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Calm down dear. It’s only another crisis!

25 Apr

There’s a lot of hype about Russia invading Ukraine and even scare stories from David Icke and others about the start of World War III. Let’s keep things in perspective shall we? For a start Russia hasn’t invaded anywhere. There was a referendum in Crimea, which contains a Russian naval  base and which was part […]

World Citizen

20 Apr

I have traveled quite a bit, mainly with my life-partner George before he transited to Spirit in 1991. I’ve re-visited several countries since, and added Tunisia and the continent of Africa to my list of places visited. I do not count Croatia as I had been there more than once when it was part of […]

Left Unity

05 Apr

There is an argument that, under our undemocratic first-past-the-post electoral system, the new leftwing party, Left Unity, could split the Labour vote and let the Tories in again. This is what happened in the early 1980s when the SDP broke away from Labour, split the vote and let Maggie Thatcher in again. If this happens […]

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