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13 Dec

Many who see my link to the DianaSpeaks site to the right of this article (do click on it and listen to at least one of the podcasts yourself before dismissing it as bunkum) or who have read any of my blogs on Diana, former Princess of Wales speaking thru her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis may well think me some sort of nutter, but they are probably unaware of the huge volume of recorded voices of dead people speaking accessible on the Internet.

This is the wonderful thing about the Internet, it makes things which were once hidden away in archives somewhere available to everybody. Yes, it also means cranks and conspiracy theorists can have a field day posting their home-made documentaries on YouTube, but for serious researchers there’s an unlimited mine of real information out there at few clicks of a mouse with the help of a good search engine.

The voice of Diana speaking from beyond the grave is not really a unique phenomenom, though the way she does so probably is. I can’t recall another famous person who has chosen to remain Earthbound and channel audibly exclusively thru one person, so that there are, in effect, two personalities living in the same body, a form of possession, albeit in this case by mutual agreement between Diana and Andrew, her chosen voice-channel, and for altruistic motives.

But there is also ITC, which are voices of the dead captured on electronic equipment, a technology still in its infancy, and also ‘Direct Voice’ mediumship, by which the dead speak thru an ectoplasmic voicebox produced during a seance with a physical medium.

There are recordings on the Internet of voices produced at seances by David Thompson, a physical medium in Australia, which claim to be personalities such as Louis Armstrong and Quentin Crisp, and they certainly sound like them. But more important and evidential are the many reunions David is able to make possible between friends and families across that barrier we call ‘death’.

First let’s explain briefly how ‘Direct Voice’ works. It involves materialization either of just a voice box or of a complete person or the top part of a person out of ectoplasm or some other form of energy drawn from the medium and the sitters. Fantastic as this sounds, the voices do NOT emanate from the medium but from several feet away, and remember the seance rooms are always rigorously checked for hidden speakers, trapdoors and any other tricks which illusionists might use.  (The Diana phenomenom is different, as the voice does come from Andrew himself, so we have to rely on the content of the messages, the ‘energy’ of Diana, the emotions and the phraseology to judge whether it is her or not.)

There is a problem with celebrities in that everybody, or at least a lot of people, know what their voices sounded like in life, so they can be imitated either by people here on Earth or by spirits impersonating them. Just because a spirit says ‘I am Henry VIII’ doesn’t mean it necessarily is his spirit, even if it is a genuine spirit communication.

So far more evidential are the personal reunions mediums like David Thompson make possible, as these mediums could not possibly know what the dead friends and relatives of most people sounded like in life, nor of the many things they speak of which the medium would know nothing about. Everything about celebrities is more or less known or can be researched. But if you hear the voice of a loved one who was not famous, and they tell you things only the two of you knew, then that is pretty conclusive.

One of the greatest Direct Voice mediums was the late Leslie Flint, and there is an archive of some of the Direct Voices he produced at seances on the Net which can be accesssed here:

I have only just dipped into this, but what I have heard so far not only amazes me, but is so very informative and interesting.

For example, why demonstrations of clairvoyance at Spiritualist churches sometimes fail to live up to expectations. Most mediums receive telepathic pictures in their heads from the Other Side, because this is how, we are told, people over there communicate, telepathically. We are not used to doing this here on Earth, and it is quite an art to get it right.

Some mediums, like Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell, get extremely accurate and specific messages across, but many who do the rounds at Spiritualist churches and centers around the country are not nearly as developed.

Take the case of Alfred Higgins, who died when he fell off a ladder. He desperately tries to contact his wife from the Other Side to let her know he is all right, but she can neither see nor hear him when he visits her. He concentrates all his thoughts on her and she looks up and runs from the room and starts crying. Naturally he finds this very upsetting, and eventually he tries to contact her thru a medium at her local Spiritualist Church, but she is never there in the audience. So Alfred tries to send her the idea mentally to go to the Church, and eventually she does.

This is one of the Direct Voice messages in the archives at the above site, and you can hear Alfred relate how frustrated he becomes when the stupid woman, meaning the medium, picks up the image of the ladder he is trying to convey but instead of saying Alfred died when he fell off it in the garden, says something about seeing a ladder of success, a sort of symbol of good luck. ‘She got it all wrong’ he moans, but finally manages to get across the fact that the wedding ring his wife is wearing is not the original he bought her. His wife is shocked by this, as she lost her wedding ring but never told her husband while he was alive, and secretly replaced it.

Another of the recordings is by a soldier who died in the First World War, Alfred Pritchett (you can see I’m going thru them alphabetically by first names) and it tells, as do some of the others, how the dead don’t always realize they are dead. Alfred is ordered to go ‘over the top’ which he does and can’t understand why German soldiers are running by him and taking no notice of him. He thinks well if they are not bothering him he’s not going to worry about them, so he eventually finds himself a shell-hole or crater to hide in, and falls asleep. Then he sees a friend of his coming towards him and greets him, but suddenly remembers that this soldier was killed some time ago.

Only gradually does Alfred realize he is dead, not dreaming, but that he still has what seems to be a physical body, but that those alive on Earth can’t see him or hear him. Eventually he meets his sister, who died as a baby and is now grown up.

Neither of these two Alfreds is famous, so only their relatives or friends would recognize them, but their down-to-Earth way of relating their after-death experiences are so convincing. At first they just can’t fully understand what is happening. You have to listen to the recordings to see what I mean, and remember Leslie Flint was not using trickery. He was checked many times and produced loads of different Direct Voice messages, none of them coming from his lips but from the ectoplasmic voicebox which was created at the seance.

Alfred Pritchett’s message is very anti-war, and talks about how wrong it is for so-called priests to hold a bible in one hand and a sword in the other. Also how the generals and politicians send young lads to kill each other while they sit safe away from the front lines, and that they’ll have a lot on their consciences when they pass over.

He says, although he died in the First World War, he helped in the Second World War – by helping receive and comfort those who were killed in that carnage as they reached the Other Side, so they could adjust and accept their new situation. Alfred says it’s one thing to die in old age or after a long illness, but an awful thing to be alive and full of vitality one minute, and dead the next thru war, violence or an accident. Many just don’t realize they are dead at all.

Another recording is that of Dean Inge, who was my mother’s first boss when she went into service at the age of 14 at the Deanery of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Recorded in 1960, six years after he died, the ‘gloomy dean’ as he was known talks of how he and many other Christians got it all wrong about Christ. He was not ‘God’ come to Earth to give salvation to sinners, but a very brave man who showed us by example how to live our lives. If only we would try to live like him, then we would save ourselves, for that is the way to develop spiritually. Again the message of Alfred Pritchett: Christ-like pacifism is the way to develop spiritually - by loving others unconditionally.

I have reminded so-called Christians that Christ lived in an occupied country, yet never raised a fist in anger against the Roman occupiers, rather the reverse. He healed the centurion’s ear, forgave his executioners, and told his fellow-subjects to ‘render unto Cesar what be Cesar’s’. Christ’s message is crystal clear: it is wrong to violently resist occupation of your country – ‘those who live by the sword shall die by the sword’. Maybe a hard pill to swallow, but that is what true Christianity means.

We still have to work out for ourselves how we deal with crime and atrocities, and there are no easy solutions. Many, including myself, believe minimal violence is sometimes necessary to maintain law and order and prevent atrocities, but maybe I too still have lessons to learn in this area. I’m not a Christian myself, but regard him as a great spiritual teacher. And, according to the Bible, he said if someone steals something from you, give them something else as well. That would suggest we should’t even stop theft. As for atrocities, well what could be more terrible than nailing someone to a piece of wood and leaving him to die, yet he tells Peter to put away his sword and let the terrible torture and execution take place. Orthodox Christianity says this is because Christ had a mission to save sinners on the Cross, but Dean Inge says this is wrong, and Spiritualists believe this is wrong also. We are all personally responsible, and can only repay our debts thru karma.

So why did Christ tell Peter, and us, not to even use violence to stop atrocities occurring? Because only love can overcome evil?  Think about it. We all have some very hard lessons to learn.

It is not easy by any means, and I don’t profess to know all the answers. Some choose to be vegetarians, I regard this as impractical and against the laws of Nature. Christ didn’t appear to be vegetarian, and do vegetarians let rats, mice and other pests run riot in their homes? Life and death are intertwined, every time we fight off a disease we kill organisms invading our bodies.

I’ve put the case on these blogs for armed police on the streets to stop knife and gun gangs killing and mugging, but if we accept the teachings of Christ and other great pacifist spiritual teachers, perhaps this is not the way. ‘Hug a hoodie’ may have some spiritual validity. Maybe anarchy and all its horrors must occur before we can spiritually progress as a planet.

We do have to decide our own rules and our own lines to draw in the sand which we will not cross. At the moment, I cannot just sit back and accept anarchy on our streets or watch people commit torture and atrocities and limit myself to only non-violent methods to try to stop it.

These after-life messages are so important, such a rich library of wisdom from the Other Side, yet many are unaware of them, or dismiss them as fraudulent.

The trouble is most people have no framework into which to put such things. They are told time and time again that the dead don’t speak, but they do. People are coming back on operating tables all the time after dying for a few minutes or even longer, all vital functions stopped, and many report near-death experiences which confirm what these voices from those who died and did not physically return are telling us: there is another world, in fact many other worlds, which appear just as physical as our own.

Quantum physicists say exactly the same thing, that there are many universes or dimensions existing side-by-side. Since what the Voices are saying is backed up by Science, you’d think by now we’d pay a bit more attention to them.

Leslie Flint was not a faker. He did not use conjuring tricks to produce these voices. They are what they purport to be, fantastic as that may sound, voices of the dead speaking about what the after-life is like, and telling us what they have learnt since passing over.

Diana in her messages speaks mainly about Earthly things since it is her Earthbound essence which is speaking thru her voice channel. So she talks about her boys, the Monarchy, the Paris car crash and lots of other things, but not much at all about the after-life because she hasn’t really experienced it yet herself, she’s chosen to remain Earthbound as do many other spirits who feel they have unfinished business here on Earth. Though she is not exactly  the Diana we knew when alive; she has already gained wisdom and insight she didn’t have when here in her own physical body, and this she does constantly relay to us.

However if we want to hear about the after-life and get their wisdom we need to listen to the Alfred Higgins and Pritchetts and many other voices Leslie Flint left for posterity in his archives. Not just about the after-life, but where we are all going wrong in this life as well.

The churches and organized religions have all got it wrong, it’s no good listening to them. They’ve had us fighting each other for centuries.  Doesn’t matter one hoot what religion you are, what nationality, what color – we are all inter-linked, and we’re all essentially spirit. We’re going to be around for eternity, so we have to learn to live together because, essentially, we are all One. A thing called consciousness, which is the prime force of the multi-verse. Without consciousness, which is eternal, there can be nothing.

Again, ask a quantum physicist. Examine matter at the subatomic level and it effectively disappears and does all sorts of weird things when not being observed. Turns from particles into waves, appears in two places at once, etc.  The act of observing affects how matter behaves, indeed Mind or Thought seems to actually create matter. All worlds and universes which appear physical, like our own, are essentially a virtual reality or elaborate illusion created by Mind, by the universal consciousness, which is the only real thing. Spirit or consciousness (some call it Source, God, Allah, the i-ther) is real, everything else is a virtual reality created by thought or mind.

Mind, Source, Consciousness, God, Allah, the i-ther, unified conscious energy field – whatever you like to call it is the reality behind everything we see and sense around us, and we are all part of it - the living, conscious multi-verse.

You’re around for Eternity, so is everyone and everything else, so we’d better get used to it!

If ‘killing’ means extinguishing existence in any form then you can’t actually kill anything and you can’t actually die either, since death is just a transition from one existence to another. But what seems to be the case is that halting another human being’s life-plan prematurely by sending them to the next world will rebound on yourself as bad karma. I certainly don’t buy the theory, expounded by some, people have ‘murderer’ and ‘victim’ designated as part of their life-plan when born. We all have free will, that is the whole point of life on Earth – to make decisions, sometimes make mistakes, learn from them and progress.

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