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Pride events or Wildest Cats – no contest!

01 Jul

The first weekend in July always means two things: Gay Pride events in London, and the Wildest Cats Weekender in Pakefield, Lowestoft.

I’m a gay man, but also a rock’n'roll fan and so always choose the Wildest Cats Weekender over Pride, which holds no attraction for me whatsoever.

I absolutely detest the fashions, music and behavior of many gay people at the various Pride events, and can’t even see the reason for it any more.

Why do they just assume just because someone is gay they like the same fashions, music, and like to be exhibitionists? It all started back in the 1970s to win gay rights, but now we have won most of these the events would only be laudable if they sought to win respect for the gay community from the general public.

My partner and I (he died in 1991) went on  two gay marches in the USA – in Washington DC and in New York City. These were great, as there was a feeling of solidarity, and people from grandmas to office people giving us a ticker-tape welcome as we marched down 5th Ave supported us.

We stopped going on Gay Pride marches and similar ones in London when obnoxious gay men and lesbians started shouting out obscene slogans. I also do not want to see overtly sexual behavior in the streets, or men walking around (or on the Tube) with their bare arses hanging out of their chaps/trousers. Such behavior should be renamed Gay Shame.

Anyway I have no interest whatsoever in any of the fashions and music gay people are supposed to like, and which they play in the gay clubs. I also find the gay community in London very unfriendly and unsupportative to those who are elderly or lonely – not much to be proud about there either.

I much prefer the friendly atmosphere and great live music of the rock’n'roll Weekenders, and The Wildest Cats In Town is one of the best.

The prospect of reasonably good weather, a beach party, another outdoor music event on the promenade in Lowestoft on the Sunday including a vintage car cruise, half board, free electric in the chalets, and loads of excellent acts and bands – this year including Sonny Burgess, Marty Wilde, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, The Lennerockers (from Germany), the brilliant Ervin Travis from France (who is Gene Vincent reicarnated), Sandy Ford’s Flyin’ Saucers and loads more – this is Heaven! A truly international gathering of friendly people, both gay and straight.

At the Rockabilly Rave two weeks ago, as written on this blog, there was even a guy in drag. We don’t need to march along the streets with a load of exhibitionists and listen to god-awful music just because we happen to be gay.

Isn’t it time this annual carnival was either stopped, or made into something more universal and acceptable? Most of the gay people I know are into classical, blues, soul, 1950s rock’n'roll, traditional Country not the kind of ‘house’ type crap played in the gay clubs. Nor are we all 20 and beautiful, or exhibitionists who wish to kiss and cuddle in public (if we had anyone to kiss and cuddle with we would do it in private, or at least inside a gay club), and we don’t all go around with the hairy overweight ‘bear’ look, shaved heads,  and the latest gay fashions so we stick out like sore thumbs instantly recognizable as gay men or lesbians by all and sundry (including homophobes and queerbashers.)  

Being gay is one part of our personality, that doesn’t mean we all have to look the same, like the same music, or hang around only with people who share our sexuality, and who can be extremely self-centered, ageist, shallow and hedonistic – not to mention bitchy if you have a look they consider out-of-date or you are ‘past your sell-by date’.

Wildest Cats here I come. You can keep your Gay Pride and shove it up your a***e!

  1. Thomas posted the following on July 2, 2010 at 3:37 am.

    Hi Tony!
    Enjoy the Wildest Cats and Shake it!

    Reply to Thomas
  2. Tony posted the following on July 5, 2010 at 10:14 pm.

    From Peter Tatchell:

    But, Tony, if you go on the Pride march you don’t have to conform to
    the images you dislike. Like me, you can go there and in your own
    style and make a protest highlighting the serious issues we both care
    about. We need to more voices of protest at Pride (for same-sex
    marriage and and end to gay blood ban etc) and less flashy

    Best wishes, Peter

    Reply to Tony
    1. Tony posted the following on July 5, 2010 at 10:15 pm.

      Thanks Peter, I’ll add your comment after the blog with this reply.

      I did go on a Gay Pride march with two of my neighbors a few years ago and
      wore a bright red Teddy-boy jacket and winklepickers – those shoes nearly
      killed me, definitely not suitable for marches. But I just wanted to show we
      don’t all conform to the stereotype images of what gay men are supposed to
      look like nowadays. That we are all individuals.

      There was another gay rocker guy I knew at the Weekender, and probably a
      load more I don’t know. But the London Pride events always clash with this
      Weekender, and for me and many other gay rockers rock’n'roll always comes
      first. The rockin’ scene I find much friendlier, on the whole, than the gay
      scene. And as I say the exhibitionism, the shouting of obscene slogans, the
      ‘bare-arsed’ brigade, the fashions and the artists/music played at Gay Pride
      festivals put me right off.

      As to issues to be raised, I don’t object to same-sex marriage, but it
      wouldn’t be for me. I don’t honestly see why gay people want to ape
      heterosexual marriage, but if they want they should be allowed to, though I
      don’t see it as a priority at all. Personally I don’t see civil partnership
      as ’second-rate’ – I see it as different, more reflecting the gay lifestyle
      which doesn’t necessarily include monogamous promises and children. I would
      have been perfectly happy with a civil partnership with my life-partner, but
      it wasn’t available then. I would most definitely not have wanted gay
      marriage, and I doubt any of my gay friends would have wanted it either
      since none were monogamous, they all had open relationships.

      But those who want it should be able to have it if civil partnerships are
      not considered adequate. However civil partnerships should still also be an

      Tony Papard

      Reply to Tony

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