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19 Jan

 We’ll keep the Red Flag flying here! I still call myself a Marxist, because it was Karl Marx in his book ‘Das Kapital’, which I read in my teens, which really made me understand things like the law of the surplus value of labor, which enabled capitalism to exploit the workers. Also to appreciate the […]

Russia – what did they expect?

11 Jan

There is a lot of protest about the clampdown on freedom to demonstrate and the anti-gay promotion legislation in the Russian Federation. My response is, what did they expect? Given how the West treated Russia after the break-up of the Soviet Union, and how the Russian people themselves voted in various elections, the West and […]

Conscientious Objection to Military Service

10 Jan

I recently read an on-line autobiography of a famous medium who was a CO in the Second World War because he couldn’t kill anybody, knowing the trauma spirits experienced when suddenly catapulted into the next world. What I couldn’t understand was that, unlike some of his fellow conscientious objectors, he was willing to don military […]

Kronstadt Rebellion

06 Jan

This event remained hidden from me during my membership of the British Communist Party and in the years I was politically active in the peace movement. Eurocommunists, Trotkysists and Stalinists all kept silent about this crucial event in Soviet history, or else it was dismissed as merely one battle in the Civil War which followed […]

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