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31 Dec

We celebrate New Year, wish each other a happy one, etc. but of course it is just a completely arbitrary number and date. The New Year could start on any day in 365, and although 2014 is supposed to relate to the birth of Christ he wasn’t born in December anyway. It is also illogical […]

Flawed Icons and Political Betrayals

08 Dec

So many, perhaps all, of the human icons who are praised or even worshiped are flawed, which is hardly surprising since none of us are perfect. Thinking of political figures there’s Nye Bevan, darling of the Labour Left, who seriously blotted his copybook by stating that we could not let ‘a British Foreign Secretary walk […]

Gone but not forgotten

04 Dec

A  bit of nostalgia here with people and places from my past. First, the parties we used to have on New Year’s Eve and at other times throughout the year. Now most of the regular people who attended have passed on, including the joint host, my life-partner George. The guests who have passed on include Brian, […]

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