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UFOs: The Secret Evidence

18 Nov


This progam, shown on More 4 each side of midnight and lasting over two hours, is a repeat of a program which I originally saw last year.

It is very cleverly put together to give the impression that most UFO sightings can be explained away as top secret aircraft being tested by the United States, and that the CIA positively encourage a belief in UFOs as a cover-up for these top secret projects.

My comment is: so what? Is this startingly ‘new secret evidence’ which justifies a two hour program? We already know that the majority of reported UFO sightings can be explained away as conventional and experimental aircraft, weather balloons, meteorites, ball lighting, freak cloud formations, etc.. It is the thousands which can’t be explained away in these terms which are classified as real UFOs.

It is also hardly surprising that the CIA would not announce to the general public reporting UFOs: ”Oh no, that was our latest top secret aircraft on a test flight which you saw’. Of course they would keep shtum, and even encourage the mistaken belief that it was a genuine UFO.

But if you listened carefully to the program, you began to realize that there were a whole host of UFO sightings, and indeed reported alien abductions, which remained completely inexplicable. Indeed one abductee, Travis Walton, was interviewed, and no explanation was given for his experience or that of thousands of others.

Nor was there any explanation as to why USAF pilots have frequently reported UFOs which have been tracked on radar, and why pilots have even died trying to chase them.

Tucked away in the program was an admission that the USAF’s chief investigator of UFOs for their Project Bluebook, Dr J. Allen Hynek, who was skeptical about the existence of UFOs, became a believer after studying the evidence for years, and that some of these reports formed the basis for Steven Spielberg’s fiction movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. Indeed Dr J. Allen Hynek made a cameo appearance in the film.

Mention was made of the U.S. Air Force’s 1947 report from Lieutenant General N. F. Twining which came to the conclusion that ‘the phenomenom is something real and not visionary or fictitious’, but left the impression that Twining had concluded the UFOs were probably top secret USAF aircraft he knew nothing about. This is not the case,  and in fact Twining’s report also mentioned ‘the reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically or remotely.’

Twining’s report also stated that many of the objects were ‘circular or elliptical in shape, flat on bottom and domed on top’. As a result of this report, Project Sign was set up to investigate further. ‘The Air Force scientists and Intelligence officers reached this secret conclusion: “The UFOs are spacecraft from a more advanced world, engaged in an extensive survey of our world”.’((Aliens From Space, by USAF Major Donald E. Keyhoe).

In the book Keyhoe quotes named USAF personnel: ‘Col. Joseph Bryan, USAF, Retired, who was Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force during nationwide UFO operations: “The UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the Earth, either manned or remote-controlled, or both. Information on UFOs has been officially withheld. This policy is dangerous.”‘

‘Vice-Admiral R. H. Hillenkoeter, Pacific Commander of Intelligence in World War II and later Director of the Central Intelligence Agency: “The Air Force has constantly misled the American public about UFOs… I urge Congressional action to reduce the danger from secrecy.’ Keyhoe then names other military people urging that the public be given the facts about UFOs.

Keyhoe then describes how: ‘In unanimous agreement, the project scientists and Intelligence officers drew up this TOP SECRET conclusion: The UFOs are spacecraft from another world, observing the Earth for an unknown motive.’

Major Keyhoe continues: ‘On August 5, 1948, a TOP SECRET Estimate of the Situation was delivered to AF Headquarters. The spacecraft conclusion cleared the Director of Intelligence without a single dissent, before it reached the Chief of Staff, Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg.’

Vandenberg refused to release this information to the public and end the continued official cover-up: ‘”The general said it would cause a stampede,” Ruppelt told me. “How could we convince the public the aliens weren’t hostile when we didn’t know it ourselves?”” This was Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, one of the UFO investigation project officers.

Keyhoe goes on, quoting Capt. Ruppelt: ‘”To hide the spaceship answer, the general ordered the secret analysis burned. But one copy was held out - Maj. Dewey Fournet and I saw it in 1952.” (Major Fournet was the headquarters monitor of the UFO project). The existence of the TOP SECRET evaluation has been confirmed in a signed statement by Major Fournet, and by Lt. Col. George Freeman, former UFO spokesman attached to the office of the Secretary of the Airforce.’

None of this was mentioned in the program, which emphasized over and over again that the CIA encouraged belief in UFOs to divert the public, and Soviet, attention away from their top secret military spy-in-the-sky aircraft projects. A double-bluff? Was Major Keyhoe’s book a CIA-sponsored spoof to fool the public into thinking UFOs were real? It seems highly unlikely since the book is relatively unknown to this day.  If the CIA and USAF wanted the public to believe that UFOs were a real phenomenom they would simply issue a statement to that effect. But on the other hand, if a top secret military aircaft is mistaken by the general public for a UFO, of course the USAF and CIA are not going to discourage this belief and admit what it really was.

While many reported UFO sightings were indeed secret military aircraft, the program was disingenious in  giving the impression that successful saucer-shaped aircraft were developed by the USAF and mistaken for UFOs. There were some saucer shaped prototypes, but these were little more than hovercraft, lifting a few feet off the ground.

Most of the mistaken UFO reports which were related to secret military aircraft were of delta-wing high altitude supersonic planes such as the Stealth bomber, virtually invisible to Soviet radar.

The U2 high altitude spy-plane was given prominence as being hidden from the Soviets for years by use of the UFO cover-up story. The idea that Soviet military intelligence would be fooled into thinking a very ordinary looking American spy-plane could be a UFO from Outer Space is ludicrous. Gary Powers was, of course, shot down in a U2 spy plane in the early 1960s, as was mentioned in the program.  If anyone was fooled into believing these secret military projects were UFOs it was the American public, not Soviet intelligence.

There was some evidence in the program that the ‘foo fighters’ reported by RAF pilots over the Third Reich during World War II were probably small German remotely controlled airborne devices designed to harass Allied aircraft on bombing missions.

There was also mention in the program of the Roswell incident and the USAF changing its story three times, and this could have been either a genuine crashed UFO or a top secret USAF military aircraft which crashed.

But to expect us to believe that hundreds of thousands of unexplained UFO reports from all over the world over the last 60 years or so are all down to secret American aircraft is ludicrous. Why would American, British, Soviet and other intelligence agencies spend so much time investigating UFOs if this were the case?

Above all, how could Major Donald E. Keyhoe manage to publish several books quoting top USAF personnel and many reports verifying the inexplicable nature of genuine UFOs and not be sued? How could he describe the start of the UFO cover-up in such minute, documentated detail and get away with it, unless it were true? The only reason Keyhoe was not sued, of course, is because the CIA and USAF didn’t want all this evidence examined in court, because then the UFO cover-up would have been blown apart.

Of course all intelligence agencies will try to use UFO reports to cover up top secret military aircraft, but it is also true that they take genuine UFO reports extremely seriously. These mysterious machines, be they extraterrestial, inter-dimensional (from a parallel universe), or time machines from the future, are constantly invading our airspace, observing our top secret military installations, and possibly endangering our civil and military aircraft. This is why, 60 years on, the official cover-up about the UFO phenomenom, and the seriousness with which it is treated, continues.

The military and intelligence authorities of countries all over the world do not want to admit to the public that they are completely powerless against these mysterious, highly advanced UFOs operating in our skies. Star Wars technology may well be more to do with trying to combat these UFOs than deflecting rogue missiles from some mysterious unidentified source. What is the point when 9/11 demonstrated how a civil aircraft could be mis-used to such devastating effect (imagine if it had been carrying a nuclear device), or indeed a nuclear device in a suitcase? Are we really expected to believe Islamic terrorists are likely to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead at the United States? Star Wars technology, certainly since the ending of the Cold War, makes little sense unless we are thinking about alien invaders, i.e. UFOs,  daily penetrating our airspace.

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