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Things Ain’t What They Used To Be

27 Mar

We aren’t what we used to be either as we grow older, but manufacturers don’t take this into consideration. I strongly suspect in an attempt to make certain things childproof they are inadvertently stopping the elderly use these things. For instance, matches and lighters. My mother, a smoker all her life, can no longer use […]


12 Mar

I’m sorry, but I fear I’m becoming rather xenophobic. While I’m a firm supporter of the EU and would renounce my British citizenship in favor of EU citizenship were we to have a federal United States of Europe, I’m fed up to the back teeth with foreigners from outside Europe who either don’t speak English […]

Crisis in the Ukraine and elsewhere

03 Mar

The current crisis in the Ukraine is basically caused by the fact that two different peoples/cultures exist in that country. Similar to Ireland, Cyprus and Palestine/Israel. To avoid civil war there should be an immediate peace conference to sort out a solution. The Russian-speakers in the East of the country want closer links with the […]

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