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Abandon All Hope?

24 Jun

Rumored to be written above the gates of Hell: ‘Abandon all hope ye who enter here’. Was this the greeting heralding in the 3rd milennium? I just hope not, but sometimes it seems that way.

Go back to the mid-20th Century, in the years following the Second World War. A third of the world seemed to be marching triumphantly towards a Communist utopia after much of it was liberated from Fascism, in Britain and other countries we had our own version of Socialism and a better world ahead with the new Welfare State and nationalized industries to serve the public not private profit, the economy was improving, nuclear energy promised an almost unlimited source of power, technology leaping ahead with new labor-saving devices, the Soviet Sputnik heralded the new Space Age with journeys to other planets, campaigns started up to get rid of nuclear weapons and were supported by hundreds of thousands if not millions around the world, the European Coal and Steel Community developed into the European Common Market – making war between European states, which twice developed into World Wars, very unlikely.

Jump ahead to 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Again hope was re-kindled for a new age of peace and rapproachment between East and West. Some of us hoped the gains of Socialism would be preserved, while the negative aspects of the corruption and bureaucratic dictatorships would be jettisoned. In fact the very opposite happened – all the positive achievements of Socialism were thrown out, and the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats survived, to plunge former Yugoslavia and many former Soviet states into terrible ethnic conflicts. The Warsaw Pact was dismantled, but NATO, an obsolete leftover from the Cold War, actually expanded to Russia’s very borders, causing further distrust of the West.

Come the 21st Century, and in the very first year, 2001, we had 9/11, Bin Laden and Al-Quaida, then the second Iraq War and the Afghanistan conflict. Also the failure of the banks, and the world economic crisis.

There is no hope any more, no grand schemes for replacing the failing capitalist system with something better, nobody has even learnt from the grave mistakes of the former Socialist country experiments of the last century by formulating a more democratic, less corrupt model which works.

Yugoslavia, before its break-up into warring independent states, had achieved a remarkable form of Market Socialism based largely on cooperatives. Most of this was lost in the insane rush for ‘independence’, just as all the achievements of over 70 years of Socialism and unity in the Soviet Union was lost in the rush towards ‘independence’ which just meant the revival of bourgeois nationalist rivalries and ethnic conflicts.

In the Western capitalist countries we had careers and jobs for life, protected by strong trade unions till Thatcher and others destroyed them. The capitalist market now ruled supreme, and after the demise of the USSR the USA became the one and only super-power which dictated the political system for the rest of the world thru its military might and the financial institutions it controls, such as the World Bank and IMF.

Russia and many other former Soviet republics became hotbeds of crime, led by many of the same corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who were in power before, but now there was no attempt to build Socialism or help create a more equal society.

So what hope is there for the 21st Century? At present all seems gloom and doom. For me personally, I just hope that new visionaries will arise; that ordinary people will tire of all the gadgets and trivialities of the early 21st Century (reality TV included) and start getting involved in creating a better world for themselves and their children, instead of trusting it all to the politicians.

We don’t all need to own our own homes, mortgaging ourselves up to the hilt for life in the process. We don’t need cars at all, let alone two or three per family - they are destroying the planet. Low-rent council or housing association homes and good public transport in towns and rural areas, plus more bicycles, would solve so many of our present problems. As would getting rid of the ‘living on credit’ culture which leads directly to inflation and financial crises. The classic case of too much money chasing too few goods and services. 

Those who believe in Spirit or God (or alien visitors) can hope and pray that there will be guidance from beyond this Earth. That is the one ray of hope I can see – New Age awareness of the unity of all things, and brave scientists, doctors, and others who with the aid of the Internet are revealing wondrous things to those with open minds.

The karma of this planet has brought it many Dark Ages, but if we are to evolve we must acknowledge our mistakes past and present and resolve not to repeat them, but to do better in the future.

At least George W. Bush has been replaced by Barack Obama as American President, a man who, although still embroiled in the unwinnable Afghan conflict, has set a date for withdrawal, and who has said he wants to see a world without nuclear weapons.

So there is hope, and a breakthrough in scientific thought and parallel revelations from Spirit could alter the course of human history and evolution dramatically. If people worldwide became aware that we are eternal beings and will be accountable for all our actions while on Earth, that positive things will aid our evolution but negative things will hold us back, then this could be quite revolutionary.

The old-style organized religions based on ancient texts often written by power-hungry men created terrible wars, genocide, torture and confusion. The New Age philosophies, Spiritual awareness and neotic sciences point to the unity of all things, and that religion is unimportant.

Once we know as a scientifically proven fact that we are essentially conscious energy which cannot be destroyed then we surely will start thinking about our long-term evolution beyond this Earth life and acting accordingly. That is my hope, call it ‘pie in the sky’ if you like, but it won’t come to us when we die unless we start creating it for everybody here and now.

Organized religion was described as the ‘opiate of the people’ by Karl Marx – an excuse to sit back and tolerate injustice, poverty, cruelty, etc. in the hope of a better world in the next life – ‘pie in the sky when we die’.

However the new scientific, medical and Spiritual knowledge which is developing of the eternal nature of all living things evolving thru the karmic process will surely be the spur to creating a better world here and now.

Organized religion was a tool for controlling people and exploiting them, but universal and undeniable scientific knowledge of the true nature of things, backed up by new technologies now being developed to communicate directly with other dimensions/universes (such as the after-life planes) will mean everyone will know the consequences of failing to create a fairer and better world here and now, which will be bad karmic debt to be paid back until the lessons are finally learnt and they progress.

If people want to stagnate and not develop spiritually, that is their choice. There is no eternal Hell but they will find themselves in an environment with others much like themselves until they bore of it and strive to evolve to something more pleasant and rewarding.

The rest of us will continue to live fairly decent lives, as most people do already, but hopefully will be joined by many more who decide that their personal (and also general human) progress and evolution is far more important than the latest flashy gadgetry,  luxury property and consumer goods, reality TV show,  petty political/ethnic/religious conflicts or striving for things like great wealth or power over others.

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