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Remembrance Sunday

11 Nov


Let’s remember today everybody from all countries who has died, suffered and continue to die and suffer in wars. All the soldiers, civilians (including women and children) and, yes, the animals. This includes the German, Austrian, Japanese and other victims of Allied bombing (including the two A-Bombs) in World War II.

Let us remember what harm all this butchery does to our spiritual development, to Nature and the environment.

Let us remember all the money spent by the world’s governments on arms, which could be put to much better use relieving famine and improving our world instead of destroying it.

Let us pledge to halt the obscene arms trade, which is the real motivation for war and weapons of mass destruction, and which props up dictatorial regimes and encourages terrorism.

Let’s halt the production of all weapons of mass destruction, and indiscriminate weapons, such as nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, all bombs and landmines, hand grenades, machine guns, etc.. Let us also develop non-lethal weapons for use by police and security forces.

Let us find a new way of dealing with the world’s problems, such as an armed international security force under the authority of the General Assembly of the United Nations permanently policing every country in the world, including UK and the USA, to nip any attempts at dictatorship, terrorism or genocide in the bud.

Let all countries contribute to this international security force instead of maintaining separate national military forces.

Let us move forward to a world federation where wars are no longer possible, and where the international security force maintains law and order.

Let us not glorify war, remembering only the dead soldiers from one side whilst preparing to fight the next war.

Let us stop the hypocrisy of politicians criticizing terrorism when they themselves are nuclear terrorists, targeting and being prepared to outdo Hitler by murdering millions of innocent civilians with nuclear weapons. These dangerous and expensive national status symbols are in any case totally useless militarily, as has been demonstrated by all the wars and invasions they have failed to stop since 1945.


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  1. 1
    Richard Harvey Says:

    Great post Tony. Am enjoying your weblog.

  2. 2
    Tony Says:

    Thanks Richard!

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