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Ban All Sport….

12 Jun

….on the two main TV channels that is. In this day and age of multi-channel TV there’s absolutely no need for football, Wimbledon, the Olympics, etc. to disrupt the regular programs on BBC1 and ITV1 in the UK.

Both the BBC and ITV need one or two sports channels each for these things, which often over-run. Why should the rest of us with no interest whatsoever in silly, overpaid people kicking or batting a ball about have all our favorite programs disrupted when most channels are full of a load of old crap which nobody would miss anyway?

There’s Sky Sports, and if BBC or ITV want to get in on the act they should start their own Sports channels and leave the main ones free for scheduled programming.

I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss whether England is knocked out of the World Cup in the first game, or goes on to win it. Nor do I care a damn who wins Wimbledon.

Interrupt the main channels for important news events by all means as, even though there are separate News channels, things like the death of Diana or the Twin Towers collapsing are things we all need to know about as soon as possible. I do NOT need to know whether a ball went into a net so many times, or for that matter whether a counter went into a cup in an International Tiddlywinks Contest. No – PLEASE don’t put THAT on the main TV channels!

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