roll sent the following comment:

    It is now vital that we can see what is going on at a materialisation experiment. However, until the perfect lighting conditions come along we can use modern technology just as long as it is no danger to the medium.

    My son is a flying instructor in the RAF. He knows about our problem and went into a blacked out room with his night vision goggles. With these he could see everything. He told me he could even read the notice board.

    When Helen Duncan materialised at the Rita Goold experiment in 1983 (by then she had already been checked out by Alan Cleaver) she told me that ever since she was killed as the result of a police raid in 1956 the chemists in the etheric wavelengths had been working very hard to refine the ectoplasm so that it would not be such a danger to the medium. This was the reason Helen gave me for contemporary mediums not being able to use red light like she did. But this does not matter now because we have instruments that can record in the dark. These were not perfected in 1956. I was allowed to touch Helen Duncan and I could feel no ectoplasm. However, Helen assured me that it was still used but that is now so fine we can’t feel it or see it.

    Reply to Tony
  2. Anonymous posted the following on August 30, 2011 at 12:16 am.

    “Tony you must be thrilled to have received the personal praise from Mr. Ronald Pearson and I would imagine this might encourage you in making further presentations as you are Gifted in this respect.
    Your articles whatever the subject they are covering are always factually informative but not reading text book fashion, keeping those reading them interested in all that is written … shame we never met, I’d have I am sure utilised your talents in assisting me with my speeches but of course this still might yet prove something that does happen in the future when people are ready to recognise and accept that Diana Speaks !”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

    Reply to Anonymous
  3. Tony posted the following on August 30, 2011 at 1:33 am.

    Knowing what you might well wish to say now, Diana, I’d be honored to assist in writing some of your speeches. As Princess of Wales, however (even if in reality Prisoner of Wales as you have described how you felt) it would, perhaps, have been a very unlikely liaison, me being a republican.

    But then if such a speech were meant to rock the Establishment and that institution of Monarchy which dictated that the sham of a marriage was necessary just to create heirs to the Throne, then who knows?

    And so many issues you got involved in are close to my heart also – landmines, AIDS, the homeless, etc.

    I suspect like many republicans I really sat up and took notice of you around the time of the Panorama interview. Someone prepared to rock the sacred boat of Monarchy was most definitely much more interesting than a photogenic princess on the arm of a future monarch performing official functions.

    Anytime you want something written, be it a speech or precis for your site, I’d be willing to assist.

    Diana’s site:
    Here you can read her channeled book, many precis, and most astounding of all, listen to hours of podcasts with Diana speaking through her voice channel, Christian. Yes, that’s another method of ADC (After Death Communication) I didn’t actually specify in my main article – channeling. More direct than clairvoyance where the medium just passes on messages, usually of a mundane nature to prove survival to friends and relatives. Channeling is usually of higher spirits or those, like Diana, with a specific message for humanity.

    Reply to Tony
    1. Anonymous posted the following on August 30, 2011 at 3:25 am.

      ” I will keep this firmly in mind Tony as I say in the future.I respect that you would have been best suited to assisting me in my speeches once I was “Free” from the constraints of the Firm yes Tony naturally.

      At the present time as we know of course the blocks are still very much in place but I am assured all is as it must be; so I can only assume with good cause. Christian’s being seen as a nut – job therefore perhaps something working in his favour, if indeed he really is viewed as being and if so with no justification at all if people were to seriously examine my site. After all my timely warning about the London Bombings by example clearly being illustrated there as well as the fact a warning ignored subsequently costing innocent lives as a result of this!

      I saw the film ” The Queen ” again and it is a fact that Her Majesty thinks in terms of ( As Dame Helen Mirren portraying her said in the role ) “Duty first, self second” this indeed is the way in which she was brought up and explains a lot about the manner in which she is seen to perform so including her behaviour following the incident happening in Paris which mystified, upset, angered and shocked her people but now I am personally fully able to appreciate how difficult I must have been seen to have been in her eyes, unable to confrom in quite the same way being a “Free Spirit”! Something that is denied her ever experiencing being herself; so consequently being quite unable to begin to comprehend it much less relate or empathise with it, which is actually very sad!”
      With love from,
      Diana xx

      Reply to Anonymous
  4. Anonymous posted the following on August 31, 2011 at 2:05 pm.

    “Hello Everyone !
    Look at the date please and realise that 14 years later I am indeed still very much around with as usual a lot to say about a number of key issues and waiting for the right moment to prove globally “Diana Speaks” and apparently according to the Daily Express anyway people chose me as being the person they’d most like to communicate with ! Ironcally as I say this will be possible but only when there is a greater belief and comprehension that Life after Death is very real, it is re – birth, the new beginning and not the end of anything except of course the human existence in the shell or the body given to the individual in the incarnation from which rhey have passed but the soul remains eternal which is why I like everyone has lived many life – times but as Diana, Princess of Wales was my last earthbound incarnation, I received my one way ticket here though as I say albeit channeled through Christian I am afforded the opportunity to speak to people as the “People’s Princess” might be most expected to do !
    One day and hopefully sooner than later this will be something realised and accepted so that the work can continue but something dependent upon you the people to assist me in doing by knowing I’d not leave you high n’ dry which would not be very fair of me to do since so many of you loved and supported me during my last earthbound life ! I owe it to you all to thank you and to do all I can in albeit some small way to show you my appreciation for this !”
    With love from, Diana xx

    ” Do please take a serious look at my site and tell others about it, my boys are aware of it and to date Christian has not been scathed or insulted by thenm or indeed anyone else I knew in life who has personally heard and witnessed direct channelings from me so that ought to say something !”

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