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Diana – Tony joins in new Podcast

16 Nov

Diana and her voice channel, Andrew Russell-Davies who from now on is adopting the name ‘Christian’ for the Diana Work (less of a mouthful and a softer, more spiritual sounding name), have been staying with me in London for the past few weeks.

Last night (Monday 15th) all three of us – Diana, Christian and Tony – together with Rose Campbell in America, created a new podcast for the DianaSpeaks site, which can be heard here by scrolling right down and clicking on the arrow under ‘Christian-Diana-Tony—Nov. 2010′:

In this podcast all four of us talk about the experience of three of us being together in London, and meeting various other friends of Christian and Diana here, and other matters.

Being an anti-royalist it was perhaps not surprising that it was me, Tony, who made the observation to Christian and Diana yesterday morning in my kitchen that while I had grave doubts about the Diana Work making Christian a worldwide celebrity much more famous than Diana was in life (I could well be proved wrong), I couldn’t understand why this was necessary in order to build a cancer hospital and two hospices (in London, Paris and New York) in her memory. I remarked that Wills and Harry had plenty of money to build these hospitals and hospices themselves.

I might have added, but didn’t, that some of the royal palaces and castles could also be donated to the nation for more useful purposes such as hospitals, hospices, shelters for the homeless, etc.

This remark seemed perfectly obvious to me as a republican, but came as something of a revelation to Diana and Christian. Diana’s reaction is explained in her own words in the podcast. Basically it just demonstrated to her just how controlled her boys are, and this is also illustrated in a dream which Christian had about a chance meeting with William which a bodyguard tried hard to prevent.

My own contribution, read out from a pre-prepared script as I am a blogger and writer rather than an off-the-cuff speaker, is about how I came to recognize Diana speaking thru Christian, as apart from the voice there are subtle changes in body language, posture, the eyes, etc.

I will write another blog about the whole experience of being with Diana and Christian/Andrew in London after they have left my apartment and I can then summarize the whole six weeks, as it will then be.

  1. Isabelle F posted the following on November 18, 2010 at 3:46 pm.

    Thank you Tony for helping Christian and Diana !

    I was a member of their first site, 3 or 4 years ago… I didn’t forget them…

    Reply to Isabelle F
  2. Tony posted the following on November 19, 2010 at 1:29 am.

    Thanks Isabelle – my one and only podcast, or contribution to one. Came out better than I expected as I don’t usually like to hear my recorded voice.

    Nice to hear from you, and I’ll tell Christian and Diana.


    Reply to Tony

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