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20 Nov

This week  the journal Science published research which suggested that the two hitherto separate Quantum Physics principles of  ‘uncertainty’ and ‘non-locality’ were in fact linked. While this does not undermine general quantum theory, it is very convenient for orthodox scientists who cannot get their heads around the increasing weirdness and implications of quantum theory.

In layperson’s language quantum theory and experiments have proved the following:

1. Matter can only exist when there is a conscious observer. Without a conscious observer sub-atomic particles revert to ‘wave function’ or ‘waves of probability’.

2. Heisenberg’s ‘uncertainty principle’ says you can measure the position or movement of a particle, but can never find out both.

3. The ‘non-locality’ principle states that two particles which interact remain entangled, and are similtaneously affected whatever distance they are apart, even light-years in space. This would seem to contradict Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than light, which is one reason Einstein hated quantum physics since it contradicted his own theories. However since Einstein’s death, quantum theory is constantly proving to be correct.

By clinging to the rather folorn hope that the ‘uncertainty principle’  limits how much one particle can affect another, orthodox scientists avoid the obvious conclusion of quantum physics which is the following:

If there are no limits to non-locality then all matter is linked at quantum level, we are all part of one consciousness, and together with other quantum theories this means space, matter, the physical universe and our very existence in it are all an elaborate illusion.

This is, of course, precisely what New Age, Eastern, religious and Spiritualist philosophies have been saying for years, even centuries and longer. That we are all linked as part of One consciousness whether you call it God, Allah, Spirit, Source, Conscious Energy, the Intelligent Ether (i-ther) or whatever.

That this conscious energy or intelligent ether is what creates matter and all environments here in our universe and in other ones (or other Spiritual planes). In other words Mind, Consciousness or Thought (or ‘God’) is all that is real, everything else is a temporary illusion or virtual reality created by this Mind or Consciousness.

The very simple quantum experiment of firing sub-atomic particles thru two slits in a piece of paper in fact proves this in itself. The particles cease to exist and revert to ‘wave function’/'waves of probability’ when there is no conscious observer. In other words matter can only exist when there is a conscious observer, therefore the conscious observer must have existed BEFORE any matter.

This of course proves that the brain of living organisms, which is composed of matter, cannot possibly be the origin of consciousness.  Mind or consciousness must exist separately from matter as a form of energy, making our brains akin to radio receivers so consciousness can be transmitted to and control our physical bodies. When the radio receivers (our brains) are damaged, this will become apparent in the physical body, just as when a TV or radio set is damaged the signal received will become distorted, though the transmitted program is actually intact.

When the physical brain dies, of course, the consciousness survives. Since it is a form of energy, it was never created and can never be destroyed. (This is a basic scientific principle, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.) We are all therefore eternal, as most religions and Spiritual people have been saying all along.

Time orthodox scientists, agnostics, atheists, materialists, closed-minded skeptics and others who deny the existence of an afterlife woke up and smelt the coffee!

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