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The Truth About UfOs

21 Jan

That UFOs are not only real, but that there is ongoing contact with various types of extraterrestials and has been for decades is only the tip of the iceberg.

These are not just conjectures by loony UFO enthusiasts, but revelations by high-ranking  U.S. military and intelligence personnel (or those who are now retired) and from astronauts like Dr Ed Mitchell.

Before dismissing this you need to look at this 2 hour YouTube video of a Press Conference, largely unreported in the media, at which a few of these personnel give their testimonies and say they are prepared to swear on oath before U.S. Congress:

Long before this there were the revelations of USAF Major the late Donald E. Keyhoe in his books, quoting high-ranking USAF personnel and documents.

In the above YouTube video of the Press Conference organized by the Disclosure Project ( some very astounding revelations come out by people with a military  and intelligence background who cannot possibly be accused of perpertrating a gigantic hoax.

Among these startling revelations: UFOs have crashed and alien occupants captured alive and dead (there are many kinds of aliens, some looking very similar to ourselves. All are humanoid bipeds.). Back technology on the crashed UFO craft has enabled the military-industrial complex to produce anti-gravity craft utilizing a zero point energy field to attain speeds GREATER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

This zero point energy field, which powers the IFOs (they are now Identified Flying Objects), is a source of free, unlimited energy, and my view is it may be closely related to the source of the Universe, consciousness and life itself.

The military-industrial complex, according to this YouTube video of the Press Conference, has suppressed this knowledge because there are great profits to be made out of exploiting the remaining fossil fuels, and of course the arms race which sustains our otherwise unstable capitalist society.

Even Presidents of the United States, especially the more liberal ones, have been denied access to the information about UFOs and the back technology which has resulted from their capture. President Carter sought out the information and was refused by the then Director of the CIA – George Bush Snr who later became President. Bill Clinton, as President, was similarly denied access, what’s the betting President Obama will be any more successful? The reason: because these Presidents would not agree to keep the information about UFOs and back technology from the general public.

This all confirms that there is indeed a secret world-wide conspiracy based on powerful people in the financial world and military-industrial complex who are not only withholding information which could solve all our energy needs forever, prevent global warming and climate change, but end wars forever and admit us into the intergalactic community of civilizations which have put war behind them.

As I always suspected, and as revealed at the above Press Conference, there is no evidence that any of the aliens visiting the Earth are hostile, even though aliens have been shot dead and maybe even UFOs brought down by the military of the USA and possibly other countries.

The ex-air force and ex-intelligence personnel in the video testify that the UFOs fully are capable, and have done so on many occasions, to neutralize nuclear missiles, etc. and this may be what has prevented nuclear war by intention or accident. Clearly they are watching over our planet closely and have been doing so more frequently since we developed the atomic bomb in the 1940s.

Enmeshed in the conspiracy are companies like Lockheed who have developed back-engineered craft, etc.

There are over 500 military/intelligence witnesses prepared to testify on oath before U.S. Congress of the reality of UFOs and the back technology which could solve all the world’s energy problems, but which is being kept hidden by a powerful group within the financial world and military-industrial complex. Quite possibly an organization like the Illuminati or a higher echelon of Freemasonry is involved in this.

This news is dynamite, but the reason you probably haven’t heard about it (unless you found it on the Internet) is because the media is also controlled by this powerful international group. While snippets of info on UFOs, etc. are revealed occasionally in the media, it is always ridiculed in the end and treated as a joke. This is intentional to fool the public.

As I also suspected, Star Wars, President Reagan’s pet project continued by other administrations, had more to do with trying to shoot down UFOs than Earth-fired missiles. However the inter-galactic civilizations are determined we should not move our prehistoric and barbaric weaponry and wars into Outer Space. Ultimately, they will prevent us from doing so.

As someone in the Press Conference says, it is time we as a planet matured, grew up, put war and exploitation of natural and human sources behind us and joined the inter-galactic civilizations with unlimited access to free energy. This would, of course, mean the end of the power, riches and privileges of the financial and military-industrial interests and the powerful people and secret organizations behind them which are, in effect, controlling the world.

In other words, it is not alien conquest we have to fear, but the worldwide corruption and control by a powerful international group of conspirators who are trying to hold back inevitable human progress to safeguard their own selfish interests.

If they can not be defeated, maybe it is time for the aliens to take over the world and put things in order for us, aided by the world of Spirit. Indeed there are many indications that the latter, possibly in alliance with alien civilizations, is embarking on a 21st Century project to do just that – raise the vibrations of the Earth and take us to a much more developed level of existence in which corruption, wars, exploitation, pollution and global warming/climate change will be history.

NOTE: Without wishing to discredit any of the witnesses to the Disclosure Project or their Press Conference, some of the above claims just seem too fantastic for words. We must therefore not discount the very real possibility that disinformation has been planted, especially with the hear-say evidence.

Why would they do this? For one reason only: the UFOs are real and they feel the best way to hoodwink the public is to make outlandish claims, such as, for example, that we have developed faster than light machines from back-technology. However the main points must remain valid – UFOs are undoubtedly regularly visiting Earth, we are virtually powerless against them, they can neutralize nuclear missiles, Star Wars has a lot to do with attempts to shoot them down, the UFOs are not hostile, and if we could back-engineer and harness their superior technology we’d have a reusuable, cheap or free energy source which would harm a lot of powerful self-interest groups.

  1. Diana Spencer posted the following on January 21, 2011 at 9:54 pm.

    ” Hello Tony,
    A fascinating article highlighting something being kept for the most part hidden from general public consumption and as someone who in life made it her mission to expose secrets and corruptions, one I therefore applaud you and Victor for drawing attention to and likewise to You Tube for so powerfully illustrating. Ultimately the objectives of the New World Order will fail but not without a fight but certainly videos and precis like these will assist greatly in people not becoming complacent or alternatively remaining ignorant. Why of course on my site I have drawn attention to the existence of ” D. Notices ” and the objectives the deliberate implementation of them sets out to achieve!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

    Reply to Diana Spencer
  2. Rose Campbell posted the following on January 22, 2011 at 1:51 am.

    I fully know that there are “ships” out there having had the opportunity to observe one for a few minutes coming toward me and then hovering about 300-400 yards away from me across the pasture when I was 16 yrs. old. (No, I was not a recreational drug user…the heaviest stuff I did back then was kool-aid!)

    I felt no fear and what I was marveling at was the complete quiet of it. I had at first thought it might be a helicopter but it was the lack of noise…any noise…that actually drew my attention to it. There was no engine noise and even the bull frogs, tree frogs and crickets had gone silent, as if they too might be watching this spectacle.

    What totally convinced me of the truth of this was when my girlfriend, who lived about 15 miles from me in the exact direction the ship had soomed off in called me the next day to tell me of “the crazy thing I saw last night!” She too had been outside on the roof of her house trying to sleep in the heat when she saw a ship going very low over her house as she laid on the roof. She said it was spooky because it made no noise!

    What are the odds that two teen girls, friends, who lived 15 miles apart would see the same thing in one evening? We never did tell our parents for we just knew our folks would scoff and say we made it up. But I have known the truth of visitors since 1971/72!

    Reply to Rose Campbell
  3. Tony posted the following on January 22, 2011 at 2:30 am.

    For decades the late Major Donald E. Keyhoe was virtually a lone USAF voice in the wilderness documenting the reality of UFOs, revealing USAF secrets, etc. in his books. Prof. Hynek, an investigator in the USAF’s Project Blue Book, did make a cameo appearance in Stephen Spielburg’s ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, which was a sort of veiled indication that the USAF knew contact with aliens was real. Now so many former military and intelligence personnel have agreed to testify before Congress of the reality of UFOs, yet still the powerful forces that control the media, etc. manage to keep the lid on it.

    Gradually, though, more and more people must realize the truth and this momentous news, which I too have known about for many decades, must change the whole world and how we conduct ourselves.

    I do wonder if there is disinformation planted in the hear-say information, but on the other hand it could all be absolutely true including the alien base on the far side of the moon, Earth-built craft capable of superluminous (faster than light) speeds, powered by an unlimited free energy source, etc.

    What we don’t know is how much has actually been achieved by back-engineering compared to how much knowledge intergalactic civilizations may be willing to freely share with us if we join their community, which would mean abandoning the prehistoric way we conduct ourselves on this planet. No more warring nation states or powerful interest groups exploiting others, no more famines, pollution, destroying the environment. We’d have to abandon war and unite as a peaceful, progressive planet before we’d be fully invited to join any intergalactic community of civilizations.

    Seems to me these alien visitors have quite a job on their hands since this planet must seem like total anarchy to them, much like discovering a continent of warring tribes in past centuries.

    The difference being these intergalactic civilizations do not solve the problem by just exterminating and/or colonizing the primitive natives. They seem, rather, to be monitoring us to insure we don’t destroy ourselves or carry our wars and weaponry far into Outer Space.

    Why have we not returned to the Moon or pressed on with manned flights to Mars, etc.? Were we warned off – don’t come here again till you’ve sorted out the problems on your own planet?

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