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Diana – time to move on?

04 Sep

I have written several blogs on here referring to Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales, and how she communicated via her voice-channel Andrew Russell-Davis. It is up to people whether they accept this or not, but they shouldn’t make a judgment till they’ve looked at the Diana Speaks site and listened to at least one or two of the podcasts. This is what convinced me it was indeed Diana communicating.

Things have now reached a crisis point, 13 years after Diana passed to Spirit in that crash in Paris on August 31st, 1997.

In all things people have free will. This is what makes it impossible for psychics or Spirit to accurately predict the future. So much depends on decisions and the free choice of individuals.

I have indicated, as have messages on the Diana Speaks site, that this thing was hoped to take off in a big way. Not just yet another psychic/Diana site, but one which would make news around the world. However I have always felt it would take something pretty dramatic for this to happen – like someone very close to Diana in real life, such as a very near relative, publicly saying they thought it was her communicating thru Andrew.

However people have their reputations to think about, quite apart from the controversial nature of many of the communications which might also make them reluctant to make any public announcements. Diana in life consulted pyschics, but didn’t make this fact public.

The Diana Speaks site, at the moment at least, is still there for those who are interested and wish to peruse this evidence of life after death.

It seems the work may not continue. Perhaps the time has come for Diana and those involved in the work to move on. People have been given the evidence, and it is up to them whether to accept it or not.

My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the way the Earthbound Spirit of Diana chose to communicate thru a single voice channel was perhaps not the best way. I feel it would have been better for her to move on to the Spiritual planes and communicate from there, to many mediums and psychics around the world.

In fact this has happened, the Higher aspect of Diana communicates to many mediums. But it seems an Earthbound aspect remained attached to Andrew trying to achieve a mission to convince the world that ’she would not go quietly’. It seems the world was not ready to listen.

The reality check we have to take in is that a dead celebrity, even one speaking from beyond the grave, does not have the clout of a real, glamorous live one who can be photographed, filmed and inteviewed in person, not thru a medium. People naturally have doubts about such things, and not everyone takes the trouble to, as Diana says, ‘do their homework’ and check these things out. Obvious fakes,  impersonators and charlatans are usually easily spotted, and Diana comes thru Andrew as being perfectly genuine, not even a Spirit impersonating Diana, but the real thing.

There is a huge volume of evidence for the after-life on the Internet, including many recorded voices of people speaking from beyond that barrier we call death. Apart from the Diana voice communications via Andrew, there are the recorded archives of Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint (who has now passed to Spirit himself), and those of David Thompson, a physical medium now based in Australia. Of course people won’t accept this evidence if they refuse to listen to it or study it and judge its authenticity.

Many psychics and Spiritual leaders have given messages to the human race about all sorts of things, including how to live our lives and make the world a better place. Some people listen to them, some don’t.

Corruption in the world, as Diana pointed out, is everywhere. The peace-loving message of Spiritual leaders like Jesus have often been distorted and used to justify all sorts of horrible things such as the Inquisition and many wars, often both sides claiming they have ‘God on our side’. Again, it is all to do with human free will and choice. Spirit can give us advice and evidence of survival, but it is entirely up to individuals if they accept it.

So now, it seems, is a time of crisis, of reflection and change for all those involved in what has been termed ‘the Diana work’. I wish well to all who are involved in it, including of course Diana, Andrew and Rose Campbell, the medium in America who conducted the podcast interviews on the site with Diana via Andew. Rose also started the site (and the one which became corrupted before the present one), and maintains it. She has done a wonderful job, and it remains quite remarkable and stunning evidence of survival and the afterlife, though from an admittedly Earthbound Spirit so don’t expect revelations of what life is like in the Spiritual planes. This can be found elsewhere on the Internet, a wonderful tool for those interested in such matters, as we all should be.

One day we will all die, so it is prudent to try to find out what, if anything awaits us.  Overwhelming evidence is there that we survive the thing we call death, and from medical people, scientists, quantum physcists, etc. there is increasing evidence to back this up. Reality, as perceived by our five senses, seems to be something of an illusion; it is much more complex than once scientists thought.

I have written about such things elsewhere, so will not expand on it here, except to say that new discoveries are taking place that strongly indicate that consciousness originates from outside the physical body. This would mean all living things survive death, but much more besides. This conscious energy, whether you call it Spirit, God, the intelligent ether (i-ther) or anything else, seems to be what creates and organizes matter, and which guides evolution.

As for Diana and her channeling thru Andrew Russell-Davis, perhaps this has now stopped. That is not to say she, and other spirits, will stop communicating to us in various ways from the Other Side. Keep listening and watching, study all the evidence. The more you learn about the after-life, the more you will be prepared when the time comes.

  1. Rose Campbell posted the following on September 7, 2010 at 12:53 am.

    Thank you Tony for the nice words regarding the Diana Speaks site. I feel proud of it and it is nice to see your mentioning it.

    I will also say this…you can take a horse to water but you sure cannot make him drink until he is darn well ready. You are correct…the site is there for anyone to look at and if they really want to do the decision making process of what they think about it any justice they must spend some time reading in the varous segments or listening to the pod casts. However the fact that, as of yet, the majority of humanity is not yet evolving enough to worry about the proof of afterlife communication cannot and will not alter the facts as given on this site.

    You are also correct when you say that the world is cynical and it will take someone with indisputable first hand knowledge of Diana to validate it to a very cynical world…but as you also mention proof of the afterlife existance is coming faster and faster all the time and soon enough the circumstantial evidence will be so ponderous that it will cross from underground pockets of spiritualists into wide spread mainstream consciousness almost as if overnght. However those of us who have toiled for many a year working at getting the proof will well know it was not overnight! We have the wrinkles and blisters on our fingers and arses to prove it! LOL!

    Perhaps Diana still existing is not believed in now, perhaps she won’t be believed as communicating to our world via any medium for a very long time but it ultimately won’t matter because I foresee our grandchildren and their chidren accepting it all in stride as those of us who carry cell phones now do when our own grandparents didn’t own any phone. The times…they are a changing and what was ridiculous in 1960 is now a way of life in 2010! So it will be with communicating openly with the deceased and having them continue their work via those of us left behind here who can communicate with them. Let’s just say that Diana, and other souls, are ahead of the curve! :)

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