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The Strange World of Spirit

15 Feb

The afterlife is a difficult thing for many people to accept because it seems to go against common sense. We see people, animals and plants die and their remains either decay, are burnt or in the case of animals and plants mostly, are eaten. In the natural food chain there is little wastage, as one species feeds on another lower down in the chain.

It seems like a cruel case of the fittest survive and the weak perish, but each species has some form of protection from predators. Just the other day I was sent a link to a wonderful deep-sea video which showed how creatures living down in the depths can blend completely into their surroundings making them invisible to predators.

That all this intricate and clever design, including the very specific functions of the various organs of the body such as the eyes, the ears, the heart and lungs, can have come about purely by accident helped by natural selection is, to me, untenable. As unlikely as a million monkeys typing on a million keyboards for millions of years producing the complete works of Shakespeare in English.

So taking the fashionable, so-called ‘intelligent’ line that everything came about accidentally and when we die that’s it doesn’t actually stand up to common sense at all, unless you don’t think too deeply about such things. Who or what designed all the animal defenses, who designed the various complicated organs of the body? If they came about just by accident, where are all the TV sets, cars, etc. which also just came about by accident and natural selection? The idea is quite ludicrous of course.

Those who have delved deeply into the subject know that Spirit is behind the design of everything in this world. Some call it God, Allah, Jehovah, the Great Spirit. The non-religious have used terms like the ‘i-ther’ or intelligent ether,  conscious energy or thought energy. Scientists know that energy cannot be either created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed into something else. This is the clue to why we are indeed eternal beings, as are all living things. We are all essentially part of this conscious energy which has always existed in some form or other and always will.

Mediums and channelers have known for a long time that there are many different dimensions, usually called Spiritual planes, spheres or levels. The one closest to our own Universe (often referred to by Spiritualists as the Earth plane) has many similarities with the world with which we are familiar. On this Spiritual plane, sometimes called Level 3, we appear to have physical bodies very like those we had on Earth in our prime, and we can even recreate things we were fond of on Earth such as homes we lived in and objects we loved.  If we still have cravings for food, we can even eat if we want to.

‘What utter nonsense!’ the skeptic will cry. 

‘Do we defecate as well? Do we kill Spirit animals for food? What absolute tosh!’

To understand this Spirit plane next to our own, which is entirely illusory, we have to first understand our own Universe, which as Quantum Physicists know is also an elaborate illusion. Quantum Physics looks at the sub-atomic structure of matter, and it is a proven fact that this is a very strange world indeed. Not only can sub-atomic particles appear in more than one place at once, maybe millions of miles apart, they can communicate with each other instantaneously, contravening Einstein’s Law of Relativity and the limitation of the Speed of Light. The sub-atomic particles disappear altogether when there is no conscious observer. Without a conscious observer the sub-atomic particles revert to waves of probability or wave function.

In other words, it seems matter can only exist when there is a conscious observer. The quantum ‘waves of probability’, therefore, appear to be basic thought forms – the building material of matter. It requires a conscious observer or mind to organize these waves of energy into sub-atomic particles and assemble them into apparently solid objects, which of course in reality aren’t solid at all. Everything, even in our apparently solid, physical Universe, including ourselves, is an illusion. We are living in a virtual reality world created by Mind, Thought or Consciousness which, obviously, must exist separately from matter such as the living brain.

Therefore in the next Spiritual plane most of us go to on dying it really is not so amazing that things can be created by pure thought. Operating on a higher and less dense frequency or vibration than our own Universe, it is not just sub-atomic particles which can be created by a conscious mind or observer. Complete objects can also be created by pure thought.

I’ve just heard, from one of Leslie Flint’s Direct Voice recordings, of a woodworker who continues to fashion objects out of wood on the next Spiritual plane. Of course he has no need to do this, he could create the objects by sheer thought power, but he enjoys working with wood and creating things with his hands. The next Spiritual plane is one where we adjust. Of course we don’t need to make things with our hands, we don’t need to eat, we don’t even need physical bodies of any kind.

We are pure Spirit or Conscious Energy and therefore need nothing physical at all. But it would be too much of a shock to move straight from this physical Universe to a purely metaphysical existence, where we exist as pure thought energy in an environment with no physical objects at all. We have to slowly evolve to this type of existence.

So back to the question of whether we need to eat, defecate, etc. on the next Spiritual plane, and the answer is clearly ‘no, we don’t.’  We certainly don’t kill animals for food, but since everything can be created by thought, so can meat, vegetables or anything else we feel we need. As things can be created by thought, they can also be made to disappear, so there’s no need to defecate. Anything consumed will simply disappear once eaten. Similarly we don’t really need what on Earth are vital organs like the heart and lungs. The physical bodies we have in the next world are purely because we are used to them here, and so others newly arriving can recognize us.

However, we all have an astral body here on Earth. It is, in fact, the blueprint for the physical body we live in here. It has been proved that illnesses and disorders manifest in our aura or astral body before they appear in the physical body. Soviet scientists discovered this second body of all living things and dubbed it the ‘bioplasma body’. Not only did illnesses, etc. show up in it before they appeared in the physical body, but this bioplasma body could survive damage to the physical body.

Out of the body and near-death experiences prove beyond doubt that we must have some kind of astral/bioplasma body or means of sensing our surroundings quite separate from our physical body and its organs which facilitate our five senses here on Earth. People clinically dead on operating tables and elsewhere have separated from their physical bodies and been able to accurately see, hear and report back on events occurring in their immediate surroundings while dead or unconscious. Even things happening in the next room or outside the building. Blind people have also reported seeing things while outside their physical bodies during an OOBE/NDE and have accurately described them.

So we all have an astral body, and this is the blueprint for our physical body. When we die we continue to live in this astral body on the next Spiritual plane for as long as we need to. Just as our physical body changes beyond recognition from the cradle to old age, so the astral or Spirit body can alter its appearance at will. This is why people seeing Spirits in this world, or who have  had an NDE and seen them in the next world, often describe them as looking as they did in their prime on Earth. Old people can revert to looking as they did in their 20s or 30s, or can appear as old people complete with deformities (which normally disappear in the Spirit body). They show themselves in the form we are most likely to recognize them.

So the next Spirit plane could be described as the ’sphere of desire’ or the ’sphere of adjustment’. We may exist there for hundreds or thousands of Earth years, or for much less Earthly time.

(Time is itself an illusion, so doesn’t have much meaning on the Spiritual planes. Even Einstein recognized that Time is merely the fourth dimension of our physical Universe and can alter according to the speed at which we travel; that it is all relative to the observer.)

Eventually we will move to higher Spirtual planes or dimensions which operate at a much higher frequency than our own Universe. The highest of these dimensions will be entirely devoid of anything resembling matter, all that exists there is pure Conscious Energy or Spirit. However between that dimension and the one we are currently living in are many, many levels, and we have to go through them one at a time in order to progress and adjust to each stage.

So, to sum up, the Spirit world or level to which most of us go to on transition is largely illusory and therefore very strange, but then so is our own  world. Both are virtual realities created by Thought, the only difference being this Universe is much denser and on a lower frequency than the dimensions or planes above it.

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