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New World Order/Old World Order?

27 Jan

The term ‘New World Order’ is bandied about to connect various conspiracy theories including various alleged assassinations and supposed terrorist incidents, etc. This would include the death of Diana in Paris and 9/11.

I personally prefer the term ‘New World Order’ to ‘the Illuminati’ or ‘a race of Reptilians’ which some of the more extreme conspiracy theorists use to conjure up a plot to kill millions (via the Swine Flu vaccine for instance) and continue their secret control of all the world’s governments.

I subscribe to some of the conspiracy theories – the assassination of Diana in Paris for instance, the death of JFK – and totally reject others. I don’t believe the Swine Flu vaccine was a deliberate plot to kill millions for example, though there have been contaminated batches in the rush to distribute it, and I considered the risk of taking the vaccine greater than in not taking it, since Swine Flu itself is rarely lethal.

Some other conspiracy theories I keep an open mind about, such as 9/11 and the death of Marilyn Monroe. If there was foul play regarding the deaths of Marilyn, JFK and his brother Robert then there may be a Mafia connexion.

But as to a ‘New World Order’, I would argue it is really very much the Old World Order of capitalism we are actually talking about. Of course wealthy industrialists, financiers , arms manufacturers, rightwing politicians and other capitalists will do everything in their power to cling on to their control of much of the world’s wealth and resources, and this is nothing new at all.

Go back to the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917, and you will see how the White Armies created civil war in the country to try to prevent the old Russian Empire going Socialist. Failing in that attempt, the bourgeoisie and the old ruling class infiltrated the Communist Party and awarded themselves special privileges, became appointed as directors of nationalized industries, opened up special shops for themselves, etc.

Corruption abounded everywhere in both the Soviet Union and the other Socialist countries, mainly due to the machinations of the bourgeoisie in trying to regain their former positions of wealth and privilege within the confines of Socialist states. Some genuine Socialists and Communists were also corrupted, and others just felt powerless due to the level of infiltration.

Then there are the various intelligence services of the West, and their respective governments, who all conspired to break the Soviet Union by escalating the nuclear arms race, and also the costly space race. All these factors and others eventually caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and the European Socialist countries (also the Socialist system in Mongolia) whereupon many of the political leaders who had pretended to be Socialists and Communists showed their true colors, and became power-greedy ‘nationalists’ overnight in order to hang on to their positions of power and privilege.

Terrible ethnic and nationalist wars and genocide resulted, which of course was great news for the arms companies. Constant wars, eternal ’enemies’, ‘terrorist threats’ and ‘bogey-men’ like the Soviet Union and now Bin Laden are all needed to justify the vast and very profitable expenditure on arms, financed by the taxpayers, which props up the whole rotten capitalist system worldwide. Wars are  provoked or the whole system would collapse.

This nearly happened in the Depression of the 1930s, until World War II came along to rescue Wall Street and the other big capitalist financial centers via the profitable arms industry. Whoever won that War, by the way, the capitalists would benefit, Fascism/Nazism or Western bourgeois democracy, they would still be in control.

In the countries ‘liberated’ by the Soviet Union, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia (who just exchanged Hitler for Stalin as their occupier) and the rest, well their dictatorial and imperfect Socialism meant they too had a privileged ruling class of bureaucrats, diplomats and politicians who greatly distorted Socialism and limited its achievements for the ordinary people, though these were considerable (elimination of illiteracy, abolition of unemployment, security in old age, excellent public services, cheap subsidized housing and basic foodstuffs, good public transport, etc.)

Today what we see is not the New World Order emerging, but the Old World Order which has existed since feudalism largely gave way to capitalism clinging on for grim death before its final and inevitable eventual collapse as foretold by Marx and Engels.

We don’t need to speculate on a race of Reptilians living amongst us, nor do we need put too much emphasis on secret societies like the Freemasons (or the alleged Illuminati). The bourgeoisie and the capitalist ruling class will use secret societies, the intelligence services, governments and the military to defend the system of exploitation, and this has always been the case.

While I don’t necessarily subscribe to the view that 9/11, for example, was engineered by the US government or its secret security services, I certainly agree that 9/11 was used as a pretext to launch the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, grab their oil supplies, and extend Western influence and control over the Middle East. How much the CIA, etc. knew in advance of the plot is a matter of conjecture, but it is suspicious that after many years Bin Laden is still at large, and everyone knows where he is – Northern Pakistan. Yet no serious attempt has been made to track him down there. It is very useful to the West to have a bogey-man at large, thus justifying more wars and arms expenditure, and contailment of liberties in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’.

The biggest remaining ‘Communist’ country, China, has also been infiltrated by capitalists of course, and the People’s Republic is now a more-or-less fully-fledged capitalist state despite still being ruled by an autocratic ‘Communist Party’.

The fact is that there is an on-going struggle between the progressive forces seeking to liberate the world from capitalist exploitation and the reactionary forces seeking to preserve the Old World Order.

This will never change until and unless the masses become more politically active and aware, and less inclined to be fobbed off with the latest gadgetry, with brain-numbing reality TV, dumbed-down action movies and the rest of the trivia which dominates our lives nowadays. Also when the toiling masses stop being persuaded to live on credit and run up huge debts, and instead demand that they be rewarded with the full fruits of their labor.

All wealth is created by labor, and so any unearned income in the form of shareholders’ dividends, company profits, directors’ bonuses, and so on has been directly stolen from the workers’ wage packets somewhere in the world, not least those in the highly exploited developing world, but also in the former Socialist countries and increasingly in the developed capitalist countries where the once powerful trade unions have largely been neutralized.

The Old World Order is, I’m afraid, here to stay for quite a while, until people are spiritually and politically far more developed, and even then attempts to overthrow the Old World Order of capitalism or to curtail its powers or profits will be met with brutal and often underhand, secretive measures and conspiracies to defeat the progressive forces.

However we should not be despondant. Great achievements were made by the former Socialist countries despite the infiltration and corruption, and this can be done again and improved upon, learning from the mistakes of the past. The Old World Order cannot continue indefinitely, it is far too unstable hence the constant wars and conspiracies to prop up the failing edifice.

The near-collapse of the world banking system is but the latest evidence of this instability and failure of the whole capitalist system.

So I look forward to the New World Order to replace the Old World Order, but that pre-supposes that the NWO will be some form of democratic Socialism and not open Fascism, which is the capitalist system dropping all pretense of democracy and showing itself at its most brutal.

I hope, with the knowledge of humankind’s gradual spiritual and ethical evolution (just think of the horrors of the past such as the Inquisition and burning people at the stake for heresy) we will eventually achieve a much fairer and equal society worldwide where large-scale exploitation, wars, etc. will be a thing of the past. But this won’t happen in my lifetime, it may take a few more hundred years to achieve.

Perhaps with the help of  ‘outside’ forces (Spirit, more advanced alien civilizations from elsewhere in our Universe, etc.) this process can be speeded up.  Meanwhile we have Barack Obama in the White House which is a good deal better than George W. Bush, even if he is not able to deliver quickly on all his hopes and promises. I just hope he is allowed to complete his Presidential term, and hopefully be elected to another.

Of course he will be thwarted and undermined by the forces of reaction, but as Lenin said, two steps forward, one step back. Progress is slow, but if Obama can achieve some form of health insurance for poor Americans and achieve progress towards world nuclear disarmament, then that is most definitely a step forward. We are playing the long-game here in the battle against the forces of reaction.

But in the Americas we see hope. Progressive governments in many Latin American countries, and a more progressive Presidential administration in the USA itself. Let’s hope this trend continues, and spreads around the world despite the machinations of the reactionary forces to forestall it.

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