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Our 40th Anniversary

11 Sep

Yesterday, September 10th, was the 40th anniversary of when I met my partner, George. He made the transition to Spirit on September 29th, 1991, so we shared 21 years on Earth in this life together, but he has remained in contact with me from Spirit in the last 19 years.

Back in the days we were on Earth together there were no civil partnerships for gay men, but we did exchange rings. I can’t remember when he moved in with me exactly – sometime in the period January-April 1971 – nor exactly when we exchanged rings. Around that time I believe. So the 40th anniversary of the day we met is what we celebrate.

George taught me a lot and helped my spiritual development while we were together, and this has continued since he transited.

He told me just now he will always manage to keep in touch somehow, and even if there is a break in continuity, the messages from him will continue to flow. He does, after all, have other preoccupations on the Other Side, but in times of need he’s always there to help me and friends.

Those who are interested can read the last chapter of my e-book on this site which describes the many ways George connected with myself and friends after he passed to Spirit. These included a full materialization to one friend, telepathic messages helping me find things he’d hidden away in our flat, saying that posthumous letters to him which I wrote kept us near while apart, some mild poltergeist activity in a friend’s house when they annoyed him and speaking to another friend who was alone in my flat – so real he answered him, turned round and just caught a glimpse of something.

The messages coming from George are now not done in such a dramatic fashion, but they do come in times of need. They are currently helping not just me but a friend of mine who’s going thru a period of change/uncertainty.

So, our Ruby Anniversary. I’ve not received any rubies, but many messages from George worth much more to me than jewels.

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