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21 Mar

Hot on the heels of the mathematical theories of British scientist Ronald Pearson which state that all living things survive death and that the conscious i-ther permeates the universe or multiverse, comes the quantum physics theory of Biocentrism developed by American scientist Robert Lanza which says much the same thing: that the Universe and everything we perceive around us is a creation of consciousness, the prime force behind the Universe.

This is all based on quantum physics which has proved that matter is affected by the observer. Indeed, according to Lanza, the particles which make up matter only exist as probability waves unless there is a conscious observer. This is proved by the double-slit experiment whereby photons are passed thru a single slit, but when not observed the photon particles become waves and go thru both slits.

Further experiments along these lines with a beam splitter seem to suggest that past events can be altered.

According to scientists like Lanza, and indeed Einstein, Time is not an absolute. Indeed Lanza’s theory suggests that Time and Space are illusions created by consciousness. Indeed all solid matter is an illusion, we know that from the science we are familiar with, since nothing is solid but made up of sub-atomic particles with huge spaces in between them. Now it seems these particles only exist when being consciously observed. If not consciously observed they are, at best, waves of probability.

All this ties in perfectly with what Spiritualists, Survivalists and mystics have been saying for years: that Mind (or Spirit) is the prime force behind everything, and that all sorts of environments can be and are created simply by the power of thought. In the after-life dimensions this is very apparent, as you just have to think about something and it is created. In our own Universe it is not so obvious, but also appears to be the truth, since the building blocks of all matter only exist when being consciously observed, suggesting consciousness converts probability waves into the sub-atomic particles which form matter.

This brings us, inevitably, to the scientific concept of the Big Bang as the origin of our Universe, and the religious concept of God/Allah or whatever as the origin of the Universe and everything in it.

The problem with both concepts is that they, in fact, explain nothing about the origins of the Universe. What happened a millisecond BEFORE the Big Bang, and where did all the matter come from which was dispersed in the Big Bang? As for ‘God’, where did it come from, and what exactly is it anyway? Certainly not a man with a long white beard sitting on a cloud.

The new theories of Lanza, Pearson and others suggest that the prime force or energy behind everything we perceive is consciousness. This is what creates order and matter itself. It also creates the illusion of Space and Time. Outside of Space and Time there can be no beginning and no end, everything is eternal which means it exists outside of Space and Time. Einstein recognized this when he said that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. The implication of this statement by perhaps the greatest scientist of the 20th Century is that everything coexists outside of Time, so could be said to be eternal with no beginning or end.

Also, science recognizes that energy cannot be destroyed. It can be converted into matter, but it cannot be destroyed. What, then, happens to the energy which animates our bodies? Scientists still don’t understand what this is, but it is becoming very apparent that the living brain is not the source of consciousness but rather a kind of radio receiver which controls the physical body. Consciousness or Mind exists separately from the body, as has been proved by many cases of out-of-the-body, remote viewing and near-death experiences where physical objects, conversations, etc. are seen and heard remotely from the body, without the use of physical eyes or ears, and in the case of near-death experiences, when the physical brain is clinically dead and flatlining.

It is becoming quite obvious to those who study the evidence that Consciousness or Mind is the prime force or energy behind everything. Some would call it ‘God’/’Allah’/’Jehovah’, some ‘Spirit’/’The Great Spirit’, scientist Ronald Pearson calls it the i-ther, scientist Robert Lanza simply calls it Consciousness without giving it a specific name.

If it creates matter by converting waves of probability into sub-atomic particles, then clearly Consciousness cannot originate or be created by a physical brain made up of sub-atomic particles which couldn’t even exist if they weren’t already being consciously observed. The classic ‘chicken and egg’ enigma.

So scientists are on the way to solving the mystery of the origin of Life and the Universe/multiverse (for there are many dimensions/planes of existence existing alongside the physical Universe we are most familar with). Einstein searched for a unified field theory to explain everything, and scientists are still searching for it. 

There are so many unanswered questions: why is the Universe still expanding? Why is over 90% of the matter in the Universe unobservable (described as Dark Matter because scientists know it must exist)?  Why is the sub-atomic universe of quantum mechanics so weird, with particles which revert to waves of probability when not being consciously observed, and when they do exist they can be in two or more places at the same time, maybe many miles apart?

All these unanswered questions point to Time, Space and Matter being illusions created by Consciousness or Mind. It seems that science is now coming very close to the religious concept of ‘God’ and that Consciousness must exist separately from matter, and indeed that matter cannot exist without Consciousness. Whether you define this prime force of Consciousness as ‘God’, the i-ther, Spirit or some form of energy is really just playing with words. It is becoming increasingly obvious, however, that this Consciousness, Mind or Thought Energy is the prime force behind everything, the Creator of matter itself.

We are essentially Consciousness, and mystics/Spiritualists/Survivalists all say everything is inter-connected and really One. If Time, Space and Matter are all illusions created by this Consciousness, as the latest scientific theories suggest, then we must all surely be One – inter-connected as part of the prime Consciousness behind everything.

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    Marion Says:

    Wow!! what an absolutely neat piece of writing! What inspirational ideas! How nice to know that I am not alone in the way I think. I’ve been reading this “stuff” all of my life. Thanks…marion

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