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29 Sep

Together in early 1991. George died on September 29th, 1991.

1975. No not the year – two anniversaries, 19 and 75.

It’s now 19 years today since my life-partner transited to Spirit, and on September 10th we celebrated 40 years together (we were here on the Earth plane for 21 years together). He’s kept in touch ever since his transition, and lately has been very verbose indeed.

His latest messages passed direct to me (not via a human medium) have told me an old friend is about to pass to Spirit (he’s 76 and now has a broken hip, diabetes, dementia, keeps falling over and maybe other problems).

George’s main messages, however, have been to help friends of mine and give them advice and premonitions about their likely future (all dependent of course on human free will). Also predictions about the Diana work taking off.

I don’t feel as though he’s out of my life at all with all these messages coming thru, and although this day holds sad memories of his last hours on Earth, it is also a celebration of his rejoining relatives and friends on the Spirit planes where he is much happier. So over on the Other Side, as I’ve remarked before, today is the anniversary of his rebirth into Spirit.

Today is also the 75th anniversary of the birth of a living legend, Jerry Lee Lewis, who contrary to popular opinion is still alive, still performing, still recording and still having Top Ten hits. Yes it’s true. After his inital success in the 1950s, he has followed up with Top Ten hits in the pop, Country, Indie and Rock charts in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, missing out the 1990s when only one CD of his was released, hitting the Top 10 Rock albums, Top 5 Country albums, #1 Indie and Top 30 pop albums on Billboard in 2006 with his biggest selling album to date – ‘Last Man Standing’ which earned him another gold disk for over half a million sales.

Now he has followed this up with a similar duets album with people like Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Mick Jagger, and a host of others. The new CD, released in UK on October 4th, has already hit three Billboard charts, including Top Ten Rock, Top 30 pop albums (Billboard 200) and Top 20 Tastemakers’ chart.

He has also made some great promotional appearances singing and playing piano on several U.S. TV shows, made a guest appearance on the hit Broadway musical (soon to come to UK) ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ about a 1956 jam session with himself, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. Jerry’s performance at this show brought the house down. He has even more recently been at the Grammy’s in California, and has received worlwide press and TV coverage.

Jerry Lee Lewis at finale of Million Dollar Quartet hit musical, Broadway in September 2010

Jerry Lee Lewis is a survivor, along with his contemporaries Little Richard (recently recovered from hip surgery), Chuck Berry and Fats Domino (in semi-retirement, but also a survivor, feared dead at one time, of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans). Plus many more lesser known names from that era such as Frankie ‘Sea Cruise’ Ford (whose partner is also said to have perished in Katrina – unconfirmed, but his partner/manager has certainly died),  Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry (both Frankie and Clarence being New Oreleans personalities along with Fats), Sonny Burgess, etc. Also Pinetop Perkins, still singing and playing boogie piano as he approaches his centenary.

Away from the rock’n'roll music scene, we have other long-term survivors like Lauren Bacall who was once married to Humphrey Bogart. Making films in the 1940s, and was still making them over 50 years later.

Then there’s the woman who must have had the longest career in television anywhere in the world – the marvelous Betty Driver of  ‘Betty’s Hotpot’ fame (Betty Williams, previously Betty Turpin)  in Coronation Street. The 90+ year old barmaid of the ‘Rovers’ Return’ retires from the program later this year, but she started out on TV in the BBC broadcasts from Alexandra Palace before the Second World War as a singer.

Away from the famous names, there’s my mother, now 96 and still smoking 20 to 30 cigarets a day. Not to be recommended for longevity it must be added. They could have cut maybe 10, 25 or 30 years off her life I understand!

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