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Mum’s last days

12 Jun

Whichever way you look at it, my mother, who reached her 100th birthday last September, is now living her last days (possibly years) on Earth. Until March this year she was in sheltered housing, a misnomer if ever there was one as there is virtually no support whatsoever. There is a warden or Scheme Manager, […]

Prostitution and Left Unity

07 Jun

I am probably going to resign from the Left Unity Party, launched in 2013 by Ken Loach and others as a leftwing alternative to Labor. The Party is clearly not going anywhere, and the Green Party has surged ahead with over 1 million votes in the last General Election (but only one MP due to […]

UKIP LGBT Group banned from Pride

06 Jun

This decision is ludicrous. First of all it is totally impractical. Anyone can join any march/parade. What they mean is, presumably, marching under a UKIP LGBT banner. They could easily circumvent that by marching under an anti-EU banner, or a variation of the party’s initials such as UKPI LGBT group. Where will this decision lead […]

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