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Greater London Urban Area


Greater London Urban Area 2

Greater London Urban Area

As can be seen from the map above, the official Greater London Urban Area now includes many of the surrounding towns in the London conurbation. Were it not for Green Belt land in between the legs of this ‘spider’ the whole of the area above, and perhaps beyond, would be completely swallowed up in the conurbation.

Back in the 1960s the old London County Council, which only included inner London, was abolished and replaced by the Greater London Council, which itself has now been replaced by the Greater London Authority. The area covered by this body, effectively a metropolitan county, covers most of the urban area in the ‘body’ of the ‘spider’ pictured above and some open countryside.

However in the 1960s London Transport buses covered a much bigger area than even that shown above. Their green buses and Greenline coaches covered an area as far north as Luton, well outside this map, while the Metropolitan Line of the Underground in the 1950s went out as far as Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, and before that, beyond to Verney Junction.

Commuter towns like Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Slough, Windsor,  Maidenhead,  New Addington, Sevenoaks, the Medway Towns, Reigate, Dorking, Brentwood, Redhill, Amersham, Farnborough (Surrey), Aldershot, Camberley, Wokingham, Reading, etc. would also surely be part of the London conurbation were it not for relatively small patches of Green Belt land separating them from the metropolis and the ribbon development tentacles stretching far out into the countryside.

Perhaps it is now time for a new county covering the whole of the Greater London Urban Area, and possibly some of the commuter towns beyond, with all local transport (buses, trams, Underground, local rail services) coming under Transport for London.  The West Midlands has such an authority which covers not only places in the conurbation like Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall etc. but cities outside it like Coventry.

However there is strong resistance in London, hence the practice of many residents even in the Greater London Authority area to still include old county names in their postal addresses. In actual fact the county of Middlesex hasn’t existed since 1964 when it was entirely swallowed up by the new Greater London county (except for Potters Bar which was transferred to neighboring Hertfordshire), and outlying London areas like Barnet, Romford, Ilford, Bromley, Croydon, Kingston, etc. haven’t been part of Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent or Surrey since then either.

It would have helped if the Post Office had allocated London postal districts/postcodes to the whole Greater London area when the GLC was established in the 1960s, then we would no longer have erroneous written/printed addresses like Ilford, Essex or Barnet, Hertfordshire which are quite outdated as these places are no longer in those counties and anyway county names are not now required on envelopes since the introduction of postcodes for all areas. Battersea, where I live, was once in Surrey, but as it has a London postal district nobody now puts ‘Battersea, Surrey’ on envelopes and headed notepaper. But the Post Office has never acknowledged county or authority boundaries and has always gone its own sweet, illogical way. Thus I grew up in the 1950s in London N22 (Wood Green) which was then in the county of Middlesex, while Sewardstone, still outside the GLA area in Essex, has a postcode of London E4.

Maybe we need one authority for the whole of the Greater London Urban Area, one centralized local transport authority (Transport for London maybe), and new postcodes which at least cover the whole GLA area of Greater London, and perhaps the whole Greater London Urban Area, although I imagine there would be great resistance to a postal address including something like ’Bracknell, London SW32′. It would, however, be more logical than ‘Wembley, Middlesex’ when that county hasn’t even existed for nearly half a century, or indeed ‘Bromley, Kent’ when the London Borough of Bromley has existed for the same five decades.

Uncertainties, Probabilities and Possibilities


Everything is in a state of constant flux. Nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty. If it could we would have no free will. This is why messages about the future from psychics are notoriously unreliable. While some may be accurate at the time, reflecting what is in people’s minds to do, that prediction can be altered. It can be delayed, hastened, or maybe changed altogether.

It is said that in the Spirit world there is no Time as we know it, past, present and future  are all accessible. However because we have free will, it must be all possible futures which are accessible. So psychics and Spirit messengers can point out the likely future, but timescales will often be inaccurate, as can the actual outcome.

Now if we delve into the strange and weird world of Quantum Physics the sub-atomic universe is much the same. There are ‘waves of probability’ which only become sub-atomic particles when consciously observed. When no longer being consciously observed, they collapse into wave function again.

This means that consciousness or Mind must be non-material since it actually creates and organizes matter. In other words, everything is created and organized by thought. If the thought changes, so does the matter that is created.

We are told that on the Third Level of Spirit, sometimes referred to as Summerland or Heaven, things are created by thought, but it seems this is true of ALL matter systems, including our own. Nothing can exist without consciousness, that is the only reality. Everything else, all matter systems, all physical universes, are created by Mind and are therefore really virtual realities.

Our physical universe is dense and vibrates at a much lower speed than the Spiritual planes above it. Not literally above it, the various planes or dimensions interpenetrate each other, so exist in the same space, just the frequencies of the vibrations are different.

In all matter universes or dimensions nothing  is solid until it is consciously observed as being so, and even then it isn’t solid, but predominantely empty space. Except there’s no such thing as empty space, because everything is permeated by the intelligent ether which created and organized it, what scientist Ron Pearson calls the ‘i-ther’, an intelligent matrix which creates virtual realities for itself to experience and evolve. We and all living things are all part of this process.

The state of ‘wave function’ or ‘waves of probability’ is therefore the undetermined stage of the creation and organization of matter; it is the thought before it is fully formed, concentrated on and becomes matter. And what is matter? It is thought energy converted into waves and then sub-atomic particles which can then cling together to form the illusion of solidity. In the huge spaces between these particles other matter systems or dimensions exist. It is much like a radio or TV receiver which can tune to in the many different channels or frequencies.

Most of us while on Earth are only tuned in to our frequency, but mediums and those who have trained themselves to do so can tune in to the higher ones. They can relay very accurate messages about the past or even the present, but the future is always uncertain because there are countless possible futures.

Imagine a car going along a narrow winding lane. From the vantage point of a helicopter flying above, the pilot can see a heavy truck coming in the opposite direction. He knows if neither vehicle slows down, there will probably be a crash, but he can’t be certain. One or other vehicle may slow down soon enough to avoid a collision.

Perhaps a more accurate analogy is the director of a movie who films several different endings. The actors are then left to decide which ending is used. We are the actors, and we collectively choose which future will play out.

Our lives are not all mapped out for us in every detail, like some believe. We may have a general life-plan but it is always subject to change and alteration otherwise there would be no point in being born. We make our own decisions in life. There may be certain milestones planned beforehand where we have to make these choices.

I completely reject the idea which some have postulated that murderers are programmed or have volunteered to fulfil this role, or that their victims have similarly opted for their role. This would make complete nonsense of karmic justice and human free will. What is very possible, however, is that before we are born we know in our life-plan will come many times when we will be faced with a dilemma. It might be anything, including matters of life and what we call death, or just something as mundane as what job we choose to take.

Nothing is written in stone, so don’t let anyone tell you that it is or that you have no free will. You are in control of your own destiny to a large extent, and must therefore make choices thruout your life. Some may have been born with a special mission and so have limited choice, but even they have free will whether to carry it out or not, and certainly in minor things like what clothes to wear, what food to eat, etc.

So be wary of all predictions. There may well be a general long-term plan which will come to fruition as we all constantly develop and evolve to higher spiritual levels, but when you get down to the timescales and the details there must be an element of uncertainty or we would have no free will. This also applies in the Summerland, the spiritual plane where most of us go when we die. People can stay there for eons of Earth time, in homes they’ve created or re-created with their thoughts. Perhaps homes they lived in on Earth or wished they had lived in. But if and when they feel it is time to move on, they can progress to the higher Spiritual planes, the highest of which have no need for virtual realities or matter systems, there they are pure Spirit.

The same applies to those unfortunate spirits on the lower astral planes, which some call Hell. They have gravitated to be with those who are similar to them, like the rest of us do when we leave the Earth plane. Like attracts like. So when they get tired of living in a gloomy environment among spirits as greedy and selfish as themselves (who were murderers, dictators, torturers, etc. on the Earth plane), then they can ask for help and rescuers will assist them to develop spiritually by being willing to help others themselves. In this way the law of cause and effect, or karma, gives the possibility of progress and development to all.

Learning from past mistakes, the GDR and beyond


DDR roundel


The German Democratic Republic (GDR/DDR) was founded 64 years ago today in the former Soviet Zone of Germany, following the declaration of the Federal Republic of (West) Germany in the three Western occupation zones. Berlin was also divided into four occupation zones, and the Soviet sector of Berlin became the capital of the GDR. The three Western sectors of Berlin were an enclave of capitalism 100 miles inside the Socialist GDR, and were collectively known as West Berlin.

Effectively East Berlin was an integral part of the GDR, and West Berlin, despite its geographical position, was part of the FRG, though neither side was happy about this as Berlin was officially still an occupied city with 4 occupation zones – Soviet, US, British and French.

There was an open border in Berlin until August 1961, and free movement from East to West and vice versa. It was possible for East Berliners to get high paid jobs in West Berlin whilst enjoying the subsidized rents, subsidized food, etc. in the East, and for West Berliners to pop over to the East and buy cheap subsidized food in their shops. The strain on the GDR economy became too great as their citizens either got jobs in West Berlin or emigrated to the Western sectors of the city or West Germany, where they were guaranteed West German citizenship. Professionals were highly sought after and were offered high salaries if they emigrated to the West, so the GDR was being drained of people they had educated and trained to this level at their expense.

While West Germany received Marshall Aid to rebuild after the Second World War, the GDR paid reparation fees to the Soviet Union for the whole of Germany, yet despite this it became one of the leading industrial nations in the world, with a standard of living much higher than most of the Socialist block.

By 1961 some sort of barrier between the Western and Eastern parts of Berlin became essential but the brutal nature of the Berlin Wall with its death strips, minefields and the shooting of people trying to flee West, mirrored on the inter-German border 100 miles West, was one of the biggest mistakes the GDR made.

It should have been possible to erect border installations to stop the brain drain, and the influx of Westerners stripping shops of subsidized goods to take back home, by economic measures. A tax could have been imposed on goods bought in the GDR by returning Westerners, and a hefty deposit (raised by public collections) could have been required for GDR citizens to visit the Western parts of Berlin and West Germany. This deposit would be refunded when they returned to the GDR, and bureaucratic measures could have insured it was impossible to commute between the two halves of the city for work as each visit would require a new visa which would deliberately take days to process, plus the deposits would have to be processed.

This would have been a much more humane way of restricting the movement of populations and ending the cross-border scams which were damaging the GDR economy.

Another lesson to be learnt is that no political system can be imposed by another country, and Socialism was imposed on many of the countries liberated from Fascism by the Soviet Red Army. The Soviets required friendly ‘buffer states’ after suffering tremendous losses due to the Nazi invasion of 1941, but neutrality was negotiated for Finland which bordered the Soviet Union, and even for Austria in 1955. Soviet troops withdrew from Vienna that year (Austria had been divided into occupation zones much like Germany).

Once Socialism was established in the Soviet Zone of Germany, which then became the GDR, a semblance of democracy was established in a Communist-led coalition government (and similarly for Czechoslovakia which actually voted in the Communists in a free election in the 1940s). There was a forced merger between the German Communist Party (KPD) and the much bigger Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the GDR, which formed the Socialist Unity Party (SED). Other political parties included the Liberal Democrats, the National Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the Democratic Farmers Party. These together formed the National Front of the GDR, a coalition which was effectively dominated by the SED, which itself was dominated by the Communists.

A joint list of candidates was put to the electorate periodically, but they could only vote for the entire list, dominated by SED candidates, or reject it. To vote for it, you simply put it in the ballot box, but to vote against you had to go in a booth to strike all the names out. You were then noted as a dissident, and were seriously harassed and disadvantaged in many ways. A similar system existed in all the Socialist countries. They were not, therefore, genuinely free elections.

True you could join one of the political parties in the GDR and take part in the selection process, but again it was dominated and controlled by the SED, and much like our own Labour and Tory Parties, the leadership was firmly in control of the party machine, the conferences/congresses, etc.

Basically the GDR, like the Soviet Union, was effectively a one-party State, and what happens in a dictatorship like that? Why the ordinary people feel there’s no point in becoming politically active or joining the ruling party/parties, but careerists, opportunists and criminal elements flock to join them and get awarded special privileges. In no time at all the whole of the Socialist system is corrupted as it is run and firmly controlled by people who have no real interest in Socialism, and are just out to help themselves and their own families.

While the basis of Socialism was laid in the GDR and the other Socialist countries, and they achieved full employment, security in old age, good education, health and other public services, and good transport networks, also subsidized rents, etc. those Party officials and State bureaucrats got special privileges and better class housing, cars, etc. It was, therefore, a very distorted form of Socialism where the basics were provided for all, but there was a ruling privileged clique. With the added fact that after 1961 it was almost impossible for ordinary GDR citizens to even visit their relatives in the West (unless they were of pensionable age; visas were issued to most GDR pensioners as if they stayed in the West their pension burden would then be on West Berlin and West Germany not the GDR!)

In 1989 Hungary opened its borders to the West, and many GDR citizens used that route to go West, where they were guaranteed West German citizenship if they so desired. The grass always seems greener on the other side, particularly if you were constantly bombarded with TV adverts from West German television for products which you could only buy, if you were lucky, with Western currency in the GDR Intershops.

The Berlin Wall and inter-German border thus became virtually redundant in 1989, but the GDR survived for another year, then was officially re-united with West Germany, but in effect, absorbed into or annexed by the Federal Republic by common consent of most GDR citizens. A decision many of them later had second thoughts about, when they found that everything was not so rosy under a free enterprise system, with no security in old age, with no guaranteed full employment, and the other advantages of even the imperfect Socialism the GDR enjoyed.

This, in my view, constituted the final mistake – to allow the GDR, which had existed for 40 years, to just be annexed by West Germany. Under the GDR’s Socialist Constitution all the political parties mentioned existed in the National Front, so a slight amendment of this Constitution would have allowed them, and other political parties, to exist and put up rival candidates in genuinely free elections provided they maintained the Socialist nature of the State.

In the West we have various political parties which put up rival candidates to run capitalism so there is no reason why the Socialist countries could not have allowed other political parties to freely contest and win elections and administer their own brand of Socialism. This would have ended the corruption and bureaucracy of being effectively a one-party State, because a government which became too corrupt or bureaucratic could be voted out, and another political party given a chance to run Socialism.

There are many varieties of Socialism, and the Yugoslav version, for instance, based largely on worker cooperatives was very different to the Soviet one of huge State monopolies, and it worked much more efficiently.

The GDR had basically the Soviet model, but also quite a few private shops and publicly owned firms like Carl Zeiss of  Jena. If anyone could make this model work it would be the efficient Germans, and to a large extent they did.

GDR citizens enjoyed a higher state of living than citizens in the Soviet Union, and their country was one of the leading industrial nations of the world. No way were all their factories out-dated or clapped out, as was made out when the country was taken over by the West Germans and used as a pool of cheap labor for years.

A great opportunity lost to build on the imperfect Socialism established for 40 years, try out new models, and retain the unique identity of the first Socialist state on German soil.

Now the whole of Germany flounders along with much of the rest of Europe, East and West, to find its way in the European Union, which is neither one thing nor another. It is not a federal union, and yet it is more than a loose confederation of independent states. The Euro is an excellent idea, but it will never work unless there is a unitary federal state and central control of the economy. There must be a level playing field in all EU states with a  universal minimum wage, similar pricing thruout the EU, and a central European fiscal policy. Much as in the United States, where the individual states have a lot of autonomy, but you don’t get a situation where 49 states have to bail out a 50th state when it gets into debt because the US dollar is centrally controlled by the federal government.

The EU is not a Socialist union, that could come about later perhaps with a break-away group of states, but even as a free enterprise/capitalist union it is making mistakes which will doom it to go the same way of the GDR if it does not learn from its errors. The last thing I want to see is the break-up of Europe into warring states, and a repeat of the terrible conflicts we saw in the 20th Century, which all started in Europe centered on Germany.

Germany is a wonderful country, and its people are friendly and very efficient. West Germany made capitalism work as efficiently as possible, and the East Germans made a basically inefficient, bureaucratic Soviet model of Socialism work quite efficiently. I hope Germany is the driving force towards a federal European Union, led by Angela Merkel whose family emigrated the other way from Hamburg in West Germany to Leipzig in the GDR.

As for Socialism, I’m afraid that may have to wait till the mistakes and crimes of the 20th Century versions are a more distant memory, but the lessons learnt from these errors are remembered and not repeated.

Look towards former Yugoslavia for the future of Socialism in the 21st Century. They got it right economically, competing cooperative and Socialist enterprises in the market place, but they too had a one-party dictatorship. Achieve plurality in the political field as well, as the GDR could easily have done in 1989/1990, and you would have a truly democratic Socialist state or Socialist union where different parties could compete to run the system which must replace the outdated and unstable capitalist system eventually. Capitalism needs a big arms industry, paid for by the taxpayers, and constant wars in order to survive the booms, slumps, mass unemployment and depressions inherent in the drive for maximum profits.

Mao said it, but really never practised it: ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom’. Meaning there are many roads to Socialism, many models of Socialism. There can be as many political parties contesting elections as there are models of Socialism.


Celebrations, not sad reminiscences


That day has come around again, September 29th, and it is also a Sunday. It was on Sunday, September 29th, 1991 that my life-partner passed to Spirit. An awful day, the worst in my life so far, but no longer do I re-live the agonies of that day. Instead I prefer to celebrate the fact he was re-born into a new life on the Spirit planes 22 years ago today. According to a channeling I received from him some years ago, he was greeted by wonderful music when he crossed over, and since then many of his friends and relatives have joined him over there.

Today is also the 78th birthday of my favorite singer/pianist, Jerry Lee Lewis. Although he rarely performs nowadays, he is happily married to his seventh wife, though his son-in-law claims it is wife #8. Judith seems good for him, though some don’t approve of the marriage as she was still married to Jerry’s ex-wife’s brother when they started an affair. The ex-wife being Myra, who he married when she was just 13. His love life has never been anything but complicated.

I don’t plan to do anything special today, apart from a gig organized by Keith Woods featuring American pianist/rocker Roddy Jackson, and British rocker Cliff Edmonds. Before that, after my weekly household chores, I’ll go to my mother’s as usual and we’ll have dinner together.

George, Happy Anniversary of your arrival on the Other Side of Life.

Diana Assassination Claims: ‘No smoke without fire.’ Senior Government source quoted September 9th, 2013.



While most of the British media have kept silent with regard to the latest allegations about how the SAS arranged the car crash which killed Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul, the Daily and Sunday Express, to their credit, won’t let the story die, with continual front-page headlines about the revelations and new investigations by the Metropolitan Police and the SAS themselves.

Today’s Daily Express says 30 SAS soldiers serving in the unit at the time of the Paris crash and still with the regiment are being grilled over the assassination claims. However the disturbing aspect of all this is that the SAS high brass, MI6, the government, etc. are now going for damage limitation, already suggesting that if murder is proved they will blame it on ‘rogue elements’ inside the SAS.

This simply will not wash. It was a very well-planned assassination and the cover-up has continued for 16 years. The facts are that senior British secret service personnel arrived in Paris shortly before the crash and left soon afterwards, and no way was this assassination planned and carried out by ‘rogue elements’ within the SAS without the full knowledge and approval of the British secret services and the high brass of the SAS itself.

The Express also reports today that ‘the head of UK Special Forces has expressed regret to Prince Charles for any distress that the furore has caused the Royal Family and in particular Princes William and Harry.’ A source is quoted as saying: ‘There has been a private communication between the SAS and the Prince of Wales over this matter.’ The Express goes on to say: ‘It is believed to be the first time that any senior Army officer has been forced to write to the Royal Family apologising for the actions of his men.’

Even more revealing is when the Express states: ‘It has also emerged that concerns about the claims are now being discussed within the Government. A senior Government source last night told the Daily Express: “Two weeks ago you would not have believed that Diana was murdered, let alone that the SAS were behind it. But the claims just won’t go away and you reach the point where there is no smoke without fire. There are now people in Government wondering whether there was a rogue element in the SAS or a special unit of ex-members who played some part in her death.”

This last sentence is the damage limitation exercise already being launched obviously in the expectation that murder will  be proved, or admitted. Blaming the assassination on ‘rogue elements’, however, is simply not credible and will never stand up to scrutiny.  The head of the SAS was sent the SAS soldier’s allegations, he is described as a very credible person, two years ago, but nothing was done about them. If it was rogue elements within the unit the top brass would have wanted a full internal investigation immediately, but as it was an official operation the allegations were sat upon until made public.

The Express article today ends with the following: ‘Scotland Yard says it is still assessing the allegations attributed to Soldier N but has not launched an investigation. A spokesman said: ‘”We are currently looking at recent information regarding the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. The exercise is not completed.”

The suggestion by a senior Government source that ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ and that ‘rogue elements’ within the SAS may have been responsible for the crash is clearly damage limitation in advance of an expected investigation which will result in foul play being proven and/or admitted.

What will be the reaction of Charles, William and Harry if it is finally revealed that Diana was assassinated by members of the very Establishment they are members of? The very future of the Monarchy is seriously in danger, and as a republican I say ‘about time too’, an anachronism which serves mainly as a tourist attraction (which could be moved to a Disney-style theme park or Monaco-style mini-statelet around Windsor).

However there is a more sinister side to the Constitutional Monarchy. All its members, including the current sovereign, are mere puppets of a shadowy Establishment. Remember the Head of State’s words to Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler, about ‘dark forces’ of which we know little. Perhaps we’ll know a lot more in the future, for surely William, Harry and even Charles will want to know exactly what happened to Diana and why. If she could be eliminated, none of the royals are safe!

From The DianaSpeaks site


These channeled messages from Diana were posted on her site on the dates given, long before the news broke this week about new revelations about the Paris crash in August 1997:



As to the accident(?) in Paris…Perhaps I should have safe-guarded my own personal security a little better than I did! August 31st 1997 will have serious repercussions, more so than were at first thought realised, the handling of the “Paris Accident” (?) was not as professional as it might have been which is why so many questions are being asked and will continue to be until they are answered, the truth will out!
Naturally I was a problem and what do
you do with a problem? You get rid of it eventually one way or another!”
I was flying home to the boys in the morning with lots to tell them so was anxious about the situation outside but Dodi wanting us to return to his apartment for our last night in the city. I did not want to go and his father also had advised us to stay put and safe but Dodi insistent, plans were made for our departure, the atmosphere tense, I would say bordering on panic. Henri-Paul called in on his night off to drive us because of his expertise and knowledge of the capital which we knew was necessary in the event of our being followed by the pack eager to pounce on us. At this point I will say that I as basically a non-drinker being therefore extra sensitive to alcohol would have smelt it on a driver and not got into a car, much less be driven anywhere by a drunk one and Dodi and I as well as bodyguards paid for our safety have noticed him unsteady on his feet had this been the case, which it wasn’t! Very easy to plant an agent in with the paparazzi, in the night in black leathers and helmets don’t all motorcyclists look the same?
Dodi and I got into the car and in the rush did not put seat belts on, strange for me as usually whether passenger or driver, it was the first thing I did but my mind was elsewhere, focused on getting to the apartment as safely and quickly as possible as well as the excitement of seeing the boys again next day. In the car there was tension, Dodi clearly agitated as I was and we were followed by a motorcyclist  in spite of decoy cars in front of the hotel, obviously someone had been tipped off we’d be leaving via the back entrance. I remember a car hitting the back of us as we entered the tunnel causing us to swerve violently and then overtaking us and further on sudden brake-lights and Henri-Paul seeing that if he didn’t brake, we’d go straight into the back of the braking car,  slammed our cars brakes on and then a motorcyclist, I presume the one we’d lost on the way sped past us but shining the most intense bright white light into the back of the car and then the front directly at Henri-Paul which of course momentarily must have blinded him. I had faced enough cameras to realise this wasn’t an ordinary flashbulb! So as well as our car swerving, its brakes jammed on causing us to skid, our driver was blinded and so not in control…we were going to crash and did! My final thought, a simple one “They had got me!”
“Who will take notice of a car and motorcyclist speeding out of a tunnel, mission accomplished, whilst a crash is happening inside it?”
… No I was not carrying Dodi or anyone else’s child when I died and think it a terrible thing for people to say knowing how naturally something like this would have affected my boys and therefore not something considered by me, certainly not without their approval anyway and the likelihood of my being an unmarried mother being something as absurd as my ex husband and I reuniting, it wouldn’t happen!
Still alive it would have been this invaluable experience that I saw both in Angola and Bosnia that would have determined my future which would have been to become more constructively involved in issues of humanitarian and so too albeit political interest and I had thoughts of this being an involvement in the current and ongoing unrest in Palestine and the Middle East, I saw myself increasingly as a kind of “Peace – Maker ” and because I was seen to be non -prejudiced or judgemental of anyone and respected as such, a powerful one with plenty of work for me to
do, work that personally gave me back so much, all the encouragement I needed anyway to continue with it wherever it took me! It of course due to the events in Paris wasn’t to be, I’d stepped on powerful toes and it was seen by my actions that I had no intentions of giving up the cause, whatever that cause might be and Dodi emotionally there for me and so providing me with all the love, care and attention I needed personally and which had always been something I’d found lacking in my relationships in one way or another I was preparing myself for a future so different from my past and one that would be lived by me outside of the United Kingdom and the sad memories it held for me.
I have also spoken about how my involvement with political issues albeit on an humanitarian level was not welcomed warmly by those not most personally affected by them but again how aware of this I was, it was not something which would deter me from direct and personal involvement in something I considered as being important and valuable work that I could be of benefit to with that involvement which made me determined to continue with it in spite of all opposition however powerful and threatening! Never the less though alive I was a problem, someone who of their own accord was not going to disappear as was most certainly wished by some but as I’d made publicly clear with my statement ” She won’t go quietly ” in 1995, wasn’t going to happen and therefore alternative measures had to be taken however dramatically and that being something I leave up to your imagination, not that I would imagine it being something you will have to think too hard about!”
At the end of my life, I was with a man who loved me and whom I loved. Someone who didn’t care who I’d been, wasn’t daunted by the opinions of those witnessing our love affair as incidentally we intended everyone to do! We were after all happy and wanted everyone to know it. For those who doubt this? Look at our body language with each other which says everything and is something natural and not something controllable! There will of course be those who question things about “Dodi” and I and considering how short a time we’d known each other, quite a
natural thing to do, but we had plans that were going to shock people of course but first needed the approval of the two most important people in my life before being decided upon…something which of course never happened!
William, as I say, is no fool and I am sure is in his way investigating things himself in this regard and I have said a while ago now, last year in fact, on my site that I do not see him being King…would either he or Harry wish to represent something that they are losing more and more faith and confidence in along with the people as a consequence of all that is happening as well as all that happened in Paris in August 1997!
I have said that the truth will out and that nothing will prevent this from happening and I do mean nothing, able to influence things myself in this direction in a powerful way and not be harmed by it personally and the truth as I have also said is going to be shocking to people even those who realise and suspect that to date the truth is not yet out there but of course it is one thing to rely on assumption, some might even say vivid imagination, but quite another when what is imagined or is indeed assumed to be the real truth is proven fact and that of course will indeed alter everything and have a direct effect upon the Monarchy and establishment as well as other political areas in other parts of the world which is why the timing for this has to be correct and appropriate so that it has the desired effect that it must!”
I was aware of my being a problem to both the establishment and in this I mean those with strong political connections and leanings as well as to those in the royal house, not necessarily the royals themselves though them too but people generally, so I had made powerful enemies in both camps. I was too honest about things for my own good as I am being now but again sensibly exercising a degree of caution with how much I say and what I say. I have said already on my site numerous times that the truth about everything will “Out ” as indeed it  will do at the appropriate time and nothing can stop that from happening and I do mean, nothing!
It was a frightening time for me which is why I chose to spend as much time as I could out of the country which made my personal involvement with my charity work of so much personal value to me, a means of escape, giving  me a sense of, well certainly the feeling of a greater personal security though of course the establishments arm is a long one and nowhere was I guaranteed complete safety but in knowing this I personally exercised caution in how I spoke publicly. I’d learnt to be more sensible in this area since by example my having been too honest about things on ” Panorama ” I had already decided to leave the country any way so as not to be a cause of further embarrassment to the monarchy and albeit a problem to the establishment as I had been and of course to escape the consistent media attention, something I was growing more and more tired of, being the focus of a cameras lens continuously,  time and time again in the country whether I wanted to be or not!
I said in 2005 on my site that I would make sure that little by little more evidence would appear that would prove foul play involvement in Paris, this is exactly what has happened and by the latest report is continuing to do so and I promise you and you may quote me so take notice of the date of this message .. MURDER will be proven FACT!

I will leave you to imagine the repercussions that will follow this exposure when it is made but let’s just say that the royals will be sitting targets excepting hopefully Wills and Harry as the Muslims will respect I am sure that their mother loved a Muslim but they will want revenge naturally as Dodi was the victim, I was the target!  I wouldn’t be saying such things just for the sake of it would I for what point exactly ?

I’m dead so nobody can harm me can they ? Think long and hard a moment, would Andrew, would indeed anyone choose this kind of work, responsibility, look at how he is being laughed at and insulted and he’s not a masochist, he did not choose it either, he had no say in my choosing him for it…he could have refused of course but he has blind faith , he has the courage of his conviction, he has the strength of will to carry on regardless undaunted by it as I did in my involvement with the land mines even receiving anonymous threatening ‘ phone calls warning me off!

Even now I know this message is unlikely to be believed either, why should it be but it is written so it stands as proof for the future and that is reason enough for it’s being given.  I do hope some people anyway stop and think and also that those so inclined to insult, deny, put down…first as I did regarding things that I needed to speak
publicly about…do their homework so that there is backbone to your argument, so that constructive criticism might be voiced which is much more acceptable as well as beneficial naturally and more simply so you know what you’re talking about and what it is you are saying and want to say. To do this of course means you opening your minds to visiting and reading one or two of the channelled messages from me at my site.

If you don’t then you are really not justified to express any kind of an opinion because you will only be expressing one influenced by others and one that therefore lacks any real substance and continuity and serves no useful purpose at all but to incite provocation naturally from those who perhaps have done their homework. The reason I was a threat was because I wasn’t content to be given from someone else a basic run down on the problems regards land mines, I found out about them for myself, asking questions, reading documentations and then so too of course witnessed everything in Angola and Bosnia physically being there, so became quite an authority on the subject which was very important for me personally to do and I learned some pretty amazing things that I never had the opportunity to expose publicly as I’d intended to do, Paris saw to that!”
The ring in question was bought by Dodi in Paris the day we died actually, well hours before, earlier that afternoon and having been chosen by us in Monte Carlo where they didn’t have one of my ring size, we flew to Paris specifically to collect one they had there for me…drastic measures to take for the sake of friendship! Dodi had not proposed to me in so many words but I was well aware that the intention was there and in fact the ring I tried on in the Ritz and then of course we returned to his apartment to change for dinner…original plans to eat in my favourite restaurant ” Chez Benoit” but this had to be altered due to the paparazzi presence to take us back to the Ritz…but Dodi as everyone now knows went against his father’s advice in insisting we later return to the apartment where he’d left the ring and I’m sure the only reason that he’d be so insistent that we leave the Ritz knowing the pack were gathered outside and safer to stay there was….

I certainly would not have called Paul Burrell to tell him about the ring, much less the significance of it…before my boys! I’m sorry they would be the first to be told and engagement precedes marriage and Wills and I had actually had words with each other as he was upset at my exposure in the Media with Dodi and of course was being influenced by those immediately around him and needed me therefore to explain things to him face to face which is why I was looking forward to going home .  Mummy had found love and they who’d heard my joy on the telephone, as had friends too; needed me there with them to sort out any worries that they personally had about this.

You must remember the three of us were exceptionally close, we’d had to be during much of the hellish marriage with their father when he and I didn’t behave civilly towards each other at all behind closed doors and they’d witnessed this, and as known now, William often was on hand with the tissues for me!

So they needed reassurance from me that I really was happy but that I would not rush things and that they’d remain the centre of my world as of course there would naturally be the fear that they might take second place as absurd as that may seem but their father and I had emotionally damaged them as well as of course ourselves in our marriage; so their fears of a rejection from me were under the circumstances understandable and I appreciated that and knew I had to do my bit to assure them they’d come first always!
I  wonder if people have not considered regarding Paris the fact that at Place de La Concorde we were as now known besieged by motorcyclists so easily by the sheer positioning of them, a deliberate intent behind it of course unknown to us, having been forcing Henri – Paul to take the route taken and one leading away from Dodi’s
apartment. This explaining the set – up being so methodically and professionally organised as the motorcyclist would have been able to guage our speed, communicate this to accomplices nearer the tunnel as time could therefore be accurately estimated for our arrival at it, determining when to cut the tunnels lighting and reposition cameras to face tunnels walls as opposed to the road.
The car we hit in position, the motorcyclist with blinding white light in position and likewise bogus emergency crew members, not hard to falsify uniforms if needs must … Dodi’s neck broken perhaps by an operative disguised as a fireman reaching into the car to help ? Who would see him do this being a professional assassin, all over in a second and then reporting Dodi as being dead to genuine firemen colleagues.
Similarly bogus ambulance man injecting me with drugs to hasten cardiac arrest and ambulance stopping enroute to make sure deed was done … after all I was D.O.A. at the hospital !
Who in a busy A.& E. department and especially with such a high profile patient admitted and the ambulance having already been so delayed; a search party was about to be organised to see if it had crashed, is going to be concerned on checking the credentials of the ambulance crew bringing that patient in … who indeed ! All a bit 007 James Bond … remember the title of one of those films … ” On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ” … Just a few ideas for people to think about as the scenes play themselves out ! “
Also please note the ambulance at one point stood stationary about 100 yards from the hospitals main entrance! How bizarre no radio contact was made to the hospital informing them of this, so that a search party for that same ambulance was being considered which had this information been relayed to them, it wouldn’t have proved necessary to organise!
Much like the land mines, made and supplied by both the British and U.S. governments and generating a powerful boost to the economy of both nations as well as proving equally lucrative in other areas including being personally beneficial to both the Bush and Bin Laden families as well as albeit by proxy to the U.K. Royals themselves…here on my site is a precis about this and going into more detail which is to be read for those interested in the “Forum Area”, horrific as it might be to realise knowing this and intent on exposing it publicly in person, why of course I was termed by a British Establishment member a “Loose – Cannon! “
I was sticking my nose into things that I ought not to in certain people’s opinions and being an unofficial royal afforded the opportunity to do so of course which officially royal I couldn’t as they are not seen and must not be seen as being politically motivated or bias at all! As everyone knows my intervention in this issue, so bringing the world’s attention to something that to a large extent had remained hidden and secret so out of the public eye led to the international banning of them the same year as my death! I was powerful, people listened to me, I was aware of this fact and used it to both my personal advantage, survival against all odds initially anyway as well as to the advantage of those most personally affected themselves so in this case the land mine victims as similarly I’d been witnessed doing for ” A.I.D.S.” and “H.I.V.” sufferers, those without a public voice, through me they had one and I was happy to speak out in their defense naturally!
Diana, Princess of Wales


Diana Assassination – new evidence.


prince harry 2

Harry literally following in his mother’s footsteps

That Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales, was killed in a carefully arranged ‘accident’ which was then covered up by the authorities there can be no doubt. The media even tried to imply that the official Inquest came up with the conclusion that it was an accident caused by a drunken driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi following the Mercedes Diana and Dodi were traveling in. This is not in fact the case, the verdict was ‘Unlawful killing’ caused by the vehicles following the Mercedes. These vehicles, including several motorcycles, were NOT the paparazzi and they have never been traced or identified. ALL the paparazzi vehicles were traced, and they were nowhere near the Mercedes when the crash occurred. The evidence that Henri Paul was drunk was thoroughly discredited as the blood samples were switched. There was so much carbon monoxide in them he would have been dead, or at least incapable of driving at all, before he even got into the car. Added to which neither Diana, Dodi nor the bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones would have allowed a drunken Henri Paul to drive the car, they wouldn’t have even got in it if he was driving in that condition.

The full evidence available from various sources has been gathered together and published on this website: - scroll down thru Factual Precis, here’s the link to these pages:

This morning’s Daily Express has a piece which says the latest allegations about the SAS arranging the ‘accident’ on orders from MI6 raise the whole thing up to a new level, especially as Prince Charles, Mohamed Al-Fayed and the judge who presided over the official Inquest have been approached. The newspaper yesterday said this makes a new inquiry more likely. However the Express piece below contains a quote which says nothing will be revealed till the Queen dies. William and Harry, however, will wish to know what happened to their mother. This is exactly what has been said over and over again on the DianaSpeaks site, where the Earthbound spirit of Diana communicates through her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davies, aka Christian.

Everything was planned down to the last detail, to cope with every eventuality including the possibility that Diana would survive the crash. She indeed did, but was finished off in the ambulance which contained a bogus crew. Look at the many precis on the events in Paris on the DianaSpeaks site where all the evidence available is gathered together, and no reasonable person could be in any doubt this so-called ‘accident’ was carefully arranged, as indeed Diana herself was told it would be on several occasions. This is a quotation from Simone Simmons book, ‘Diana – The Last Word’:

‘I was with Diana in her sitting room at KP when she beckoned me over and held her large old-fashioned black telephone away from her ear so that I could hear. I heard a voice telling her she should stop meddling with things she didn’t understand or know anything about, and spent several minutes trying to tell her to drop her campaign. Diana didn’t say much, she just listened, and I clearly heard the warning: “You never know when an accident is going to happen.” She went very pale.’

Diana identified the caller of some of these threats in connexion with her anti-landmines campaign as a Tory MP. It was the anti-landmines campaign which sealed her fate, plus the fact that she was planning on taking up the cause of the Palestinians next, which would have riled the Israeli authorities. The CIA would have been very anxious Diana was out of the way because she was a very powerful woman even stripped of her royal HRH title, and could be extremely influential. It was Diana who persuaded President Bill Clinton to vote for the anti-landmines Treaty. This was, no doubt, her fatal action (not a mistake, because it had to be done). Once she’d persuaded the President of the most powerful nation on Earth and thereby damaged the financial interests of the powerful arms industry, her fate was sealed.

Another very sinister thing was a report I read in The Guardian newspaper, never mentioned since to my knowledge, quoting a Tory MP about a week before the fatal crash. Diana had made remarks to the effect that she thought the newly-elected Tony Blair Labour government would be more sympathetic to the anti-landmines campaign than the outgoing John Major Tory government. The MP was quoted as saying that they could not ALLOW such political statements from the mother of a future King. About a week later, Diana was conveniently dead, and pressure was put on President Clinton to change his mind about the promise he made to her.

Once Diana was dead, President Clinton was indeed persuaded to renegade on his promise to her and vote against the anti-landmines treaty. Today, nearly 16 years later, the USA is one of the few countries which still has not signed or ratified the Treaty.

But Diana said in the Panorama interview that the trouble was ‘she will not go quietly’. Indeed she won’t, and if you doubt this listen to some of the 40+ hours of podcast posthumous interviews with Diana on the DianaSpeaks site and on a site linked to it, or go direct to the main podcasts here:

Open Letter to Victor Zammit, editor of the Weekly Afterlife Report


Victor Zammit’s Weekly Afterlife Reports can be accessed via his website:


Hi Victor,
I was particularly interested in the first paragraph in this week’s Afterlife Report, as I came to accept the evidence for survival as a Marxist atheist after reading about the Soviet discovery of ‘bioplasma’, their then politically correct term for the ‘aura’ or ‘astral body’. I have now stopped describing myself as an ‘atheist’ or even as an ’agnostic’ because of their negative implications regarding survival. Michael Roll, of course, promotes the rationalist case for survival via his Campaign for Philosophical Freedom (
The nub of the matter is exactly what you describe, we all totally reject the idea of an old man in the sky with a long white beard. More than that, I cannot accept the idea of an all-wise, all-knowing Creator so never use the term ‘God’ and try to avoid religious terms like ‘pray’.
There are many alternative terms for the Universal Consciousness or Mind which is constantly evolving, of which we are all part. Many Spiritualists and also Native Americans call it the Great Spirit, Ron Pearson calls it the ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’, others call it Source, but whatever you call it the quandary we are left with is what to call ourselves? Are we atheists or agnostics if we know, based on the evidence, that there is an afterlife and a Universal Mind, Source or whatever we call it directing evolution, as well as evolving itself? Michael Roll has come up with the term Survivalists. However that seems to have other meanings as well, and is not widely understood.
I’m happy to call myself a Survivalist or Spiritualist, but the latter can have religious connotations, and many still cling to the contradictory term ‘Christian Spiritualist’. Since we know we are all responsible for our own actions and that there is no escaping the law of cause and effect or karma, no Spiritualist can accept the idea of a savior or that a priest can forgive misdemeanors. This idea, promoted by organized religion, has done enormous damage to the idea of the afterlife.
If belief in a particular savior or a particular religion or religious practice meant a ticket to ‘heaven’ whatever terrible deeds one had done in life, whilst atheists/agnostics who were also humanists and helped others went straight to ‘hell’, then it is no wonder the idea of the afterlife has been rejected by rationalists as pure nonsense, fairytales for children like the idea of Santa Claus.
We must take the afterlife out of the debate about religion and ‘God’ altogether. Ron Pearson and others have done this, but their magnificent work upsets both orthodox religion and orthodox Einsteinian science. However since Quantum Physics is also incompatible with some of  Einstein’s theories, which he himself doubted were correct later in his life, sooner or later scientists have to start paying serious attention to the theories of people like Pearson and the idea of survival. (Access Ron Pearson’s articles and publications via the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom –
Quantum Physicists as a whole seem at present unwilling to take the quantum leap and accept the logical conclusion to their experimentation: since sub-atomic particles revert to wave function or waves of probability when not consciously observed, surely this means that consciousness itself must be non-material? The mind and brain are indeed separate, the physical brain being merely the receiver and controller of the physical body. Mind does not merely affect matter, it creates and organizes it. In fact, MInd (or Spirit if you like) is the ultimate reality, and all matter universes or matter systems are virtual realities or elaborate illusions created by Mind/Spirit. This includes our own physical Universe and the Spirit planes where houses, fields, etc. and all sorts of things are much more obviously created by thought.
Quantum Physics has, in fact, proved that all matter (which must include the brain) is created by thought and cannot even exist without being consciously observed. Therefore a non-material Consciousness must be the true reality, whether you call it ‘God’, the ‘i-ther’, ‘Source’, ‘the Great Spirit’ or, as an American friend of mine does, ‘Dude’.
Evolution on this Earth was clearly guided, not by an all-knowing ‘God’ who wouldn’t have needed to go through this long-winded and wasteful process. It is surely obvious that all living things have a spiritual counterpart which guides their own evolution based on lessons learnt. Anyone who believes the complex organs of human and animal bodies came about by pure ‘accident’ and ‘natural selection’ without the guiding hand of some intelligent design would also be foolish enough to believe millions of monkeys typing for millions of years on millions of keyboards would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare in word-perfect English. It would never happen, though they would no doubt produce a few badly spelt sentences in various languages amidst all the garbage.
Intelligent design does not imply ‘God’, it implies that all living things are also Spirit and are constantly evolving both physically and spiritually. We learn from our mistakes, and eventually something godlike starts to emerge from the Universal Consciousness. It is the most highly developed part of this Consciousness which has taken on the qualities of Light and Love to the utmost degree, and this is what greets most of us when we transit to the Third Level of Spirit and which some interpret according to their religious beliefs.
Nobody experiencing an NDE has so far said: ‘I was greeted by a highly developed part of Ron Pearson’s i-ther’, but perhaps when he’s more widely read and accepted they will identify it in that way rather than as ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, ‘The Madonna’, ‘Mohamed’, ‘Krishna’, ‘the Buddha’ or whatever. However as many of these entities lived on Earth they must still exist in Spirit, so their followers could indeed be met by them too.
Perhaps, as I once facetiously wrote, I’ll be met by Karl Marx not emitting a brilliant white light, but a deep warm Red glow. Surely the people’s Red Flag waves metaphorically over the Third Level of Spirit as it seems to me they live a true Communistic existence without the State, police, armed forces, money, courts of law, prisons, etc., ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs’. You give service to the best of your ability (such as helping traumatized new arrivals, doing ‘rescue’ work, etc.) and you accept or create with your thoughts according to your perceived needs.
Best wishes, and thanks again for these weekly Reports,

Boris Bikes


Boris bikes

London mayor, Boris Johnson, at a  ’Boris Bikes’ hiring station

‘Boris Bikes’ is the unofficial name for London’s bicycle hiring scheme, sponsored by Barclays Bank and initiated by London Mayor Boris Johnson. The scheme has recently been extended from Central London to some inner London boroughs like Wandsworth.

This has caused much controversy because bicycle hiring stations are being erected without proper consultation with residents, so valuable parking spaces for cars has been lost.

My main concern with the scheme, which I think is an excellent idea, is the danger posed to cyclists in London due to other traffic. Even where there are cycle lanes most of these are not physically separated from other traffic. However I am greatly in favor of bicycles, buses and trams being given priority over private cars in big cities like London.

Not only are our roads congested with moving traffic (sometimes moving at a crawl), but many side roads have cars parked in them all day for most of the week. This is no doubt because owning a motor vehicle in big cities like London often means people are very limited as to when they can actually use them. I gave up a small second-hand van years ago as it was parked in the road most of the week, and I still had to buy a season ticket for public transport to get to and from work because of parking restrictions.

Now we also have the Congestion Charge (recently contracted to a smaller area due to opposition from local motorists) as well as parking restrictions, and on our estate there are now two parking schemes. One is free to residents and their visitors if they can find a free residents’ parking bay, otherwise they have to pay to park in the road. Consequently other roads with currently no parking scheme are clogged with parked vehicles all day, and this is also true of many other parts of London.

Having a motor vehicle in big cities like London, let alone more than one motor vehicle, is becoming more and more of a problem for the owners and Londoners generally. Increasingly it is becoming more difficult to use them due to the Congestion Charge, parking restrictions, etc. Even if you use them to take a trip to the countryside or coast, because London has no urban motorway network it can take an hour or more just to get outside the metropolis. It is much quicker to go by train.

We sometimes went on coach trips from Battersea to the coast, and even using the few dual carriageways and the M25 orbital motorway it took over an hour to reach the Croydon area, which could  be reached in 10 minutes by train!

There was rumor of a proposal by the European Union to ban all private car ownership in inner cities (apart from vehicles owned by the disabled, doctors, etc.) Even if we don’t go this far, it may be necessary to widen the Congestion Charge area again, raise the charges, increase parking charges and restrictions and impose a higher road tax on vehicles owned by motorists living in the inner cities.

Due to the impracticality of using motor vehicles to travel to work in many cases in the big cities (due to lack of parking space, Congestion Charge, etc.) many drivers leave their vehicles parked all day, only able to use them in the evening and weekends for occasional shopping and other trips. Of course there is the ‘school run’ by parents who own cars, now it is often considered unsafe to let children walk or take public transport to school like we used to.

I can’t help feeling that owning one or more cars is often more of a status symbol than anything in big cities, where their usefulness is limited. I have not missed the motor vehicle I gave up years ago because of our excellent public transport system which runs 24 hours a day.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, motor vehicle use has to be reduced to combat global warming and climate change. Bicycles keep you fit (if the roads are safer) and do not emit polluting fumes. Therefore I am all in favor of the Boris Bikes scheme being extended to complement public transport, and car use in inner London being discouraged. However our roads need to be made safer, more segregated cycle lanes in London, and it is true that residents should be properly consulted before bicycle hiring stations are established, though there will always be a conflict between motorists wanting more parking space and other residents.

So I give a big thumbs up to Boris Johnson’s cycle hire scheme and extending it to other parts of London, but I can also see a need to restrict private car use in at least the inner city.

Evolution not Revolution


When you hear about wars and murders, gang warfare, atrocities, the threat of nuclear annihilation which still hangs over us all, it can be pretty depressing. As can the unfair distribution of wealth throughout the world, with millions dying of starvation whilst most of the world’s wealth is in the hands of the few.

It seems there is no spiritual progress for humanity, until you look back into history and see how much worse things were then. Read The Bible or some other ancient text, and you’ll see what cruelties were enacted upon completely innocent people, sometimes, if what we read there is true, sanctioned by people like Moses. Instructing the Israelites to rape and kill innocent people, including children. There’s the crucifixion of Christ and others, a common form of torture and execution at one time.

We come to the the Middle Ages and the Inquisition, with more terrible tortures, people burned alive, or hung, drawn and quartered. Stoning to death was also sanctioned in The Bible, in The Koran, etc. It still goes on today in some Islamic countries.

Very, very gradually we have become more civilized, though horrors and atrocities still occur. While we and other countries threaten millions with nuclear weapons we cannot claim to be really civilized. When we bomb innocent civilians, and teach young men to kill each other just because they are born in different countries, we can’t claim to be really civilized either.

On the other hand, outside of war situations and hoping the nuclear weapons will never be used again and will eventually be abolished, we have made slow progress. Whilst various forms of torture are still practised behind closed doors it is no longer acceptable for any nation to admit it happens, and things like burning witches alive, etc. cannot be decreed by courts of law. Indeed capital punishment has been abolished in many countries and in many states of the U.S.. Even in those states which still keep it, at least the gas chamber and electric chair are slowly being retired in favor of the lethal injection. Progress in human rights and a better world is painfully slow. It is more advanced in some countries and cultures than in others.

Lenin once wrote about progress being ‘Two steps forward, one step back’, and that certainly describes his revolution. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels showed how the world’s workers were exploited in the era of capitalism, which followed on from feudalism, and pointed the way forward to a better world under Socialism and ultimately the utopia of Communism. What happened in the Soviet Union and the other Socialist countries showed the limitations of the revolutionary method and the so-called ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’, which turned into a dictatorship of a new privileged bureaucratic class. I’ve written about why this occurred in previous blogs, but the point I want to make here is that in the 20th Century there was a real attempt to build a utopian society, and while this was never achieved, the basis of a fairer society was established. All the Socialist countries had good public services, subsidized essentials, good public transport systems, good education, good health services, full employment, security in old age, but the privileged elite which had infiltrated the organs of power lived in luxury compared to the ordinary citizens. Unfortunately in the years 1989-1991 all the good things this imperfect Socialism had achieved were swept away, and many of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who had exploited the people were kept on. More like one step forward, two steps back in that case!

Nevertheless some of Marx’s and Engels’ principles have been followed elsewhere. Here in Britain, immediately after WWII, we had a wave of Socialist measures including the setting up of the Welfare State including the National Health Service, following Marx’s formula for Communist society: ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs’, since these things were paid for by taxation in some form or other, but were free to those who needed them most. Unfortunately the post-War Labour government’s achievements have also been slowly whittled away by subsequent administrations, but here and in many other countries free medical and hospital services are still available.

Of course there was the terrible 20th Century slaughter of two world wars in which millions of innocent civilians and conscripted soldiers died, and the Nazi Holocaust.  It is said that this world is where we learn lessons, and that is why progress is so slow because we have to learn the hard way not to repeat these terrible things.

I am, and always have been, an optimist. I always hope for a better world, and believe a new generation will find a way to gradually bring it about. I also believe the mistakes of the past are valuable lessons for the future, so any 21st Century Socialism must avoid, for instance, the one-Party state or one-Party dominated coalition if a corrupt new bureaucatic ruling class is not to emerge again and limit progress towards the Communist ideal, if indeed that can ever be achieved. I have very strong doubts about that, since it involves the withering away of the State itself so places enormous responsibilities on individual citizens to act collectively in a self-governing society without money, police, armed forces, etc. I would be satisfied if world wide Socialism was established with no privileged ruling elite, but even that seems a very long way off, though now Latin America seems to be leading the way.

However building a better, fairer world based purely on materialism, or dialectical materialism, will never work. My friend Victor Zammit has written about dialectical spiritualism. We must all become aware that we survive death, and that there is a law of cause and effect, also known as karma. What we sow surely we will reap, nobody gets away with anything. Once humanity becomes convinced by the overwhelming evidence of the true nature of the afterlife, now all over the Internet but suppressed by much of the media, by orthodox science and orthodox organized religion, then much more rapid progress will  be made to a fairer society.

Medical advances mean resuscitation of people who once would have died has greatly increased the prevalence of NDEs (Near Death Experiences), and these prove there is an afterlife, that our minds are separate from our physical bodies, and the trauma of the Life Review shows that we are all connected, and that our actions and their consequences will be felt by us, whether good or bad. There truly is no Heaven and no Hell, these are gross simplications of organized religion. There are endless spheres, dimensions or planes and we gravitate after this life to be with people much like ourselves, so you can imagine where people like Hitler and other cold-blooded murderers ended up! Not in very pleasant places, but there is the possibility of progress and spiritual development for all when they tire of being treated as badly as they treat others.

Meanwhile, I also firmly believe based on overwhelming evidence, an Inter-Galactic civilization closely observes us, as they have done for centuries but with increasing interest since the development of nuclear weapons, to await the time we have put our wars and national rivalries behind us, and are ready to join the civilized Inter-Galactic community. UFOs are real, and it may be thanks to them and Spirit forces also watching over us that we haven’t destroyed the world already.

I’ll give just two practical instances:

UFOs over the USA on at least one occasion neutralized ICBMs (InterContinental Ballistic Missiles) armed with nuclear warheads in their silos.

On a Soviet nuclear submarine during the 1962 Cuba crisis, one officer refused to agree to push the nuclear button which would almost certainly have started a nuclear World War III. Three officers had to agree, and the other two were ready to push the button. Spirit acted on this third officer to save the Earth.

How many other times have Spirit and/or extra-terrestials acted to save our planet? Now it is time we got our act together and started to save it ourselves, and built a better, fairer, more humane and environmentally friendly society. A less materialist one where not everyone has to own even one car polluting the atmosphere and clogging up the roads, but a society which puts the community and the environment first. You can call it what you like – a Socialist society, a Green one, or simply a society based on spiritual and humanist values instead of purely materialist ones based on greed.

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