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Annie Nanji Recordings

26 Mar

A Swedish woman who after her death talked regularly with her husband, born in India but who later moved to Sweden, over a period of 13 years from 1970 to 1983 via Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint. Actually Annie has more of a French accent, and I believe mentions relatives in France, so it may just be that the couple lived in Sweden.

Listen for yourself, it is really quite remarkable, and like the modern ‘Diana’ voice messages, it is a person no longer living speaking very naturally from the Spirit world about all sorts of things – such as Annie’s husband putting the bed-covers on the wrong way round, or advising him he should retire in a year or so and do some writing, not sit around the house listening to music all the time. She also tells him he has a hole in his trouser pocket, and she wishes she was there to mend it for him but that he does his best.

All this is in the second message, which is much, much clearer than the first when Annie is not used to speaking via Direct Voice. Mickey can also be heard, a Cockney lad on the Other Side who helps Spirits communicate.

The Annie Nanji recordings can be heard here, and it’s probably best to start with the second message as in the first Annie is almost inaudible and speaking in a whisper until well into the recording:

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    alan Says:

    great informative account, and good, contact info, did Annie mentioned the names of her Husband or children, not listened to them all yet.

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