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16 Aug

Last night I attended my second physical seance, again with David Thompson. This time I knew exactly what to expect, and I’d had plenty of time in the last few months to take in the first seance and analyze it. I’ve no doubts that these are genuine physical seances with genuine phenomena.

This time the trumpet manipulations by the little boy, Tim, were much more impressive than at the last seance. ‘Trumpets’ are cardboard megaphones with luminous strips so you can see them in the darkened seance room. They are sometimes used in Direct Voice to amplify the voices of the spirits. These trumpets moved about at a fast rate, high up and low down. One came right up close to the guy sitting next to me – right in front of his face in fact. No way could a human being have done this in the dark.

Quentin Crisp came through this time and sounded just as he did in life. I asked a question relating to when I saw him perform and he answered my question in the Q. and A. session after he gave a lecture on ‘Style’. I’d asked whether a famous singer (Jerry Lee Lewis in fact) has style when he says he doesn’t want a headstone on his grave, he wants a monument. Quentin the spirit couldn’t remember exactly what he answered (well he had loads of questions to answer at every performance), but thought he’d have said something about the way you live deciding whether or not you had style. This corresponds to Quentin’s answer when alive: that the point was to have style while you were still alive; it didn’t matter when you were dead. I remarked at the seance that Quentin clearly still had style, even though now dead. Still very camp, for instance. When he said he wasn’t fully materialized, Christine (Dave’s partner) asked which parts were materialized, and Quentin said: ‘Wouldn’t you like to know!’

Louis Armstrong came through again, said a few words and this time sang ‘Hello Dolly!’ (last time it was ‘Wonderful World’). It too sounded just like him.

The little boy, Tim, brought through three communicators with personal messages for sitters. I was extremely fortunate and honored as there were about 50 people in the room yet the first personal message was for me. Tim said he had someone for Tony, but there were two Tonys in the room. The other one was sitting behind me and had a beard, but Tim said this communication was for me, the Tony without a beard.

First time communicators using this method often find it very difficult to use the ectoplasm to materialize and create a voice. Some only manage a whisper. Tim announced that my partner wanted to communicate and when he started to come through to encourage him by speaking and calling him by name, which I did.

I have to say I didn’t recognize George’s voice, but then he hasn’t used it for 20 years. Communication on the Other Side is by telepathy, and this is how he has often communicated with me over the last two decades. It is often difficult for spirits to remember their voice on Earth in order to re-create it. Regular communicators like William (David’s guide), Tim and Mae (the African American woman from the Deep South) have had plenty of practice to get their voices right. All three came through at this seance. And of course Louis Armstrong and Quentin Crisp, who have also had lots of practice and were clearly recognizable by their voices.

Although George was born in Glasgow, he’d lost his Scottish accent by the time I met him, and sure enough the voice I heard at the seance had an English accent. He put his two materialized hands on my face, and they felt like his hands. Small, not big like William’s who touched several people who all remarked on his large hands (William touched me at the last seance). I should emphasize that all the sitters were in a circle holding hands whenever spirits were materialized.

George spoke with a soft voice, as he did when alive most of the time. Indeed he used to hate answering the telephone because of his soft voice. George mentioned the number 28 which I took to mean the number of years we were together on this Earth. Actually it was just over 21 years, but this could be explained in several ways. First time and ages mean very little in the Spirit world where there is no time as such. He may have got confused with his age when he passed over – 48. Or he may have been including the early years after he passed over when I got many remarkable spontaneous telepathic and other messages from him. Anyway he said our time on Earth together seemed to go very fast (I can’t remember the exact words he used, it was over in blink of an eye or something similar.)

He said I was very good to him, but that he was a ‘pain’. George might well say something like this and it echoes what a channeler gave me from George last year (again not in the voice he had in life, but in an English accent.) On that occasion George said that he had been selfish. I don’t think he was particularly selfish or a pain, yet some other people see it that way. I remarked that I too could be a pain at times, so I guess we both could. It certainly was a difficult relationship which had to be worked on, like many relationships. It was not helped or made any easier by George’s addiction to amphetemines, without which he couldn’t operate at all towards the end. One channeler has remarked to me that this addiction alone was indicative of ‘selfish’ behavior. I see it more as an unfortunate fact of life reflecting the lifestyle of many in the 1960s, when he became addicted.

George then gave me a name which was completely unexpected: ‘Sandy’. This was the name of Freddie Williams’ dog, and was very evidential. Probably more so than mentioning any of his human friends who would be in my mind, but Sandy certainly wasn’t so no question of telepathy being involved.

Freddie was in his 70s when we met him, and always worried what might happen to Sandy if he died suddenly. Whenever Freddie felt unwell he’d open the front door to his council flat so Sandy could escape if Freddie died. When Freddie did die we were also worried about Sandy, but it transpired that a relative had got into the flat and found Freddie deceased, and also they found and rescued Sandy before the dog died of starvation or thirst. So George mentioning Sandy was relevant and the dog must now be on the other side. I have many photos of George petting dogs we encountered on various holidays abroad, and when I first knew him on more than one occasion he arrived at my place with some stray dog he’d found before handing it in to an animal rescue center. He really loved animals.

Of course no medium or channeler can guarantee that spirits who come through are who they claim to be. It is possible to have spirit imposters pretending to be who they are not. Although it didn’t sound like George’s voice in life it did feel like his energy, with a feminine quality to it. He said he told me he’d try to come back. I dont’ quite remember if he actually said this, but he was very spiritual so he may well have said this sometime or other, probably after we’d seen a medium as we did occasionally. In any case we are in contact regularly by telepathic and other methods and have been ever since he passed over. But to come back physically with a voice and materialized hands – this was more than I could ever have expected, so I am very grateful to George, David and all who made this possible.

At the seance George asked me not to forget him, and of course I won’t and couldn’t because of our ongoing contact, and because he was such a big part of my life and still is. He explained he wanted to come through at the last seance but wasn’t allowed to (possibly because of lack of time, and there is only a limited amount of time/energy in these physical seances, which take a lot out of the medium who is physically exhausted afterwards.)

I have ways of confirming spirit messages from George using his dictionary opened at random, and I did this when I got home this morning. I am satisfied from the message I got via this method that it was George. He said, via his dictionary, that I would discover an explanation (for the different voice) by looking towards the South.

This is extremely evidential as I had already decided to ask Victor Zammit about the voice, Victor being an Australian ex-lawyer and afterlife researcher who I’m in constant contact with via his weekly Afterlife Reports. Victor is also a close friend of the medium David Thompson and Christine his partner, and they hold regular seances in Sydney, Australia where they are based. Victor will certainly be able to explain how spirits learn to reproduce something approximating their voices on Earth.

Via his dictionary George then went on to explain it himself, saying reproducing your voice as in life was a skill which took training in order to become expert at it. He mentioned Elders being in charge (giving him permission to communicate in this manner for instance.) He also said, via his dictionary, that there had been uninterrupted action through a sort of jugglery since his death. This is certainly true since he and I have devised or juggled with various methods to communicate, and it has indeed been uninterrupted over the last two decades. However, until very recently when I learnt to channel spirits at will more or less, most of the remarkable telepathic messages helping me find things he’d hidden in our flat, and answering questions I’d put to him in posthumous letters I’d written to him, came in the first few years after he passed to Spirit.  Not to put too fine a pont on it, this very clear two-way communication in the years after his passing could account for the confusion over the number of years we were together.

Finally I asked George, via his old dictionary, what had actually happened at this seance, and the answer came straight back: an opening or rift (between this world and the next). Couldn’t be much plainer. Oh one other thing – years ago, up by his memorial tree, I got the telepathic message from George: David is the one. So I guess he felt back then if he was ever to materialize or speak to me directly, it would be with the help of David Thompson. I don’t know any other Davids.

A most interesting seance and experience, which I feel privileged to have been allowed to attend, and for the second time in a few months.

(Extracts of a channeled message from my life-partner about the seance follow as a Comment. It explains the difficulties he had communicating. The message was channeled telepathically thru me.

A second comment is Victor Zammit’s explanation of the difficulties first-time communicators can experience at physical seances.)

  1. Tony posted the following on August 16, 2011 at 11:28 pm.

    These are the relevant extracts from a channeled message I got from my partner tonight, and he has authorized me to publish these extracts. Last night he came through at the physical seance with David Thompson at Jenny’s Sanctuary. This is what he had to say tonight about the seance last night:

    George here….. It was very difficult for me, and look how you struggled to get to these two seances. You’ve done it now….. The personal messages are interesting, but yes it is very difficult for first timers. Quentin has only just got the voice right. Louis found it much easier for some reason.

    I couldn’t get the voice right, perhaps with practice, but is it worth the effort when you get evidence of survival from me every day? I know you won’t forget me, this was more for other people’s benefit. I still get nervous in front of a big audience. Remember how I stumbled at that meeting with Tony Benn in the Palace of Westminster?

    Yes I got mixed up about the number of years we’d been together. It all seemed very fast anyway, when I look back my years with you flashed by. A fleeting moment in eternity, and we’ve been together much longer than a couple of decades, long before we both came to Earth. I had it all planned what to say, but had such difficulty getting thru and using my voice, and I couldn’t say what I wanted in front of all those people. I’d much rather communicate with you privately.

    Yes, you felt my hands on your face. I’m glad I managed that, and yes Sandy is with us now. Freddie and I take him for walks.

    The seance last night, I did my best. Very difficult, and I’m glad I did it, but a lot of effort when we have such clear and convincing communication by other methods. But this physical seance thing will develop, and David is indeed the one. Very few good physical mediums about and he is one of the best. He will do it in more lighted conditions one day, as he said. he’s still fairly young, plenty of time to develop and he is determined.

    I know it’s a lot for you to take in; for anybody. But yes it really was me and my hands you felt. Not an imposter of any kind. We don’t use our Earth voices here, except people who communicate with you by Direct Voice or in physical seances. I did say I’d come back, but you don’t remember. At the Spiritualist church once, many years ago. I said I’d always try to come back with a message. Didn’t say physically as I didn’t know this would be possible. As you know I came back within a day or so of my passing.

    Of course I know you won’t forget me, but I had to sign off somehow. Wanted to say (private message and pet name) but felt too shy in front of all those strangers. So I said ‘don’t forget me’ as my time was up, and I meant don’t forget all the good times we had and all the places we went. Don’t forget our time together, even if I did forget how many years that was. Didn’t exactly help that Rose was by my side saying ‘tell him this, tell him that’ and I got confused.

    I send you my love, and I feel we’ll be in contact again if not through David then thru another physical medium and I’ll probably get the voice better next time, but don’t feel you have to go miles away. It will fall into place at a more accessible place if Spirit here feel it necessary.

    Till we’re in touch again, very soon, Bye for now.

    Reply to Tony
  2. Tony posted the following on August 16, 2011 at 11:45 pm.

    Victor Zammit’s explanation of difficulties of first timers communicating at physical seances:

    Hi Tony,

    It’s no surprise at all that you raised the issue of voice recognition.

    First timers from the otherside appear to have problems the first three times or so. But then again, the onus is on them to practice remembering how their voice used to sound like, how to use the new ectoplasmic ‘voice box’. Also, one has to remember that the ectoplasm is being exuded from David, which means there could be traces of David’s influence. If your partner were a physical medium when he was on physical earth, when materialized he would be speaking exactly with the same quality voice as when he was on earth. This was very clear when Gordon Higginson, former medium, ex SNU boss, with vast experience in physical mediumship. His voice on the two occasions was meticulously sharp and very clear – a normal voice with high resonance. Higginson came through at least two mediums – David Thompson and Colin Fry – and those who knew him before he crossed over immediately identified him.

    But for the first timers – they’d need to practice to speak through an ectoplasmic voice box to be able to project a resonantly strong voice.

    My own sister came through, and we could hear her trying to speak –battling – trying to remember what her voice was like before she crossed over. But because what she said only she and I would have known about –(I spoke to her a few times before she crossed over about some very serious things no one in the séance room would have known) – I was convinced it was my sister. The speech idiosyncrasy, the pace, rhythm etc were there but not her usual vocal sound. There would have been some 25 to 30% of her real vocal sound. Same thing when my partner’s father came through – knew detailed things about the family, but the voice was breathy.

    If your partner wants to come through again he’s got to be totally prepared because the energy is limited when they come through. He’s got to do the practice and preparation from the otherside. I’ve been sitting with David now for six years – I see this problem every time with reunions: whilst they remember the incidents which are unknown to the other sitters – their voice sounds ‘breathy’. Some came through with very heavy Scottish accent. Chinese person came through speaking in Chinese – and related details the sitter knew about – but the sitter made the same complaint – breathy voice (“yes it sounded like him, but the voice was soft and breathy).

    The other thing is memory: what came across to us is that on crossing over memory affects people in a different way. There are those who want to erase all memories from earth – probably painful and other memories – others manage to remember some incidents quite well.

    Of course, it would be wonderful to have those coming through to speak like William – strong voice and with very clear resonance. Quentin Crisp also manages to get a clear voice.

    If you don’t mind I will have a link to your blog in the next Friday Report.

    More than happy to clarify any other matter.



    Reply to Tony
    1. Julie Hamilton posted the following on August 20, 2011 at 12:56 pm.

      Dear Tony,

      My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to both you and George for publishing your reunion between the two worlds, for it was a touching moment. I sensed the reticence of communicating under physical conditions and think it is spiritually wonderful – in every sense of the word – to see the lengths our loved ones go to, to commune with us on such a high level of channelling through physical mediumship.

      Nb. I attended the same seance as your good self with three friends. This was our first physical seance. I am still thinking about the extraordinary event of Monday 15th August 2011. I was sat at the back and so missed a few aspects, like the paper cone lighting people’s faces and such like. The most striking experience on a personal level, was a profound sensation of elevation when I was seated. I felt very light. My energy/vibrational level was rising. I also saw (faintly) orbs on my right-hand side and take this to possibly have been the gathering of spirits in the room. Ah, I also gained a faint smell of phospherus but not sure if this has a relevant explanation.

      Again, my sincere appreciation for sharing yours and George’s personal meeting – it certainly helps a ‘newbie’ – onlookers and readers – to connect and understand the personal aspect of physical mediumship.

      Bless you and dear George,
      Julie Hamilton

      Reply to Julie Hamilton
  3. Tony posted the following on August 20, 2011 at 1:20 pm.

    Thank you, Julie. I personally feel only when David or other physical mediums are able to perform in subdued red light at all seances will they be ready to go more public.

    Seeing cardboard cones whizzing around, hearing voices and feeling hands touch you in the dark will never ever convince skeptics, especially if the voices of loved ones don’t match those they had in life.

    It was certainly an experience, but at the moment no more evidential of the afterlife than other methods of ADC such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, EVP, ITC (Electronic Voice Phenomena/Istrumental TransCommunication via tape recorders, computers, TV sets, etc.)

    But George has assured me David will develop and be able to perform in subdued light. To see ectoplasm forming and then disappearing again would indeed be absolute proof of the paranormal even for skeptics.

    Reply to Tony
    1. Hella posted the following on September 8, 2011 at 8:20 pm.

      Tony,I would also like to thank you for your invaluable feedback-I was present at the same seance and pleased to hear that ‘ordinary’ members of the audience(not predominantly the ‘inner circle’,as it were)received communication from a loved-one.I have posted comments about my experience/views on another blog and agree with you that we need more ‘tangible’ evidence in respect of physical mediumship,but ‘to see ectoplasm forming and disappearing again would indeed be absolute proof of the paranormal’(sic)would not ring true(or be proof)for certain people in our society-the blind, for instance.If you had a whole room filled with blind people, surely their ‘proof’would not be dependent on seances held in partial/full light conditions, but rather on touch,sound,voices,smells and so on..Maybe(as sighted people) we are putting a bit too much emphasis on this particular aspect.Also, I do not think working with ectoplasmic-based method is the way forward-as Robin Foy has pointed out,energy-besed physical mediumship has several advantages.
      It’s all v. fascinating and so much to learn and think about and I believe we should be grateful to anyone who dedicates their time/hard work in advancing our knowledge of spiritual realms.

      Best wishes,

      Reply to Hella
  4. Tony posted the following on August 23, 2011 at 9:50 am.

    Answer to the enigma of ’28 years’ mentioned by George during his materilization at David Thompson seance on Monday, August 15th 2011. I took it to mean he meant we were together 28 years on Earth, but in fact it was a few days over 21 years from when we first met to when he passed to Spirit.

    Last night, exactly a week after the seance, I had a vivid dream about the Berlin Wall. In fact, about reconstructing part of it. This is extremely significant because the Berlin Wall was one of the main disagreements between myself and George. I was all in favor of it, being a hardline Communist for years.

    We visited the GDR (East Germany) together in 1976 – my second visit and George’s one and only visit to that country. He pointed out all the defects, and on my return I resigned from the Communist Party.

    George lived to see the fall of the Wall in October 1989, and the reunification of Germany the following year.

    In the years since George passed to spirit I came to the conclusion that it was a great mistake to reunify Germany, and that the GDR should have been reformed to preserve the positive achievements and try to eliminate the more negative ones. I have recently joined a small Communist group which seeks eventually to form a united EU Communist Party.

    I have written blogs on this site defending the building of the Berlin Wall, since I have long come to the conclusion it was an absolute necessity for economic reasons in a city divided between capitalist and Socialist sectors. I won’t go into all the reasons here, but believe me there was no practical alternative.

    However I also came to the conclusion long ago that it was barbaric and wrong to mine this border or to shoot people trying to cross it illegally. Instead the economic problems could have been overcome by demanding a hefty financial deposit from GDR citizens wishing to visit the Western parts of the city, West Germany or other capitalist countries. This deposit would only be forfeited if they didn’t return.

    It would have to be placed fairly high to compensate for the drain of skilled workers and professional people from the GDR to jobs in the West (before the Wall was built many of these people still lived in subsidized flats in the Eastern sector while getting jobs in West Berlin, others just emigrated to the West permanently.)

    These deposits could have been raised by community effort, encouraging the visitors to the West to return so the deposit could then be used to fund further visits to the West by themselves and others.

    Now back to the seance. It took place on August 15th, 2011. The Wall started to be erected on the night of August 13th, 1961 – almost exactly 50 years before the seance. In fact August 15th, 1961 would have been the first full day Berliners lived in the knowledge of the border installations completely surrounding the capitalist enclave of West Berlin 100 miles inside the GDR. These stood intact for just over 28 years – the phrase George used in the seance ’28 years’.

    When I checked his dictionary for confirmation of what actually happened in the seance, I got ‘opening or rift’, which meant between this world and the Spirit world.

    However George was very keen on symbolism and was always trying to get me to see the symbolic message in certain films, etc. Since his passing he has often passed cryptic or symbolic messages to me via dreams, etc. So he would not spell out the meaning of 28 years, nor the symbolic second meaning of the words ‘opening or rift’.

    Last night’s dream was a hint from George so I could unravel the symbolism behind these two messages, one at the seance and one confirming what happened there: ’28 years’ and ‘opening or rift’. The Berlin Wall stood intact for 28 years till October 1989, when there appeared openings and rifts, and soon after it was demolished.

    Reply to Tony
  5. Tony posted the following on August 23, 2011 at 6:27 pm.

    Of course this is where the real symbolism begins: if George was referring to 28 years of the Berlin Wall and then ‘openings or a rift’ in this in October 1989, then surely this is symbolic of openings and rifts in all barriers?

    So just as the Berlin Wall separated Berliners until the openings and rifts appeared, so the barrier between this world and the next separates families, loved ones, friends, pets and their owners, etc. until an opening or rift can be made.

    October 1989 brought this about in the Berlin Wall (though there were occasional openings before this at Christmas, etc. for West Berliners, and at all times for East Berlin pensioners). Various After Death Communication methods bring about openings and rifts in the barriers between Earth and the spiritual planes.

    A physical seance is perhaps the most dramatic example of this. So it all makes perfect sense to me. An analogy based on my personal experience.

    I’m very happy with this, as George just getting the number of years we were together wrong didn’t really ring true. He led me on a bit in his communications later claiming he got mixed up, but he wouldn’t want to lead me to the real significance of 28 years/openings and rifts – he wanted me to work it out for myself. I too have lessons to learn.

    I hope I have learnt them, since I now believe all East Berliners should have been allowed to cross the Wall, just as everybody can now communicate across the division which divides this world from the next.

    Reply to Tony

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