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UFOs Are Real

08 Jun

Anybody who doubts the existence of UFOs is simply ignorant of the facts and have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by the massive debunking and cover-up by governments around the world.

The late U.S. Major Donald E. Keyhoe  revealed the truth in his books, quoting official documents and USAF personnel, none of whom sued him which is what would have been expected had Keyhoe made it all up. From one of his books:

On January 7th, 1948 a large round machine descended over Kentucky, seen by the commanding officer and others at Godman Air Force Base, by state police and thousands of citizens. As it hovered above Godman an interception was attempted  by Capt. Thomas Mantell, a World War II ace, and two other fighter pilots. The wingmen lost contact in the broken clouds, but Mantell climbed out on top.

The upshot of this chase was that Mantell radioed that he had sighted the UFO, that it looked metallic and was huge. His last radio message was that he was climbing to 20,000 feet in pursuit. His body was found near his wrecked plane ninety miles from Godman.

Following this incident Project Sign began, an investigation into UFOs conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, staffed by top scientists and engineers aided by Air Technial Intelligence officers. During the next six months they questioned pilots, radar trackers, scientists and other witnesses.

In unanimous agreement they drew up this Top Secret conclusion:

‘The UFOs are spacecraft from another world, observing the Earth for an unknown motive.’

Capt. Mantell’s death was not considered proof of hostility, but due to defensive action by the UFO assuming Mantell was going to attack.

On August 5th, 1948 (yes Keyhoe is as specific as that) a Top Secret Estimate of the Situation was delivered to American Air Force headquarters and the spacecraft conclusion cleared the Directorate of Intelligence without any dissent, then reached Chief of Staff Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg.

Vandenburg was urged to release this secret conclusion and start preparing the public, but others urged secrecy until the Air Force had more information. Vandenberg refused to release the spacecraft conclusion to the public – this was the start of the official cover-up.

Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt and other project officers told Keyhoe the reason: ‘How could we convince the public the aliens weren’t hostile when we didn’t know it ourselves?’ General Vandenberg feared it would cause panic.

Vandenberg ordered the document with the spaceship conclusion burnt, but a copy was saved and Major Dewey Fournet and Capt Ruppelt saw it in 1952.  The existence of this Top Secret spacecraft conclusion was confirmed in a signed statement by Major Fournet and Lt Col George Freeman, UFO spokesman attached to the office of the Secretary of the Air Force.

Projects investigating UFOs have continued ever since, under various names, and the reason for the continued secrecy remains the same – basically the American and other governments are not happy that alien craft of far superior technology can enter our air space at will, and their mission and objective is still not known. Governments are totally powerless against them, though Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ project could well have been designed to shoot down UFOs (an almost impossible task due to their high speeds, ability to maneuver in ways which defy our known laws of physics, and even to change shape and disappear, some at least being clearly inter-dimensional craft.)

The cover-up actually started before 1948, shortly after Kenneth Arnold, a civilian pilot, reported UFOs over the Cascades mountain range in Washington state on June 24th, 1947.  He counted 20 UFOs flying in formation in the vicinity of Mt Rainer, and was the first to describe the craft as looking like ‘flying saucers’.

Less than a fortnight later, on July 8th, 1947, the public office of the Roswell USAF base issued a Press Release reporting the recovery of a crashed flying disk from the property of local rancher William ‘Mack’ Brazel.

The first official US government cover-up started an hour later when Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey commanding General Eighth Air Force at Fort Worth Army Air Field issued a statement claiming that the crash remains were only a ‘weather balloon’.

The idea that a weather balloon could be mistaken by the USAF for a crashed UFO is clearly ridiculous, though it has to be said that this famous Roswell incident is not mentioned by Major Keyhoe in his books (too secret and dangerous for him to spill the beans perhaps?) However witnesses who saw the crashed remains, examined and touched them before the USAF arrived on the scene say it was nothing like the material from a weather balloon later put on display by the USAF in an attempt to debunk the idea that a UFO had crashed and been recovered, with or without alien bodies inside.

This is just some of the evidence from the USAF and its personnel, but governments around the world have been studying the UFO phenonenum for over 50 years now. Most sightings reported by the public are of aircraft, satellites, meteors, etc., but there are also undoubtedly alien craft commanded by a superior intelligence constantly observing the Earth. It seems they have always existed, but have been monitoring us closely since the first atomic bomb explosions in the 1940s.

More recently Dr Ed Mitchell, NASA scientist and former astronaut, has admitted publicly on a UK local radio station that UFOs exist and that there has been ‘ongoing contact’ with the aliens by the U.S. government.

British scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking also stated, on the 50th anniversary of NASA, that UFOs most likely exist and warned it might not be a good idea to attempt contact due to the likely advanced nature of ET technology.

But if the UFOs were hostile they probably would have taken over by now. There are reports of alien abductions, experiments on humans and also cattle mutilations, but by and large they just seem to be observing and monitoring us in the nuclear age when we could blow ourselves up and destroy our planet.

Where they come from is still a mystery, but probably from more than one source. They could be from other inhabited planets in the Universe, though they would have to use superior technology and hyper-space to travel the huge distances involved. Some at least are probably inter-dimensional craft since they seem to change shape, appear and disappear. 

Another possibility which would also explain the sudden appearance and disappearance of some of these craft is that they could be time machines from our own future. They would be most careful not to interfere with their own past and change the course of their own history. 

That UFOs exist and are not of the world we know is indisputable, and the current folklore via books, films, TV etc. is no doubt part of the preparation of the public for when the eventual truth is released by governments. Indeed people like Dr Ed Mitchell are already letting slip semi-official announcements about the reality of UFOs.

(Thanks also to the Rev. John E. Otey, NST CM for some of this info, as published in the June 2010 edition of Psychic World).


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